Can Google Bard Help Me with Writing Assignments?

AI is the future of all digital businesses and education systems too. AI can be really easy to use as you simply need to ask, and it will answer like a human. Recently, Google launched Brad. Bard is the new AI of Google which is going to change the whole game of searching on Google. Apart from this, Bard is a capable and powerful tool to write anything like blogs, assignments, and much more. 

Bard can easily write blogs, articles, and assignments, but here is a twist. Not all type of assignments writing Brad is good with. For example, in Math writing assignments, the tool has to be capable of handling complex formulations and equations. Using tools and AI, you can say goodbye to stuffy and complex writing. 

Google Brad can help you to write things in a conversational tone, along with solid information. However, you need to be sure of capability and quality of Brad. Especially if you are thinking of using Bard for any mathematical assignments. In this blog, I have talked about all the Bard features and limitations so you can get a better idea of whether can Bard help with writing assignments.

What is Google Bard?

If you do not know exactly what Bard is, then it is an AI language model that is launched by Google. Bard can generate human-like text within seconds of your asked questions. The technology of the Brad is the same as Google GPT-3, but the Bard is specially designed to do writing tasks like poems, blogs, and writing assignments. 

If you have not used Bard, then you should know the features of the Bard. I have shared all the features below for your knowledge. 

  1. Ability to generate human-like text: Just like ChatGPT and other AI models, Bard can easily understand the language of the user, and it can generate the text accordingly. The best thing is Bard generates human-like text so your writing will look more natural and precise. 
  1. Uses NLP technology for analytics: Analyzing is crucial for AI to give and generate the perfect answer to user queries. In this case, Bard is a good option as it uses NLP technology which supports a better understanding of AI.
  1. Suggests synonyms for the words: It happens with all of us, then the generated answer of the AI has some complex vocabulary, so we try to avoid that. If it is so, then Brad can help. Bard suggests the synonyms of the word you want to skip so you can design the answer as per your requirement. 
  1. Provide sentence formation structure: If you are not been using Bard for a long and having trouble with sentence formation, then Bard can help you with sentence formation. It can redesign your sentence so your answers look well-structured. So, Bard is a good way to expand your vocabulary.

After having all the ideal of the Bard features, you must be curious to know how exactly it works. Well, let me tell you, using Bard will not require any technical knowledge. 

You simply need to enter the prompt or topic, and the AI will generate the response by analyzing it with another source of information.

Moreover, you can edit the generated answer from Bard and recreate it as per your requirements.

Can Google Bard Help with Writing Assignments?

Yes, Bard can help you with writing assignments and all types of writing things, but there are some loopholes and limitations that I have found where Bard is lacking and can be better. If you are not aware of the Bard limitations, then you can check out the below given. 

  1. Inaccuracy: As we have discussed in the features, Google Bard uses NLP technology to analyze, but there are chances that Bard will generate misleading content or can confuse you. Especially when you are using it for math assignments, then it will require high accuracy. In this case, try to use other tools for writing instead of Bard. 
  1. Over-reliance: It is completely understandable that writers can over-rely on the Bard for the writing. But, it is risky. Because if the generated answer is not perfect, then over-reliance can make you confuse. This thing can hamper your writing skills, so avoid using Bard blindly where math writing assignment is concerned. 
  1. Lack of personalization: There is a possibility that Google Bard will not be able to account for the unique writing style and voice of each writer, which may lead to less personalized text.

I have covered all the potential limitations of Bard, so think twice before using it for writing assignments. Instead of that, try other tools that give more accuracy and benefits without hampering your writing skills. 


In conclusion, I have shared all about can Google Bard help me with writing assignments. As AI is the must-use in today’s time, we all are using it in full fledge. However, ignoring the disadvantages of AI is not good. Bard is quite a powerful tool in its place. It can be considered a must to try out other AIs, but after knowing all the limitations of the Brad, I would suggest you not rely on it and try using other assignment writing tools. 

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