Discord Image That Gets You Banned: Real Or Myth | New Warning System For Teenagers

Discord Image That Gets You Banned

Discord is an integral part of the gaming community that comes out as a common platform for all the discussions, chatty chats, and communications. However, many users are claiming that there is a Discord ban image that will most likely ban their account. Learn everything concerning the Discord image that gets you banned and whether it is real or just a myth.

Well, we all know that Discord is one of the popular platforms that allows us to join various channels and share our experiences in the broader community. We also have an extender version of this: Better Discord, where we can customize our themes and have user-friendly experiences. 

Let’s go through this page and learn about the Discord image that gets you banned, the truth behind this mystery, and what is the new warning system by Discord. Step forward and unleash yout confusion about Discord popcorn image. 

Explained Discord Image That Gets You Banned

Discord Image That Gets You Banned

The Discord image that gets you banned is a meme image encountered by some users on the platform. This image is from a YouTube video file of Mr. Krab’s Final Hours, AND ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENED. This meme video post went live on August 17, 2016, featuring a Spongebob, Mr Krabs, in a cringe way.


The image reveals a Discord Window, including a user named Karma Trap and a creepy avatar with a QR code. This QR Code is the same one that pops up in another meme image that bans you on Discord. It can disable your account without any prior notice.

It is assumed that the Discord image that gets you banned is a hoax or a prank. 

Although no official announcement states which Discord image will get you banned, users expect it to be a hoax or a prank. They were curious to know about the image of the guy eating popcorn on Discord.

Truth Behind the Discord Image That Gets You Banned

Though it is expected that a particular image will ban your account, the reality is that when people post an image on Discord, it will not trigger the detective system of the platform and will not deactivate your account without any prior notice. 

Users just use hoax or a prank to frighten others. Discord will not ban people from updating their profile pictures or scanning QR codes. The automated detective system: Photo DNA will only disable accounts that are posting illegal content until or unless the image violates the Discord terms of service or community guidelines. 

To prevent yourself from being disabled in Discord, contact support and report your issue. 

Discord’s New Feature for Teenagers Revealed: Four Account Warnings

Discord Image That Gets You Banned: Real Or Myth | New Warning System For Teenagers

Discord’s new warning system is here! The application has launched a new warning process for teenagers who break the rules of Discord. Hence, the new warning system of Discord features four warning levels that include:

  • All Good
  •  Limited
  •  Very Limited
  •  At Risk 

Users will get four account statuses before suspending their account. However, the teenager account must go through age verification, parental controls, and safety tips. You will be counted as a teenager once you verify your age. 

Wrapping Up

This was all about the Discord image that gets you banned and the new warning system. This was just a myth, and Discord doesn’t ban your account unless you post illegal content that violates the guidelines. Also, the new warning system for teenagers features four statuses before really disabling your account.

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