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Adopt Me Pet Trade Value list is the key to trading fairly in one of the most famous Roblox games Adopt Me. The game is centered around adopting virtual pets, caring for them, and trading them with other players. In this article, I have added the current Adopt Me Pet Trade Value list to help you in the gameplay. So, join me and explore!

Adopt Me is a famous online Roblox game created by the DreamCraft gaming studio. You can adopt and raise virtual pets such as dogs, cats, dragons, unicorns, and more. The economy of Adopt Me is booming, with virtual pets being exchanged for in-game things. However, not all pets are made equal, and their worth fluctuates drastically based on rarity and demand. 

The value of pets is one of the most crucial features of Adopt Me, and finding the pet trading value and fair trade is the most significant issue. Some pets are rare and more precious than others, and their value might fluctuate based on the game’s economy. The Adopt Me pet trade value list serves as a guide to estimate the worth of your pets and make fair trades with other players. I will go over the latest Adopt Me pet trade value list and everything you need to know about it in this article. So, dig in!

What is an Adopt Me Pet Trade Value List?

Adopt Me Pet Trade Value

The Adopt Me pet trade value list is a detailed reference that includes the worth of every pet in the game. The game’s developers and community are regularly updating the list based on the current demand for each pet. A pet’s worth in Adopt Me is influenced by a variety of characteristics, including its rarity, age, and talents.

The Adopt Me Pet Trade Value list has six categories of pets – 

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Ultra-rare
  • Legendary
  • Mythic

I have mentioned the trading value of each pet from every category in this article below. Read further and explore the Adopt Me Pet Trade Value list!

Adopt Me Pet Trade Values- Common Pets

Adopt Me Pet Trade Value

The common pets in the Roblox game Adopt Me are the most frequently encountered pets that you can obtain. These pets include dogs, cats, and bunnies, providing you with a familiar and adorable array of friends to begin the adventure in the game.

Have a look below and explore the Adopt Me Pet trade value list for the common Pets –

Sl. No.AnimalEgg TypeTrading Value
1AntCracked and Pet Egg1.5
2Bali StarlingSoutheast Asia Egg2
3BandicootAussie Egg2.5 
4BuffaloCracked and Pet Egg1.5
5BullfrogWoodland Egg2.5 
6CatCracked and Pet Egg1
7ChickEaster Event 2020
8ChickenFarm Egg3.5 
9DogCracked and Pet Egg1
10DugongJapan Egg2.5
11Ground SlothFossil Egg2.5 
12OtterCracked and Pet Egg1
13RobinChristmas Egg
14StingrayOcean Egg2.5 
15Sado MoleJapan Egg2
16Tasmanian TigerFossil Egg2.5 
17Malaysian TaperSoutheast Asia Egg2
18MouseCracked and Pet Egg1.5
19Maleo BirdSoutheast Asia EggRacing Value = 1.5
20PumpkinHalloween Event 2020
21WalrusWalrus Boxes2.5 
22WolpertingerMythic Egg2.5 

Adopt Me Pet Trade Values- Uncommon Pets

Adopt Me Pet Trade Value

Uncommon Adopt Me pets have distinct features and characteristics that set them apart. Unusual pets include Amami Rabbit, Red Panda, and Chickatrice, giving gamers a wide range of lovely pets to choose from. 

Have a look below and explore the Adopt Me Pet trade value list for uncommon Pets –

Sl. No.AnimalAcquisition MethodTrading Value
1Amami Rabbit250 Lanterns, Lunar New Year Event 20222.5
2Banded CivetSoutheast Asia Egg2
3BatBat Box4.5
4Black PantherJungle Egg5
5Black Mummy CatHalloween Mummy Cat Box2
6Blue DogBlue Egg265
7CamelCracked, Pet, and Royal Egg2
8CapybaraJungle Egg5
9Chocolate LabradorCracked, Pet, and Royal Egg1.5
10Chickatrice15K Candy Halloween 20223.5
11CrabOcean Egg3
12DingoAussie Egg4
13DonkeyCracked, Pet, and Royal Egg2
14DolphinOcean Egg3
15DrakeFarm Egg4.5
16Ermine9,000 Gingerbread Winter 2022 Event2.5
17Halloween Blue Scorpion300 Candy Halloween 20213
18Pink Cat260
19PumaCracked, Pet, and Royal Egg1.5
20Rhino BeetleJapan Egg2
21Snow CatCracked, Pet, and Royal Egg2
22Fennec FoxCracked, Pet, and Royal Egg1.5
23Frogspawn600 In-game Bucks1.5
24MeerkatSafari Egg5
25Silly DuckFarm Egg5
26Slug9K Candy Halloween 20222.5
11TanukiJapan Egg2.5
12Therapy DogGOSH 2022 Update3
13PoodleCracked, Pet, and Royal Egg2
14TriceratopsFossil Egg3.5
15StegosaurusFossil Egg3.5
16GlyptodonFossil Egg4.5
17SnowmanBlizzard Box (2,000 gingerbread)4.5
18Pet RockApril Fool’s Day 2020 Free Gift3
19KirinMythic Egg2.5
20Red CardinalWoodland Egg2.5
21Uplift Butterfly 20211,500 In-game Bucks3.5
22Uplift Butterfly 20221,500 In-game Bucks3
23Snow Leopard10K Gingerbread Christmas 20213.5
24Sea KraitSoutheast Asia Egg2
25Wild BoarSafari Egg5
26WolfChristmas Egg5

