Alan Wake 2 Ending Explained in Detail: Mr. Scratch, Sequel & DLC [2023]

Alan Wake 2 Ending Explained in Detail

After a long wait of thirteen years, Alan Wake 2 is here with more enthusiasm, questions, and different versions. You might want to know about the Alan Wake 2 ending to see what you’re getting into, and I’ve got you covered in this article.

Alan has changed significantly over the last decade, and you get to see what happened in the thirteen years. But to reach the game’s conclusion, you need to go through challenging missions and obstacles like the Shrine St Station Light Puzzle in Alan Wake 2. Luckily, I’ve got you covered.

What does the final mission in Bright Falls hold, and what is Saga up to? In this article, you’ll find what happened in the Alan Wake 2 ending in detail, information about the Alan Wake 2 DLCs, and what developers are planning for in a sequel.

How Many Alan Wake 2 Endings Are There?

There is only one possible Alan Wake 2 ending.

It might be disappointing to some and a relief to others, but Alan Wake 2 has only one potential ending to the game. Will it be a happy ending, or will it leave you with a cliffhanger? Let’s find out.

What Happens at the End of Alan Wake 2 | Alan Wake 2 Ending

Alan Wake 2 Ending Explained in Detail

There’s a lot that happens in the Alan Wake 2 ending that amazed me and had me contemplating the future of its storyline. From living the final boss fight as if it was happening right there and then to meeting Alice, the end of Alan Wake 2 is truly surprising. Let’s look at some of the most significant points of the ending of Alan Wake 2.

1. Mr. Scratch’s Identity–Alan Himself

Saga figures out who caused the mysterious events in Bright Falls: Mr. Scratch, a dark being. To finish Mr. Scratch, Saga needs to summon him, then use Alan’s Clicker to make him a mortal entity like them.

All this while, Alan was busy looking for Scratch’s apartment that he found. Here, Alan has been working on the story that Alan and Saga are trapped in. The surprise here is that this is Alan’s apartment, but he needs to remember that after spending time in the Dark Place. He soon sees a projection on the living room wall with a video of his wife, Alice, playing.

In the video, Alice talks about how she thought her photography project would help to ease her pains. Some blurry photos show Alice from behind as she walks off a cliff in sadness. Seeing Alice walk off the cliff sends Alan into a fit of anger.

In his fury, he sees a figure sitting at a nearby desk and shoots without a second thought. It turns out that the dark entity, Scratch, is Alan himself, but with the Dark Presence inside him. So, the man Alan just shot was a version of himself who was trying to fix the script to give it a better ending. 

On the other hand, Saga’s plan works as Scratch appears and rushes at her as she tries to maneuver lights to point at him to burn out the darkness. To do so, she needs to lock him in a cell, but on ridding Alan’s body of Scratch, they are knocked out unconscious as well. 

2. Saga’s Escape

Alan Wake 2 ending

Scratch also throws Saga back into her Mind Place, and since Saga doesn’t have any of her notes, she tries to recall what she can. She sees visions of herself trapped in the Dark Place but does not believe it. Saga questions her reality and soon realizes the Dark and Mind Places are the same.

Using her flashlight, Saga burns away the darkness and exposes keepsakes like her daughter’s friendship bracelet and a bottle of whiskey she shared with Casey. As realizations rush in, she bravely opens the door and steps into the darkness.

3. Saga Meets Alan in the Mind Place

Saga appears in Bright Falls and hears a payphone ringing, and a woman (Alice) tells her that she needs her to find a shoebox in New York to finish the story. 

Later on, Saga grabs the shoebox with Alan’s Clicker and a light bullet and comes back to the Mind Place, where she comes face to face with Alan. Alan backs up the visions and reality Saga doubts and explains his plan. Saga goes to the Writer’s Room, and Alan gives her the last pages of his script to complete the story.

4. The Ultimate Conclusion: A New DLC or Sequel Hint

Alan Wake 2 ending

In the epilogue, we see Alice talking to Alan, explaining what happened to her in Bright Falls. Alice’s words indicate that the pictures of Alice’s death were a hoax and that the events of both games, Alan Wake and Alan Wake 2, are in a time loop of Alan’s appearance and disappearance. 

The Alan Wake 2 epilogue and ending are probably a setup for DLC or the Alan Wake sequel, in which Alice will show Alan the way to find the answer about Mr. Scratch and Bright Falls.

Watch Alan Wake 2 Ending & Final Boss Fight

Wrapping Up

Surprisingly, you cross paths with your previously thought-dead wife, Alice, at the very end of Alan Wake 2. Other than meeting Alice, you uncover the identity of Mr. Scratch, meet Saga in the Mind Place, and eventually plan to finish him off. The Alan Wake 2 ending makes way for an exciting DLC or sequel that I can’t wait for!

Happy Gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Alan Wake Have a Happy Ending?

No, Alan Wake didn’t have a happy ending to the game or the novel he was trying to write.

Q2. How Many Alan Wake 2 Endings Are There?

Alan Wake 2 has only one potential ending to the game, where he meets Alice again.

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