7 Famous Celebrities On Mastodon: Exodus of Twitter Celebrities

Celebrities on Mastodon

Twitter is facing an exodus of its users to other social media platforms, especially Mastodon. As the latter is deemed to be a replica of Twitter. People from different reaches and backgrounds are switching to Mastodon. The list of Mastodon users also includes popular celebrities.

Why Mastodon? People who are leaving Twitter include normal account holders as well as those who have original blue checkmarks on their Twitter accounts. A maximum number of them switch to Mastodon. The reason is simple; you can enjoy the same tools on Mastodon as Twitter, as far as sharing a post is considered. There are other tools on Mastodon that you may find weird or odd and new as well. However, the basic concept of this microblogging Twitter alternative is the same — sharing your short posts, images, and videos, getting likes and reposts (aka boosts) on them.

You may have different reasons behind leaving Twitter and joining Mastodon, but the reasons behind celebrities’ migration are obvious. They either are not satisfied with the new owner, or they disagree with selling the blue check to anyone, along with other changes. Whatever it is! Let’s see the popular celebrities on Mastodon who would add attraction and keep their fans glued to the platform.

Renowned Celebrities On Mastodon

Mastodon is going to be a rich social media platform. It will let people meet their friends and family and follow an influencer, an actor, a politician, their favorite authors, and other celebrities. Though the platform has been there for over a period of six years, it has gained momentum recently. If you worry about losing the posts and views shared by your most liked celeb, then you are on the wrong track. Your favorite celebrities are also coming to join you. Some of them have already. Here is the list of noted celebrities On Mastodon.

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1. Stephen Fry

The center of attraction, Mr. Fry (Mastodon handle: @stephenfry), has joined the platform recently. He is the highlighted one for certain reasons. Stephen John Fry is a famous English comedian, actor, director, writer, and broadcaster. He has appeared in many shows and platforms. He is one of the most talked about celebrities on Mastodon.

Celebrities On Mastodon

He left Twitter recently and joined Mastodon soon after in the same month, on November 04, 2022. He had 12.5m followers on Twitter. He has already achieved the 50K mark within 10 days on Mastodon.

2. Richard Armitage

Though active on Twitter, Richard (Mastodon handle: @RCArmitage) has also joined Mastodon. He joined the platform on Nov 09, 2022. Richard took his step next level when he announced his move on his official Twitter handle.

Richard Crispin Armitage (age 51) is an English actor. He has more than 200K followers on his Twitter account and is almost near 1K followers on Mastodon. He is, however, one the first celebrities on Mastodon who announced their Mastodon account on Twitter.

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3. Kathy Griffin

Kathleen Mary Griffin, aka Kathy Griffin (Mastodon handle: @kathygriffin), is one of the famous celebrities on Mastodon. She joined the platform on Nov 03, 2022, and has over 30K followers as of now. Griffin is an award-winning American actress and comedian.

Her Twitter account was suspended after she changed her name to Elon Musk. The suspension was criticized by many users. However, it could not save her account. The account was terminated permanently later.

4. James Gunn

The 56 year old American actor and filmmaker joined Mastodon on Nov 08, 2022. He has over 1.3M followers on Twitter and 2M on his Instagram account. He is a nearly 10K followers mark on Mastodon. Observing him on the platform, it may a minute or two later when this 10K mark would have been achieved.

James Francis Gunn Jr. (Mastodon handle: @jamesgunn) has many awards against his name. He has also written many films and TV programs.

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5. Deborah Sonia Meaden

Deborah Meaden (Mastodon handle: @deborahmeaden) is another celebrity on Mastodon who joined recently on Nov 06, 2022.

Deborah is an English businesswoman. She is super active on her Twitter as well as on her latest social media account on Mastodon. She is known for her appearances on BBC Dragons’ Den as a Dragon star.

6. Greta Thunberg

Greta announced her joining the platform on her Twitter account minutes later she set it up on Mastodon. Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg (19 years old) is my favorite celebrity on Mastodon. She is an inspiration for millions. Greta is an environmental activist from Sweden.

She is not just the youngest on the list of celebrities on Mastodon; she also has crossed the 50K followers mark quickest. Greta (Mastodon handle: @gretathunberg) has shared 19 posts as of now, and she has followed 61 accounts against her almost 60K followers count.

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7. Paul Krugman

Paul Krugman (Mastodon handle: @pkrugman) joined on Nov 06, 2022. Although he is not happy with the platform, he has not yet removed it. It is, hence, expected to be his permanent social media account after a while.

Paul Robin Krugman is an American Nobel laureate and public intellectual, and economist. He’s 4.6 million followers on Twitter and 14K on Mastodon as of now. He is one of the celebrities on Mastodon who are not yet satisfied with the platform.

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The List Goes On For Celebrities on Mastodon

Celebrities on Mastodon

As their authenticity is unconfirmed, there are many accounts of celebrities on Mastodon. I recently found, for example, a couple of accounts under President Obama’s name. There are many more accounts that need to be verified before I enlist them here.

Elon Musk Annoyed with Mastodon

Elon Musk has already felt the rise of Mastodon. He has shared many tweets and replied to some to make fun of Mastodon. He makes memes on the platform, as well as those who signed up on Mastodon and left Twitter. You can see his frustration in his now-deleted tweet:

Since Musk took over Twitter, many people and many celebrities have left it. Many celebrity accounts were suspended for opposing the Twitter-Elon Musk deal. His ex-girlfriend Amber Heard also left it soon after the deal was initiated. Other people who left include Shonda Rhimes, Sara Bareilles, Gigi Hadid, Jameela Jamil, Whoopie Goldberg, and on and on.

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Wrapping Up

Celebrities on Mastodon are growing. I will update the list once I get hands-on confirmed celeb accounts. Meanwhile, If you know about any celebrity account, do let me know in the comment box below.

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