Adopt Me Pet Trade Values- Rare Pets

Adopt Me Pet Trade Value

Adopt Me rare pets have unique characteristics and appearances that make them intriguing to players. Pink Cats, Golden Penguins, and Ninja Monkeys are examples of rare pets. Rare pets, while not as rare as legendary or mythical pets, have value and can be traded for other desirable things or creatures within the game.

Have a look below and explore the Adopt Me Pet trade value list for Rare Pets –

Sl. No.AnimalAcquisition MethodTrading Value
1Abyssinian CatDesert Shop, 750 Bucks4
2Australian KelpieAussie Egg4
3Basilisk25k Candy Halloween 20224
4BeaverCracked, Pet, Royal Egg2
5Brown BearJungle Egg7
6Bloodhound600 Robux5
7Black Moon Bear300 Lanterns, Moon Bear Box4.5
8BunnyRetired Egg2.5
9CowFarm Egg18
10DilophosaurusFossil Egg4
11ElephantSafari Egg20
12Elf ShrewChristmas Event6.5
13EmuAussie Egg4
14Evil Dachshund1K Candy Halloween 20213.5
15Feesh1,500 In-game Bucks4
16WoodpeckerWoodland Egg3.5
17GeckoSouth East Asia Egg2.5
18Ghost WolfWolf Box3.5
19Husky40K Gingerbread Christmas 20214
20IbisJapan Egg3.5
21Ibex960 Robux3.5
22Irish Elk35,000 Gingerbread Winter Update8
23Koi CarpJapan Egg3.5
24White Mummy CatMummy Cat Box3.5
25Summer WalrusWalrus Box3.5
26Red FoxWoodland Egg3.5
27SasquatchMythic Egg4
29MerhorseMythic Egg4
30NarwhalOcean Egg3.5
31RabbitCracked, Pet, and also Royal Egg2
32Snow PumaCracked, Pet, and also Royal Egg2
33HyenaSafari Egg9
34RhinoJungle Egg6.5
35PigFarm Egg6
36Woolly MammothFossil Egg4
37PterodactylFossil Egg4
38ParakeetCracked, Pet, and also Royal Egg3
39RatRat Box4
40MonkeyMonkey Box4
41Mule35K Candy Halloween 20224
42Moon Rabbit375 Lanterns5
43SwanChristmas Egg5
44Shetland PonyDark Brown Pony Box 2022 Winter Event5
45TarsierSoutheast Asia Egg2.5
46TigerTiger Box3
47Polar BearChristmas Egg5
48ReindeerChristmas Event4.5
49Musk OxWinter Holiday 2020 event (3,500 Gingerbread)4.5
50LynxWinter Holiday 2020 event (4,000 Gingerbread)4.5
51Leopard CatJapan Egg4
52Ocelot500 In-Game Bucks3
53OrangutanCracked, Pet, and also Royal Egg2.5
54OxLunar New Year 2021 update (Ox Box)2.5
55Shrew23K Gingerbread Christmas 20197
56SeahorseOcean Egg4
57Steppe Lion25k Gingerbread 20224
58Yellow ButterflyGreen Leaf4
59ZebraCracked, Pet, and also Royal Egg2.5

Adopt Me Pet Trade Value- Ultra Rare Pets

Adopt Me Pet Trade Value

In the Roblox game Adopt Me, ultra-rare pets are a tier below legendary pets but still have great value and appeal to users. These pets frequently have distinctive designs and traits. Arctic Reindeer, King Bee, Kangaroo, and Owl are examples of Ultra Rare pets. Because of their scarcity, these pets are highly sought after and can be traded for other valuable objects or creatures in the game.

