How Google Bard Works? Is it Like ChatGPT or Better?

Google Brad; How Bard works

The number of AI-powered chatbots being developed and deployed every day is increasing at such a huge pace that it has become difficult to keep track of everyone. Adding to the list of AI-powered chatbots, Google introduced its very own Bard on 7 February. Bard is powered by Google’s large Language model for Dialogue Application (LaMDA). Bard will draw on information from the web to provide fresh and high-quality responses. Today let us dive into “How Google Bard works.”

Now, what makes Bard special? It is the question of the hour, as the introduction of these chatbots is like an indelible mark on the way we live now. Recently, the trend of introducing chatbots by the large giants of Silicon Valley has taken the world by storm. Be it ChatGPT by Openai Or Microsoft’s bing, Or any other. The basic idea behind the innovation is more or less the same. Now with another one by Google in the market, it has to stand out in one way or another. 

Though we have the internet flooded with this news of the introduction of Bard and with the probable features it might carry, we still have no clue about how it will work. Basically, the working of Bard will determine a lot about its features and the flexibility of the technology.

How Google Bard Works? 

Google AI; How Google 
Bard works

Google confirmed that it has opened the chatbot to its trusted testers as of now and will make it available to the public in the coming weeks. It might have the features like image searches and lens searches, unlike Chatgtp, which can’t provide such things. It also might have better search results and faster responses as compared to its other counterparts.

Since LaMDA is a pretty extensive data model, Bard will be restricted to a smaller version. That’s for the moment, at least. Google is first releasing Bard in a testing phase – just like a beta. It’ll use real-world feedback to improve both the platform and the language model, as well as the brand’s own testing.

Google has revamped its technology by making Bard requires less power and making the technology more versatile. The new technology will be easy to apply to its chatrooms and search engine. The algorithms are being fine-tuned, and solutions to any potential problems are being searched and applied to make it the best experience for its consumers.

Impact Of Bard

Bard AI; How Google Bard works

Even before Bard is released for public use, users are crushing their search engines to get the latest update on the particular subject. People want to know everything about it, whether it is “How Google Bard works,” or “When can I use it,” or “how will it work,” etc etc.

The comparisons with ChatGPT and other chatbots also have already started, and judgments are being made, articles are being written, and debates are being held in this regard. Only time will tell who is faster and who is better, and who is more accurate.

Wrapping Up

The speculations and opinions are all that we can have at this point about its working. We can only wait for the Bard to roll out for the public and hope that it will be a better chat experience, simplified working, and more fast and accurate than other AI-powered chatbots. 

With Bard, Google is ready to give its users a new taste of quality information and data without letting them wait for too long. Hope this “How Google Bard works” gave you a sneak peek about the most hyped chatbot.

Fingers Crossed!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access Bard today?

No, Bard is still to be launched for public access.

Is Google Bard free?

Right now it has not been confirmed yet, but it seems to be free as of now.

Can Bard access the internet?

Yes, Bard can get information from the internet.

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