XDefiant M16A4 Loadout Best Build and Class Setup 2023!

As a unique burst-fire rifle, the best XDefiant M16A4 build is great for those looking for a dependable assault rifle loadout in Ubisoft’s shooter. If you are a fan of burst-fire weapons, you must be aware about the M16A4 loadout. But finding the best one is difficult; that is why I will help you with the best XDefiant M16A4 Loadout that is perfect for every skilled player in the game.

XDefiant is considered the best XDefiant gun, and you will love its three-round bursts. M16A4 has amazing potential for every player. But you need to be aware of the XDefiant M16A4 Loadout best build and class setup.

What is XDefiant: The Burst-Fire Beast?

XDefiant M16A4 Loadout Best Build and Class Setup 2023

The best XDefiant M16A4 loadout is perfect for lovers of burst-fire weapons, though it can be trickier to master. Nevertheless, the M16 offers incredible accuracy and control, excelling at long-range engagements. Skilled players can even utilize it effectively in close-quarters combat. Don’t overlook the potential of the best M16A4 build in XDefiant.

What is the Usage of XDefiant M16?

The XDefiant M16 build is not for everyone, but its stability arguably makes it one of the best XDefiant guns available. Despite its effectiveness, it has largely remained under the radar in the XDefiant meta. However, for those who can adapt to its three-round bursts, the M16 is a force to be reckoned with, capable of challenging the likes of the XDefiant MK 20 loadout at long-range.

5 Best XDefiant M16A4 Loadout

XDefiant M16A4 Loadout Best Build and Class Setup 2023

To create the best XDefiant M16A4 loadout, consider the following attachments:

1. Muzzle – Muzzle Booster

The Muzzle Booster attachment sacrifices some recoil control for a slight increase in the rate of fire. Despite this trade-off, the M16A4’s inherent recoil control combined with other attachments compensates for the loss. The increased rate of fire enhances your ability to eliminate opponents quickly, especially in close-quarters battles.

2. Barrel – Stabilizing

For improved mid-range engagements on XDefiant maps, the Stabilizing Barrel is an excellent choice. While it reduces horizontal and vertical recoil control, it provides better overall weapon control. If you prefer a higher fire rate at the expense of increased weapon handling difficulty, consider swapping the Stabilizing Barrel for the Rapid Fire Barrel and the Compensator for the Muzzle Booster. However, the recommended M16 build strikes a balance between fire rate and usability.

3. Front Rail – Vertical Grip

The Vertical Grip attachment enhances the M16A4’s vertical recoil control, transforming it into a laser beam even at long-range. Although this attachment reduces aim walking speed and ADS time, it is invaluable when engaging enemies at long distances. Other options like the Superlight Grip offer improved ADS time but sacrifice recoil recovery, which is crucial for precise shots.

4. Rear Grip – Grip Tape

The Grip Tape rear grip significantly improves vertical recoil control and recoil recovery, enhancing the M16’s accuracy and ease of use. This attachment excels in combination with the three-round burst mechanism of the assault rifle.

5. Stock – Padded

To complete the M16A4 build, the Padded Stock boosts critical stats for a longer-range assault rifle, including recoil recovery, aim stability, and ADS hit flinch, without any drawbacks. Unlike other stock options, the Padded Stock provides welcome improvements without compromising your ability to maintain focus on the enemy, even under pressure.

Check out the video below by ‘Destroyerfield51’ to witness a similar M16 build in action, demonstrating the rifle’s surprising strength in close-quarters combat:

Now that you have the best M16A4 build at your disposal let’s dive into the rest of the loadout and dominate the arenas of one of the best FPS games available.

2 Best XDefiant M16A4 Class Setup

XDefiant M16A4 Loadout Best Build and Class Setup 2023

For a strong M16A4 class setup in XDefiant, complement your loadout with the following:

1. Sidearm: 93R

The 93R secondary weapon serves as a reliable backup when the situation calls for it. Enhance its close-range capabilities with the Barrel Extender, Extended Mag, Lightweight Stock, Quick Draw Grip, and Reflex Sight attachments. While an XDefiant M870 loadout may still hold an advantage in close-range encounters, the 93R can be a winning choice if you possess the agility and accurate aim.

2. Equipment: Frag Grenade

The Frag Grenade is a versatile and powerful choice, allowing you to clear objectives and flush enemies out of cover effortlessly. Since the M16 excels at holding down long sight-lines, similar to the XDefiant M249 loadout, any equipment that aids in that playstyle is recommended. However, other options like the Flashbang, EMP Grenade, and Proximity Mine have their own utility and can be selected based on personal preference. The Flashbang can be used to disorient and push enemies, the EMP Grenade is effective at shutting down enemy abilities, and the Proximity Mine can secure lanes and provide rear coverage.

Wrapping Up

With the best XDefiant M16A4 loadout and class setup, you are now ready to choose one of the XDefiant classes and experience its full potential. We recommend trying the Phantoms XDefiant Faction for their zone-controlling prowess or the adaptable Libertad, though any class can benefit greatly from the M16.

Remember, mastering the M16A4 loadout takes practice and a deep understanding of its strengths and weaknesses. Adjust the attachments and playstyle to suit your preferences, and play with confidence in the competitive arenas of XDefiant.

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