Have a look below and explore the Adopt Me Pet trade value list for the Legendary Pets –

Sl. No.AnimalAcquisition Method/CostTrading Value
1Albino BatCandy8
2Arctic FoxChristmas Egg7.5
3Badger700 Bucks4.5
4BinturongSoutheast Asia Egg3.5
6Black MacaqueSoutheast Asia Egg3.5
7Black ScarabMudballs4
8Black Springer Spaniel3k Easter Egg 20227.5
9Blue ScarabMudballs4.5
10Brown Springer Spaniel3K Easter Egg 20227.5
11Brown Chested PheasantGolden Wheat6
12Business MonkeyMonkey Box4.5
13CorgiBasic Egg Update4.5
14ClownfishOcean Egg5
15CrocodileJungle Egg8.5
16Dalmation250 Robux18
17Evil Basilisk60K Candy Halloween 20224.5
18Evil Chickatrice45K Candy Halloween 20224
19FrogAussie Egg4
20Goat249 Robux8
21Glacier Moth5 UGC Items4
22Ice Wolf499 Robux8.5
23Irish Water Spaniel5 UGC7.5
24Panda249 Robux3.5
25Persian CatPuss In Boots Quest2
26Puffin120K Gingerbread 20218.5
27Purple ButterflyGreen Leaf8
28Pomeranian400 Star Reward (Diamond)7.5
29SalamanderWoodland Egg3.5
30White TigerTiger Box3
31Pine MartenWoodland Egg3.5
32Red PandaCracked, Pet, and also Royal Egg2
33Ram50k Gingerbread 2022 Event4.5
34Shiba InuCracked, Pet, and also Royal Egg2
35FlamingoSafari Egg12
36LionSafari Egg9.5
37PlatypusJungle Egg7.5
38TurkeyFarm Egg7.5
39Red Crowned CraneJapan Egg3.5
40SpidercrabJapan Egg3.5
41Shetland Pony WhitePony Box 2022 Winter Event7
42Trapdoor SnailJapan Egg3.5
43Lamb250 Robux8
44LlamaFarm Egg8
45KoalaAussie Egg4.5
46Komodo DragonSoutheast Asia Egg3.5
47RobotBasic Egg Update5
48SabertoothFossil Egg5
49DeinonychusFossil Egg6
50Royal Corgi4000 in-game Bucks7.5
51Royal Palace Spaniel299 Robux5
52Tan Chow ChowGolden Bone6
53Snowball Pet99 Robux5.5
54SwordfishBasic Egg Update5
55Sheeeep250 Robux5.5
56St BernardAdvent Calendar4
57Toy MonkeyMonkey Box5
58Ginger Cat210 Stars4
59Toucan400 Stars4
60Starfish550 Stars4.5
61Horse300 Robux5.5
62HydraMythic Egg4
63Penguin225 Robux3.5
64Space Whale2499 Robux7
65Sloth199 Robux3.5
66Zombie BuffaloHalloween Event8
67Panda249 Robux4
68HedgehogChristmas Event38
69Ghost BunnyCandy6
70Lunar OxLunar New year 2021 update4
71Ladybug35/40 chance 199 Robux4
72Red Squirrel200 Robux3.5
73Lamb250 Robux7
74Skeleton Dog1200 Halloween Candy5
75King PenguinGolden Goldfish4
76Orca600 Star Reward (Diamond)8.5
77WyvernMythic Egg4
78Ribbon Seal750 Bucks4
79Water Moon Bear300 Lanterns, or Moon Bear Box5
80Water Rabbit475 Lanterns6
81White AlbatrossGolden Clams4.5
82Woolly Rhino80K Gingerbread 20228
83YetiWinter Holiday 2020 event (6,000 Gingerbread)4.5
84Highland Cow2,000 In-game Bucks4
85Zombie WolfWolf Box5

Adopt Me Pet Trade Values- Legendary Pets

Adopt Me Pet Trade Value

Legendary Pets in the Roblox game Adopt Me are extremely desirable and extremely rare companions. From legendary dragons and unicorns to griffins and frost dragons, these pets are highly sought after by players because of the prestige, desirability, and unique skills that make them extremely important in the game.

