7 Best Bard AI Examples: A New Ghost in the Market!

BardAI/BardAI Examples: A New Ghost in the Market!!

Google decides not to sit back and allow open space to ChatGPT. It has decided to come up with more diverse, advanced, and vibrant Bard AI examples. As of now, this is hearsay, as nobody has had their hands on Bard AI. The way it is being publicized and projected ahead of the Official launch looks quite intriguing. 

Bard AI, like ChatGPT, is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered chatbot that is making headway in the market after it was announced by the head of Google in a series of tweets. Google Bard AI is encompassed on deep learning Algorithm called LaMDA, a large language model. The programming is used in such a way that it uses the web to find the recent answers to the questions, contrary to ChatGPT, which has stored information and relies on objective facts more or less.

On the face of it can be said that Bard AI is more dynamic, versatile, and vibrant. It is deemed cutting-edge AI research and a great contribution to the field of development in the real world. If all that is said materializes into truth, Bard AI will be an exciting addition to the ease and comfort of human lives that will simplify life and fill the knowledge gap.

Bard AI Examples, Exemplified! Will it Rule the Industry?

Google BardAI/ BardAI Examples: A New Ghost in the Market!!

Bard AI, before being thrown out for the general public to use, shall be made available to credible users for testing. It has been said that open feedback shall be sought to do away with the errors and shortcomings. Once this practice is over, it will be made available for the common masses to use.

How to Use Google Bard AI Chatbot?

Using Google Bard AI is a simple and straightforward method. It is an easy and less complicated process. In case you are wondering how to use the Google Bard AI method. Follow the given steps.

1. Open Google App on your smartphone.

2. Tap on the Chatbot Icon.

3. Enter your prompt and click on enter. 

Once entered, you can ask questions and make requests to Chatbot. 

What are Google Bard AI Examples?

Google BardAI/BardAI Examples: A New Ghost in the Market!!

In order to scale it, Google opted to make it available in the light version of LaMDA. Since the light version, it requires less computing hence it can scale to more users. Besides what are the other Bard AI examples, here is a list of a few.

1. Synthesize an Opinion-Based Answer:

It can synthesize an opinion-based answer to questions that don’t have a clear-cut and to-the-point answer. Bard AI will synthesize an answer that will be the reflection of differing opinions. It can give opinionated and multiple long paragraphs long opinionated answers.

2. Enable a Real Conversation With Chatbot:

Bard AI will give you the feeling of a real conversation as if you are having a real chat with the chatbot. It will provide you with detailed replies. It can write essays and even give programming examples.

3. It Gives Quick and Credible Answers:

The answers given by the Bard AI are correct and credible. It takes no time to answer the questions asked. It uses the web for the answers, so it can give updated and accurate answers. Unlike ChatGPT, it doesn’t have stored answers with a cap on the set 2021 timeline. Bard AI can even give three-paragraph. The answers are easy to understand to Complex questions. Besides, it has the ability to answer Real-time questions.

4. Provides Information Using Familar Engine: 

Google Bard/ BardAI Examples: A New Ghost in the Market!!

Bard AI provides the information by bringing into use the familiar engine. It takes the information from a specified engine for specific or particular information. It will give information about cricket using an engine meant specifically for it. Likewise, it uses certain engines for certain searches. It is directly wired into the web, therefore, can provide the latest and updated information.

5. Act as AI Personal Assistant: 

Bard AI will help you in managing your time. And make sure that you never miss any deadline or appointment or forget anything that is important to you. It will act as an automatic reminder. You don’t need an assistant to keep a record of your movement and note down the meeting schedules for you. Bard AI can act as your Personal Assistant by planning different types of activities like baby shower planning, comparing movies, and getting lunch ideas.

6. Bard AI Act as Social Circle: 

It will enable you to stay socially connected by allowing you to have one in one, person-to-person chats or by facilitating group chats. It acts as a social circle without stepping out of your room, and you will be able to interact with your nears and dear just with a fingertip. Bard AI will enable a smooth interaction. It can even help you in booking flight tickets and make restaurant reservations.

7. Answer Much More Complicated Questions:

Google/ BardAI Examples: A New Ghost in the Market!!

Bard AI has the ability and the distinction to answer much more complex, complicated, and tough questions. It can even answer abstract queries. Unlike ChatGPT doesn’t rely on objective facts only but is open to answering both closed and open-ended questions, thereby making it all the more important, diverse, and comprehensive.

Wrapping Up

Bard AI is a huge step forward in the field of AI by Google. Bard AI examples are testimony to the discourse. Since Google already has been using some tools of Artificial intelligence like using AI to predict the end of sentences, using google Documents and Gmails, and Google Maps, among others. Bard AI has added a distinctive feather to the cap of Google AI.

All this is on the one side, but this doesn’t mean that the said chatbot could be flawless. Bard AI examples can be prone to inaccuracies. It might not be able to comprehend the inputs and thus can deliver the wrong answers, and so on, since there can be certain other pros and cons that we could have missed. You can point them out to us by writing to us, and we will try to cover them in our next update.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: what is Bard by Google?

Ans: It is an artificial Intelligence Chatbot by Google.

Q: Can Bard AI answer real-time questions?

Ans: Yes, Bard AI can answer.

Q: Does Bard AI answer open-ended questions?

Ans: Yes, it can answer both closed and open-ended questions.

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