Bard Character Limit- What is it & How Can You Bypass It?

Bard Character Limit- What is it & How Can You Bypass It?

Nobody likes nonsensical responses. Being crisp and to the point in your response helps you to make your point quite comprehensively, thereby being better understandable. The same is the case with Bard AI, as a result of which there is a Bard Character limit set by Google.  Now the question is, what is the character limit set by the Google Bard AI? Is it different from ChatGPT? The process to sign up and access Bard AI is quite easy and simple.  Let us delve into it to find the answer. Stick around by the end of this article. You will know the Bard Character limit. 

Google, staying true to its reputation, is in no mood to hold back and has finally decided to come out with the Google Bard AI Chatbot theory leaving no free space to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. And has successfully managed to launch Google Bard AI with some unique and distinctive features, starting from removing the Bard AI waitlist and allowing joining straight away. Thereby allowing the integration of several Google apps and features. 

Since we are primarily concerned with a feature called the Bard Character limit, so let us stick to that and find out the Bard Character limit. In order to know the exact and accurate answer to this question. Come along, I will let you know. 

Is There a Bard Character Limit? 

Bard Character Limit- What is it & How Can You Bypass It?

Yes, there is a Bard Character limit, and the input character limit has been set at 4000 characters (Roughly 800 words), and the output character limit has been set at 50000 characters in length. 

The Bard will stop generating the content once it gets the complex and too lengthy request. However, Bard has the ability to break down lengthy answers into smaller chunks.

Note: Since Google Bard AI is in its initial stage, therefore the limit might be increased or decreased in the future, subject to demand and adaptability. 

Reason For Bard AI Character Limit

Bard Character Limit- What is it & How Can You Bypass It?

Google Bard AI is of the opinion that lengthy answers can often prove problematic, thereby, can be inaccurate, offensive, misleading, or even incomplete. It can even prove irritating and boring with the least relevant information. The character limit can be useful for the following reasons.

1. It can be helpful in managing the computational Power alongside the cost and complexity of generating comparatively longer texts. 
2. In the shorter text, the comprehension and sustainability of coherence are easy.
3. The longer the text is, the more errors can take place. So there are fewer chances of errors and mistakes in comparatively shorter texts, thereby it can lead to minimizing redundancy and errors. 
4. Longer text can, at times, lead to bias and harm. So comparatively shorter texts can have fewer chances of being biased and harmful. 

How Can Bard Character Limit Affect the Users?

Bard Character Limit- What is it & How Can You Bypass It?

As the saying goes, all good thing does not come in a huge chunk. At times, the restrictions and the limit set can bring out the best in you since it would allow you to put things in perspective in fewer words. Some of the positives can be mentioned as under. 

1. It can lead to creativity, wherein you can put forward your thoughts in a few words comprehensively. 
2. It can, at times, lead to frustration among the users since it will restrict them from speaking out explicitly.
3. Since the explanation can come to an abrupt stoppage, thereby can adversely affect the learning process. 
4. The Bard Character limit can adversely affect the coherence and consistency in the responses of the Bard. 
5. It can, at times, limit the quality and efficiency of Bard’s answers. 

How to Bypass the Bard Character Limit? 

Bard Character Limit- What is it & How Can You Bypass It?

There is a solution to everything, provided you have the will to do that. The same is true in the case of Google Bard Character limit. If you seriously are considering doing away with the Bard AI character limit. You can try the following tricks. 

1. Break The Prompts in Smaller Chunks

In order to get a response to a lengthy input, You can send the chunks separately but within the set limit and get the answer accordingly. Thereby it will help you to get longer answers. Although you might find it hard to ascertain consistency, then you add a prompt and add the transition word to get the desired answer. 

2. Ask The Bard To Continue or GO On

Bard Character Limit- What is it & How Can You Bypass It?

Once the text is generated, you can prompt like Continue or Go On. In case you want to get a longer answer, You can input the prompt, Write a 1,000-word essay on Air Pollution, and Go On. In this case, Bard will continue to generate answers until you tell it to stop.

The other scenario is to input the Prompt “Continue.” It will continue to generate the text. 

3. Use Shorter Phrases or Words

You can bypass the Bard Character limit by using relatively shorter words or phrases. It will help you to input more words, thereby providing additional prompts to get your answers. 

4. Use A Bullet or A Number

Bard Character Limit- What is it & How Can You Bypass It?

In order to bypass the Google Bard AI Character Limit, you can use a bullet or number since each item in a list is considered a single Character, even if it is a lengthy sentence. 

5. Regenerate Response

You can change the input prompt section. All you need to do is click the pencil icon given in the upper corner of the input box. 

In case the response generation is halted in the middle before the action is completed fully. You are allowed to generate the response again with the same prompt. This will help you in getting the desired result.

Wrapping Up

Google Bard AI has given tough competition to ChatGPT. From the face of it, it looks like there is going to be tough competition between the two to prove which one is the best. The additional features with improvised design are being chalked out on both sides. Be that the case of Bard Character limits of the ChatGPT character limit. It ultimately is beneficial for the users. 

Hope I have covered everything and that the information is helpful to you. In case I have missed out something. You can let us know by writing in the comment section. You can visit our website for content like this and much more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: Which has more Character limit, ChatGPT or Google Bard AI?

Ans: As compared to Bard AI, ChatGPT has a much more character limit. ChatGpt has 2000 word input limit.

Q 2: What is the exact input character limit of ChatGPT?

Ans: ChatGPT has an input character limit of 10,000 Characters, which sums up to an approximately 2000-word limit. Where the input character limit of Google Bard AI is 4000 Characters. 

Q 3: Can Bard AI change the character limit? 

Ans: As of now, 4000 characters is the character limit set. It can change as and when Google Bard AI deems it. 

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