ChatGPT Plus Still Have the Limit of One-Hour Request | 7 Possible Fixes

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Due to the excess hype about the new AI bot on the internet, did you also think of giving it a try? The moment you logged in and asked it a question, it told you to wait because the traffic was too much. This problem has been solved by ChatGPT Plus, as it makes it a priority to solve your query first. With a meager $20 per month, your queries will be catered to first. However, ChatGPT Plus still have the limit of one hour request.

To be able to ask ChatGPT anything and get an answer even during peak time is actually a treat. The ChatGPT Plus was rolled out for its customers by OpenAI, especially to people who are on the waitlist. A lot of people who wanted to access ChatGPT and wanted to be able to access it anytime and anywhere without facing any errors have subscribed to ChatGPT Plus.

Recently, an internet user complained to OpenAI that even after getting ChatGPT Plus, the user was still facing an error. The error message,” Too many requests in one hour,” popped on the screen every time the user tried to ask ChatGPT Plus any question. Later, many users jumped into the conversation and complained the same. Today, we will figure out ChatGPT Plus still have the limit of one-hour request and some ways to fix it.

ChatGPT Plus Still have the Limit of One-Hour Request

OpenAI ChatGPT Plus;ChatGPT Plus still have the limit of one-hour request

If you are a ChatGPT Plus subscriber, and you still you are facing the error saying too many requests in one hour, then this is a thing to be angry about. If the paid and free user is not able to access the ChatGPT, then there is no point in paying $20 monthly. Here are some ways you can try to fix this issue:

1. Start a New Chat

Chat window of ChatGPT;  ChatGPT Plus still have the limit of one hour request.

The easiest and most common solution to the problem could be to clear your history and start a new chat on your ChatGPT Plus. You can do that by going to the left sidebar and clicking on “New Chat.”

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2. Refresh the Page

Another easiest fix can be to refresh the page on your device. You can even close and then again open the browser as it sometimes helps to fix this issue.

3. Logout and Login Again

Login window of ChatGPT;  ChatGPT Plus still have the limit of one hour request.

The next fix you can do is to log out of your ChatGPT Plus account by clicking on Logout in the left sidebar, and then by logging in, the problem might be solved.

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4. Use a Different Browser

Sometimes replacing your browser while trying to access your ChatGPT Plus can help you to get rid of too many requests in one hour error. You can use different browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. You can also try to access your ChatGPT Plus by changing the device also. If you are trying to access it from your desktop, try mobile instead, and vice versa.

5. Clear your Browser Cache

Clear Cache window of chrome; ChatGPT Plus still have the limit of one hour request.

Clearing your browser cache and ChatGPT cookies can also help fix this problem. Corrupted cookies can be caused due to too many requests, and clearing your browser cache can help fix the issue. To do so, access your browser settings.

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6. Having Multiple Accounts

This can be treated more as a hack than a fix. You can register to ChatGPT Plus with multiple email ids and thus create multiple accounts. If you have a desperate need to access ChatGPT and if you face an issue on one account, you can use other accounts to minimize the risk of facing too many request errors.

7. Contact the Company

How to conatct openai; ChatGPT Plus still have the limit of one hour request.

This is the last resort in the too many requests in an hour error. It can be a glitch from the company itself. Though a user has posted a “ ChatGPT Plus still have the limit of one-hour request” query, the company is yet to answer that. You can still contact OpenAI Support.

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Wrapping Up

Although the company is yet to discuss anything on the matter, or for that fact, the company yet has said nothing about this issue “ChatGPT Plus still have the limit of one-hour request”. We can only wait and have patience till something solid or concrete fix comes to this error from the company.

Hope you were able to resolve your issue ChatGPT Plus still have the limit of one-hour request. To read the latest article on ChatGPT, kindly click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the ChatGPT Plus cost?

ChatGPT Plus currently is priced at $20.

Is ChatGPT Plus available outside the US?

ChatGPT Plus is available in UAE also.

How much does ChatGPT Plus cost in UAE?

ChatGPT Plus cost 73.45 Dhirhams in UAE.


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