Will iPhone 11 Get iOS 19 Or Will It Be Discontinued?

Iphones; Will iPhone 11 Get iOS 19

It is 2024, and iOS 18 is about to make its entrance into the world very soon. Even though the iOS 18 has been announced to be released in September 2024, there is not much officially announced regarding the features this new iOS version will be bringing. But the news of iOS 18 has older iPhone users worried that they will have to change their device. Just like the iPhone 11, users are wondering will iPhone 11 get iOS 19 or if they will be required to change their device. 

Year after year, the technology industry grows uphill at an unstoppable pace. Top contenders like Apple and Android, while competing with each other, keep outgrowing their own progress. In this race of technology industry, many other competitors come and go, but these two have existed since the very start. The only drawback of this never-ending race is the customers who find it hard to keep up with the latest technology. In the case of Android, it is much more pocket-friendly compared to Apple devices.

If you, too, are worried about a newer update driving you to throw your phone out, be patient and read this article. In this article, you will find out the answer to will iPhone 11 get iOS 19 or if it will be discontinued by Apple support.

Will iPhone 11 Get iOS 19?

iPhone 11; Will iPhone 11 Get iOS 19

Will iPhone 11 get iOS 19 or not is a very far-fetched question and has no official answer yet. The iOS 18 is officially announced to be launched in September 2024, and yet there is not much information about the features it will bring. The first look and experience of the iOS 18 will be witnessed at the WWDC which is scheduled to be held in June 2024. After the WWDC, users will still have to wait till September to get their hands on iOS 18 devices, and older iPhone users will learn which devices will not be supported anymore. 

It is guaranteed that iPhone 11 users will not face discontinuation with the release of iOS 18, but iPhone devices older than iPhone 11 might be discontinued. As an Apple enthusiast, I and many others on the internet have noticed a pattern of release and discontinuation of Apple devices. The pattern normally works in six to seven-year gaps from the release of the device to its discontinuation. So, if the iPhone 11 was released in September 2019, it is safe to assume that it will continue to be supported till 2025 or maybe even 2026.

The only thing that could make the iPhone 11 discontinue earlier than that is the new technology. As we are all aware, the technology world is booming with new AI inventions, and it is possible that upcoming iOS versions might not be compatible with older devices, including iPhone 11. You must know about the news of iOS 18 introducing new and more advanced AI features with its launch.

Not all the older iPhone devices will be compatible with these new features, and so they will have to be dropped. So, imagine if iOS 19 introduces even more advanced technology and the iPhone 11 is not able to keep up. That will lead to the necessary discontinuation of the iPhone 11.

How Long Will iPhone 11 Be Supported?

iOS; Will iPhone 11 Get iOS 19

It should be noted that there is no accurate answer to how long will iPhone 11 will be supported, but surely, there is a long time before it is dropped. With the upcoming iOS 18 update, the iPhone 11 is in no danger of being discontinued. The same cannot be said for the iPhone X series unfortunately. There is a good possibility that the iPhone X series will be discontinued after September 2024 with the release of the iPhone 16. Even though that is not a confirmed fact, it still comforts iPhone 11 users with another whole year of use.

On the other hand, if the iPhone X series is continued even through the year 2024, then iPhone 11 users can rest well believing that iPhone 11 will be discontinued in September 2026. 

Wrapping Up

I hope you were able to determine will iPhone 11 get iOS 19 or not with the help of the information in this article. In any case, iPhone 11 users have plenty of time before they need to worry about buying a new phone because iOS 19 is far from even being announced yet. If you want more clarity on will the iPhone 11 get iOS 19 or not, then I suggest you track the WWDC 2024 event, as doing this will help you determine more accurately the year and last iOS version that your iPhone 11 will support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Long Will iPhone 11 Be Supported?

iPhone 11 has a high probability of being supported by Apple till September of the year 2026.

Q2. Will iPhone 11 Get iOS 19?

Since there is no news regarding iOS 19 yet, it is ambiguous whether iPhone 11 will get iOS 19 or not. However, the iPhone 11 will survive if it is able to support the technology of the iOS 19 version.

Q3. Will The iPhone 11 Continue In 2025?

iPhone 11 is still counted among the most capable devices, so there is a high chance that it will continue working in 2025.

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