Have a look below and explore the Adopt Me Pet trade value list for the Legendary Pets –

Sl. No.AnimalAcquisition Method/CostTrading Value
1Shadow Dragon1,000 Robux265
2Bat DragonHalloween250
3GiraffeSafari Egg210
4Frost Dragon1,000 Robux100
5OwlFarm Egg75
6Monkey KingMonkey Box70
7ParrotJungle Egg65
8Diamond UnicornDiamond Egg57
9Diamond AlbatrosGolden Clams55
10Black Chested PheasantGolden Wheat55
11Strawberry Shortcake Bat Dragon1,000 Robux50
12Undead Jousting Horse1,000 Robux50
13Evil UnicornHalloween event50
14CapricornSpace Bundle50
15CrowFarm Egg50
16Undead Jousting Horse1,000 Robux45
17Arctic ReindeerChristmas Egg45
18Diamond ButterflyGolden leaf45
19Albino MonkeyMonkey Box42
20Black Chested PheasantGolden Wheat40
21TurtleAussie Egg40
22Mechapup800 Robux38
23Winged Tiger650 Robux35
24ChameleonRGB Box35
25Diamond DragonDiamond Egg35
26Diamond King PenguinGolden Goldfish24
27SquidRGB Box23
28KangarooAussie Egg21
29Frost Fury800 Robux21
30Golden ScarabMudballs21
31Ice Moth Dragon120,000 Gingerbread Winter Update 202220
32Arctic ReindeerChristmas Egg20
33Ice Golem1,000 Robux20
34Albino MonkeyMonkey boxes20
35Golden Chow ChowGolden Bone19
36Jousting Horse150K Candy19
37T-RexFossil Egg19
38Lunar Moon Bear300 Lanterns, or Moon Bear Box19
39Ghost Dragon1,000 Robux18
40Dancing Dragon800 Robux18
41DodoFossil Egg18
42Lava Dragon1,000 Robux18
43Sugar Glider500 Robux17
44DragonflyCracked, Pet, or Royal Egg17
45Frost FuryWinter Holiday 2020 event (800 Robux)17
46Golden RatRat Box16
47PhoenixMythic Egg16
48Lavender DragonDJ Gamepass16
49SharkOcean Egg15.5
50Naga DragonSoutheast Asia Egg15.5
51Tree KangarooSoutheast Asia Egg15.5
52Queen Bee199 Robux per Honey15.5
53GoldhornMythic Egg15.5
54HawkWoodland Egg15.5
55Winged Horse800 Robux15.5
56Chimera110K Candy15.5
57Lava WolfWolf Box15
58Fallow DeerWoodland Egg15
59Maneki NekoJapan Egg15
60BakuJapan Egg15
61OctopusOcean Egg15
62Diamond Ladybug1/40 chance 199 Robux (Farm Shop Event 2021 – Diamond Lavender)15
63Golden PenguinGolden Goldfish15
64Golden King PenguinGolden Goldfish15
65Diamond GriffinDiamond Egg15
66AlicornBasic Egg Update15
67Green Chested PheasantGolden Wheat14
68Snow Owl10K Gingerbread 202014
69Golden AlbatrosGolden Clams14
70Strawberry ShortcakeBat Dragon14
71Golden UnicornGolden Egg14
72Golden LadybugPurchase Diamond Lavender (199 Robux)14
73Ninja MonkeyMonkey Box14
74Axolotl600 Robux14
75Golden DragonGolden Egg13
76Golden WalrusWalrus Box12
77Cerberus500 Robux10
78Shetland PonyLight BrownPony Box 2022 Winter Event
79Guardian Lion500 Robux9
80Peacock550 Robux9
81Golden GriffinGolden Egg9
82Robo Dog600 Robux9
83King Bee199 Robux9
84Cobra500 Robux8
85UnicornCracked, Pet, Royal Egg8
86Golden Mummy CatHalloween Mummy Cat Box8
87DragonCracked, Pet, Royal Egg7
88Kitsune600 Robux7
89Guardian Lion500 Robux6
90Golden TigerTiger Box5
91Metal OxLunar Box4
92Griffin600 Robux4
93Nessie500 In-Game Bucks4
94MinionZodiac Minion Egg2.5

Adopt Me Pet Trade Value Mythic Pets

Adopt Me Pet Trade Value

Mythical pets are uncommon and amazing creatures available in the Roblox game Adopt Me. These pets have distinct skills and appearances that distinguish them from other pets. Mythical pets captivate your imagination with their fascinating qualities, making them highly sought after and valued in the game’s virtual world.

Have a look below and explore the Adopt Me Pet trade value list for the Mythical pets –

Sl. No.Mythical PetsPrice Range (in bucks)
1Bat Dragon180,000 – 200,000
2Diamond Dragon1,000 – 1,500
3Diamond Griffin1,000 – 1,500
4Frost Dragon2,000 – 2,500
5Ghost Bunny2,000 – 2,500
6Ghost Giraffe2,000 – 2,500
7Golden Dragon1,000 – 1,500
8Golden Griffin1,000 – 1,500
9Golden Unicorn1,000 – 1,500
10Shadow Unicorn1,000 – 1,500

Adopt Me Trade Values- Items

Adopt Me Pet Trade Value

Along with a lot of pets, Roblox Adopt Me also has a number of unique items. These items are an essential part of trading pets in Adopt Me. Each item has its own value. Have a look below and explore the values of the Adopt Me items.

