Bloxburg Christmas Update 2023: Release Date & Stunning Updates!

Bloxburg Christmas Update

Christmas is heading our way, and our favorite Roblox games have already dropped Bloxburg Christmas Update. In this article, you’ll find the Bloxburg Christmas update release date and everything you can expect to see in it.

We got the spooky Bloxburg Halloween update this October, and the Players were excited to welcome the Christmas Update in December. But this is the first time the Bloxburg has updated for Christmas before December. With the 12.2 update, we get to be in the Christmas Spirit even before December. 

So deck the halls with boughs of holly because this season’s Christmas at Bloxburg will be a blast. Read on to get all the information on the Bloxburg Christmas update for 2023!

When Does the 2023 Bloxburg Christmas Update Come Out | Bloxburg Christmas Release Date

The Bloxburg Christmas Update was released on Thursday, November 30, 2023.

This is the earliest they have ever updated Bloxburg for Christmas; we are not complaining! The fixed date has been announced now, but if you need a review of the trends and analysis, here’s one.

YearBloxburg Christmas Release DateDay
2020December 10thThursday
2021December 9thThursday
2022December 9thFriday
2023November 30thThursday

What’s New in The 2023 Bloxburg Christmas Update?

Now that we know the Christmas Welcome to Bloxburg release date let’s talk about what you are going to see in it. The 2023 Christmas Update for Bloxburg features some of the classics we see every Christmas and some exciting new introductions.

Bloxburg Christmas update

Here’s everything you can expect in the 2023 Bloxburg Christmas update:

  • Re-added snow and winter-themed objects and decorations!
  • Re-added Sledding, Ice Skating, Santa Photo-Op, and Tom’s Tree Lot!
  • Re-added the ability to make snowmen, throw snowballs, and now make snow angels.
  • Added an upgraded Ice Rink to the town!
  • Added a new Ice Skating Hotbar featuring new Ice Skating Animations
  • Added additional seasonally themed items, decorations, and foods.
  • Added new Terra TrekLite pickup truck & Opulent Astro x200 luxury mid-sized SUV vehicles!
  • Added new toys and games featuring a new Multiplayer Interaction Function!
  • Added new currency pack subscriptions-earn additional money & blockbux bonuses for remaining subscribed!
  • Added five new materials
  • Added four new basic shapes and variants
  • Major bug fixes

Wrapping Up

You’ll see the 2023 Bloxburg Christmas update on November 30th, 2023, and it features some of the classics like we see every Christmas and some exciting new introductions. Are you excited to spread the holiday cheer in Bloxburg? Comment to share your thoughts on Bloxburg Christmas 2023!

Happy Gaming!

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