OpenAI Error: You Exceeded Your Current Quota Triggers Warning

You Exceeded Your Current Quota

OpenAI, a nonprofit company, retains its position in the news for many reasons. As we know, OpenAI offers a lot of language models that can generate human-like texts and responses. ChatGPT has made a lot of hype and is considered to be the game changer in AI. The OpenAI family consists of different models with different capabilities. However, you can easily customize the different models for your own particular use case and tuning. While using the models, if you are getting the error “You exceeded your current quota,” I have got you covered.

Numerous users are now getting the same error, and they are writing down these errors on various social media platforms and community forums to get the fixes and answers. However, the company focuses on developing Artificial intelligence in such a way that it benefits humanity as a whole. Elon Musk and Sam Altman founded the company in 2015, situated in San Francisco, California, in the United States.

In this article, you will learn about the error “You exceeded your current quota.” and the solution to fix it.

OpenAI Error You Exceeded Your Current Quota.

You Exceeded Your Current Quota

As I told you earlier, OpenAI has a family of different models, and you can use these models per your requirement and usage. Let us first understand the different models in OpenAI. There are three different models of OpenAI API, each with different functionalities and abilities to produce and generate Content.

1. GPT 3

gpt 3

It is defined as a set of models that has the ability to understand and produce natural human-like language. GPT 3 further consists of four models that work differently per their capabilities. The GPT3 is free to use for trials, an then you have to pay the monthly fee as a subscription. The following four different models of GPT 3 are as follows

  • text-davinci-003
  • text-curie-001
  • text-babbage-001
  • text-ada-001

2. Codex (beta Limited)

Codex (beta Limited)

It is a set of models that can easily understand and produce the code. However, it will also translate the natural language into the form of code. The Codex is further segregated into two different models. It is likely capable in the coding language Python and numerous other coding languages such as Ruby, PHP, Swift, SL, Javascript, Perl, Go, and, most notably, Shell.

  • code-davinci-002
  • code-cushman-001

3. Content Filter

 Content Filter

It is defined as a fine-tuned model that will assist the users in finding whether the content is sensitive, safe, or unsafe. The following are the three label descriptions that will decide whether the content falls in the Safe, Unsafe, or Sensitive category.

Label Descriptions

0: The Text is Safe.
1: The Text is Sensitive.
2: The Text is Unsafe.

Why is the “You exceeded your current quota” error Prompting on ChatGPT?

There are numerous people who are facing the error “You exceeded your current quota” in the Open AI. It seems like people are getting confused about why are they getting these errors in their OpenAI models. Some social media forums, such as Reddit and the OpenAI Community Forum, are also flooded with people, and people want to eliminate this error.

If you notice, the ChatGPT also shows the same error: “You exceeded your current quota. Please check your plan and billing details,” Users are now tweeting this error in large numbers. You can clearly see this in the tweet shown below.

Possible Solution to Error “You exceeded your current quota.”

You Exceeded Your Current Quota

There can be multiple technical reasons behind the error “You exceeded your current quota.” But this error is prompting because you have exceeded the limits of the token requests supplied to you by the OpenAI as per your monthly plan.

For instance, If you are using the text-davinci-003 model of GP3, you must be supplied with 4000 Tokens. Once the Tokens are utilized, you will not be able to generate the requests, and the OpenAI will prompt the error “You exceeded your current quota.”

Similarly, Each family of different OpenAI models is allocated differently and is given disparate Tokens. In the same way, you will not be able to generate the requests after you run out of token requests. You can also fill out the form to exceed the quota request to the OpenAI.

The following are some of the comments in the OpenAI Community Forum from the users facing the error.

There is one user named Tom.doerr. He says,”

I keep on getting the error openai.error.

RateLimitError: you exceeded your current quota; please check your plan and billing details when using Codex.

Not a single request gets through. Am I blocked because I sent over 6000 requests in December?

Another Person responded in the thread by saying, “I am getting the same error. I didn’t send more than 200 requests since I got access.

Oher User says

You exceeded your current quota

Wrapping Up

This article talks about the error”You exceeded your current quota.” in an all-inclusive manner. I have covered all the possible reasons and the solution to this error. OpenAI is one of the most hype subjects in the market, and people are using the models in massive numbers. If you are looking for h resolution, you could be one of them too. Comment down if you find the article insightful, and share your thoughts on the OpenAI and the models they are offering.

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