Alan Wake 2 Stuck in Morgue | How To Leave Morgue In Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 Stuck in Morgue

Are you stuck in Morgue in Alan Wake 2? Well, in this situation, you won’t be able to move further in the game. It usually comes up when players cannot complete certain steps. Let’s go further and follow the further steps to leave Morgue in Alan Wake 2. Go on and complete some required tasks. 

Alan Wake 2 is a survival-horror game filled with thrills and chills throughout the gameplay. During a gaming session, a player has to unlock various weapons like a Pump shotgun and Crossbow and solve various puzzles. Although, you would have to get out of the Morgue to step forward in the storyline. 

In this article, I will reveal the required steps and actions to complete the storyline and get out of the ‘stuck in Morgue’ situation. Make a move, and let me walk you through the required steps to leave Morgue in Alan Wake 2. Let’s go!

How to Leave the Morgue in Sheriff’s Office in Alan Wake 2 | Get Rid of Alan Wake 2 Stuck in Morgue Situation

Alan Wake 2 Stuck in Morgue

Well, it seems frustrating when you cannot progress in Alan Wake 2 and get stuck in the Sheriff’s Morgue. Although all you need to do is follow some required steps and click Nightingale in the first place. Let’s go further and follow the required steps. 

Steps to Leave Morgue in Alan Wake 2:

  1. Firstly, interact with the Sheriff in Brightfalls and accompany him to the Morgue.
  2. Click five pictures of the dead Nightingale, primarily focusing on his heart, head, shoulder, wound, and hands. 
  3. Go to the Saga’s Mind Place > switch to the ‘Murder at Cauldron’ case, and ping five clicked pictures on the crime board.
  4. After attacking the photos, you will see a cutscene of Nightingale reanimated and on a rampage, sparing only Casey. 
  5. Be under the lights till Nightingale disappears. 
  6. Take the gun from one of the deceased officers and shoot Nightingale when he reappears. 
  7. Head to the room beside the Morgue, and you will find Casey waiting. However, before talking to her, locate a small manuscript on the floor, converse with it, and place it in your Mind Place. 
  8. Then, interact with Casey and read all the dialogue until he asks you to explore the other side of Cauldron Lake.
  9. With this, you will encounter an exit door opened, allowing you to follow the other officers out of the Sherrif’s Office Morgue in Alan Wake 2. 

You have finally made your way out of the Morgue. Here, it is necessary to place the Manuscript in your Mind place and engage with Casey. Move along with the game, and further complete the storyline of Alan Wake 2.

Wrapping Up 

This was all about how to leave the Morgue in Alan Wake 2. Follow the instructions mentioned above and interact with Casey to open the exit door of Morgue. Let us know if you have any more questions in the comment section below. Also, Alan Wake 2 is filled with a series of puzzles and challenges. Complete the storyline, and Path of EX will try to get back to you ASAP. 

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