Sl. No.ItemValue
1Neon Black Scooter315
2Candy Cannon290
3Blue Egg265
4Pink Egg260
6Safari Egg38
8Jungle Egg22
9Ghost Vehicle20
10Headless Pumpkin21
11Farm Egg19
12Rocket Sled15
14Cloud Car14
15Crescent Moon Carriage10.5
16Monkey Box10
17X-Mas Egg8
18Chinese Lantern8
19Diamond Egg8
20Bat Box7
21Mythic Egg7
22Ocean Egg7
23Southeast Asia Egg7
24Aussie Egg6.5
25Chick Egg 20206
26Fossil Egg5
28Pony Box5
29Bunny Carriage4
30Golden Egg4
31Ride Potion4
32RGB Box4
34Dragon Train2.5
35Fly Potion1.5
36Monster Truck1.5
37Evil Unicycle1.5

The Adopt Me pet trade value list is a must-have for any player looking to make fair transactions and get the most out of their virtual pets. It is crucial to remember that the values stated in the guide are not fixed and might change depending on current demand in the game’s economy.

How To Use The Adopt Me Pet Trade Value List?

Adopt Me Pet Trade Value

Using the Adopt Me pet trade value list is a pretty simple process. The list can be used by players to determine the worth of their pets and to negotiate fair transactions with other players. Here’s how to make use of the list:

Steps to Use the Adopt Me Pet Trade Value List –

  1. Find out the pet you wish to value.
  2. Look up the pet’s appropriate trade value.
  3. Determine the fair trade for the pet using the value.

It’s important to remember that some pets are in higher demand than others, and their prices can fluctuate depending on the market. Players should also be wary of con artists who may attempt to take advantage of them by making unfair trades.

Head on to grab some of the fruitful tips for Adopt Me Pet Trading!

Adopt Me Pet Trading Tips

Adopt Me Pet Trade Value

Now that you’ve learned how to use the Adopt Me pet trade value list, here are a few pointers to help you get the most out of your virtual pets:

1. Keep an eye on the market: 

The value of animals can vary over time, so it’s essential to stay current with the market. Keep a watch on trading communities and online discussion groups to learn which pets are in high demand and how much they’re going for.

2. Be wary of scammers: 

Unfortunately, there are people who will try to take advantage of you by making unfair transactions or even snatching your pets. Before dealing, always verify the value of your pets, and do not give your pets away for free.

3. Consider the rarity of the pet: 

Some pets are more valued because they are uncommon. You may be able to swap a rare pet for numerous less rare pets of equivalent value if you have one.

4. Don’t be afraid to negotiate: 

Finding a fair bargain for all sides is the goal of trading. If you’re not satisfied with a proposal, don’t be frightened to bargain and see if you can get a better deal.

5. Build relationships with other players: 

Working with a network of reliable traders makes trading much easier. Increase your chances of receiving good deals by building connections with other traders and establishing yourself as a trustworthy trader.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the Adopt Me pet trade value list is an invaluable tool for any player looking to make fair trades and get the most out of their virtual pets. By using the list and following the tips outlined in this article, you can become a skilled trader and build a network of trusted traders to help you get the pets you want. Remember always to be cautious when trading and never give your pets away for free. Happy trading!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Can I Use The Adopt Me Pet Trade Value List To Determine The Value Of Other Items In The Game?

No, the Adopt Me pet trade value list is only for determining the value of pets in the game.

Q2) Is The Adopt Me Pet Trade Value List Always Accurate?

The values listed in the guide are based on the current market demand and may fluctuate over time. Always double-check the value of your pets before trading.

Q3) How Do I Avoid Getting Scammed While Trading Pets?

Always double-check the value of your pets before trading and never give them away for free. Be wary of players offering unfair trades and build relationships with trusted traders.

Q4) Can I Use The Adopt Me Pet Trade Value List To Determine The Value Of Pets In Other Games?

No, the Adopt Me pet trade value list is only for determining the value of pets in the Adopt Me game.

Q5) Are There Any Pets That Are Considered Overvalued Or Undervalued On The Trade Value List?

The value of pets can fluctuate over time depending on market demand, so it’s important to stay up to date with current trends.

Q6) Can I Sell My Pets For Real Money?

No, it is against the game’s terms of service to sell virtual items for real money.

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