How to Use Bard AI? Here is the New Update of Bard

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Google is all set with the Bard AI. The Bard, which is most talked about, is soon going to launch. Especially after the Microsoft event, the ChatGPT users are eagerly waiting for the Bard to explore. Google Bard is the advancement of technology. So you can, of course, expect more than you get from LaMDA because Bard is a lighter version of LaMDA. If you are here to know how to use Bard AI, then read more.

Users of Google have many doubts related to Bard, like how to access Bard AI, because Bard has created a lot of suspense along with excitement. Whereas the whole SEO and indexing of a website can literally change within a few seconds, and all have to follow new strategies. So, if you are here to know how to use Bard AI, then stick to this post. I have covered all the information in this post.

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How to Use Bard AI?

Bard AI ; How to Use Bard AI? Here is the New Update of Bard

The Bard AI is not available for public testing as Google has not launched a Bard AI yet. Bard AI is a lighter version of LaMDA, so we can guess it will be similar to LaMDA.

Users of ChatGPT are eagerly waiting for the Bard AI. Especially where Microsoft Bing has collaborated with ChatGPT in the Microsoft ChatGPT event. Chances are higher that Google will implement ChatGPT in the same way on its search engine. Microsoft has given a chat button, and a Ask me anything option on the search engine so you can chat with it or you can ask anything from it.

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As we have discussed above, Bard AI is not open to the public, but here it is twisted. If you are a developer and have chosen a beta tester program already, then you do not need to wait anymore. All the Beta testers can follow the below-given steps to use Bard AI.

  1. Launch the Google app on your smartphone first.
  2. Go to the Chatbot icon and tap on it.
  3. Now, the same as ChatGPT, Enter your prompt and click on enter.

Wrapping Up

In this post, I have covered all about how to use Bard AI. The Bard AI is not yet available for public testing. However, developers can use it. Yes, if you have selected the beta tester program, you can use the Bard AI easily on your smartphone. I have shared some easy steps above for that. Follow Path of EX for more updates. Have a great day!!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Bard AI?

The Bard AI is not yet launched for public testing, so you can not use it; only beta testers can use it.

Is Bard the same as ChatGPT?

Maybe the Bard is the same as ChatGPT, but until it does not launch, we can not say it is the same as ChatGPT.


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