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New Discord Warning System 2023 Released | What it is All About

Discord is a vast platform for the gaming community where each channel brings a different vibe to its users. However, there is a new Discord Warning System launched by the developers that has welcomed many discussions and opinions. Let’s go further and learn what this new warning system brings to your table and how it is turning into a user-friendly platform. 

Whether it is about indulging in long discussions or sharing the ultimate experiences, Discord promises to bring multiple channels for its users. It also has an extended version of it: Better Discord, which allows us to customize our themes and have a better user experience.

Let’s go through this page and learn everything concerning the Discord Warning System and what is the significance of the Account Standing section. Here, we will also reveal what the users have to say about this new Discord Warning System 2023. Let’s go! 

New Discord Warning System 2023 Released | What it is All About

The new Discord warning system 2023 is here and is far more transparent than the previous one. Here, the users will learn how they have violated the rules and regulations of the platform. They do get restricted from using some features of Discord but are not permanently banned. Although there is a buzz regarding the discord image that gets you banned, it is not the case. 

As said by the senior director of Discord, ‘The new system gives users more room to learn from their mistakes and correct misjudgments. We’re moving away from permanent bans to one-year temporary bans for many violations, except for violations that are extremely harmful.’

When a user violates the rules of Discord, the application will put a stop to such features despite banning them straight away. For instance, if a user posts an illegal image, he might lose temporary access to post the images. 

Significance of Account Standing Section in Discord Warning System| 4 Warning Account Standings

When a user violates any guidelines or breaks any rules, they will land on the Accounts Standing section. This will reveal them about their violations and where their account stands in their track record. Every breakage of the rule is weighed against the harm imposed; hence, the Account Stand judges the severity of the violation. 

The Account Standings in Discord include:

  • All Good: No active violations
  • Limited: An active violation
  • Very Limited: One or more active violations
  • At Risk: Many active violations. One more can lead to permanent suspension
  • Permanent Suspension: Severe or repeated violations

You can see all the active violations under the section Account Standing. Mostly, violations expire after 90 days. After they expire, you can still look into them in the Expired Violation section.

Teen Safety Measures in Discord Warning System 2023 

New Discord Warning System 2023 Released | What it is All About

Discord is also planning to launch a teen safety assist for their teenage users to protect their interests by providing multiple filters and alerts. If they receive any DM from the user for the first time, they will get a safety alert from Discord. They will also observe an automated blurred media if it violates the guidelines of Discord. However, it does seek some age verification and documents before tagging him as a teenager. 

What Do Users Have to Say About Discord Warning System | Users Reviews on New Warning System 

Well, there are mixed reviews concerning this new Discord Warning System. While some are finding it a great initiative that increases transparency and is better than just getting banned from the platform. While others are claiming it to be not required and expecting to be only reserved for extreme harm. 

However, we think it to be a great initiative for teenagers as it protects them from being the culprit. 

Wrapping Up

This was all about Discord Warning System 2023. Read through this article and learn about the significance of Account Standing Section and 4 warning standings, starting from All Good to Permanent Suspension. See what this warning system brings to you, and do share your experiences in the comment section below. 

Also, Path of EX has got your back in every literal sense. Let us know if you have any more doubts, and I will try to solve them for you ASAP. 

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