Who Has the Most Followers on TikTok in 2024? (You Won’t Believe It!)

Who Has the Most Followers on TikTok

TikTok is awesome. You can watch cat videos, learn new dance moves, and compete for followers. But who has the most followers on TikTok? That is a big question that everyone wants to know, and I am here to decode it for you! Let’s begin.

It is not just about being nosy (OK, maybe a little). It is also about learning from the best. By checking out the top TikTok accounts, we can figure out what makes people love their videos. Knowing these things can help you make your own amazing videos and rank them among the most liked TikTok videos!

So, are you curious to find out who has the most followers on TikTok? Then get ready because the answer is coming up…after you scroll down. Let’s scroll, shall we?

Who Has the Most Followers on TikTok in 2024?

Who Has the Most Followers on TikTok

In the vibrant, fleeting kingdom of TikTok, where trends flash faster than a celebrity smile, one king stands resolute: Khaby Lame. He is the king of TikTok. He doesn’t need dance moves or catchy songs to rule the app. He just needs his eyebrows and his hilarious hand reactions. (I know you’re picturing it right now).

Khaby Lame is the one who has the most followers on TikTok as of January 2024! His profile has 161.6 million fans and 2.4 billion likes (and growing!).

“And guess what? He’s like 10 million followers ahead of the second most-followed TikToker, Charli D’Amelio. That’s a whole bunch of people hitting the ‘Follow’ button and going, ‘Yep, this guy’s my vibe!'”

Khaby Lame (originally Khabane Lame) is also the master of mocking silly “hacks” that make life more complicated than it needs to be. Khaby is more than just funny. He is also smart and authentic. He shows us that sometimes, the simple things are the best. He doesn’t pretend to be someone he’s not. He’s just a regular guy who makes us laugh with his expressions. He doesn’t need a six-pack or a big budget to be a star.

So, to Khaby Lame, the silent king of TikTok, we salute you 🫡. You’ve taught us that laughter is the best medicine, and that you don’t need to follow trends or use filters to be awesome. You’ve inspired us to be ourselves and to have fun.

Who Has the Most Followers on TikTok After Khaby Lame?

Who Has the Most Followers on TikTok

Alright, folks, Khaby Lame’s holding the gold medal for TikTok stardom, but we’ve given him enough virtual applause. Now, grab your counters because we’re starting the follower countdown from the silver spot, numero 2!

02. Charli D’Amelio: She is the queen of dance. She has 151.6 million fans who love her moves and her energy. She is awesome.

03. Bella Poarch: On #3 is my favorite TikTok Star, Bella Poarch. She is a Filipino singer and a star. She went viral with her “M to the B” video. She has 93.9 million fans who watch her music, comedy, and makeup videos.

04. MrBeast: He is a crazy and generous guy. He does amazing things like giving away money, planting trees, and buying an island. He has 92.3 million fans who are amazed by him.

05. Addison Rae: She is another dancing queen and a star. She used her TikTok fame to start a career in music and acting. She has 88.7 million fans who adore her smile and her routines.

06. Kimberly Loaiza: She is the queen of Mexican TikTok. She is a singer, songwriter, and actress. She has 80.6 million fans who enjoy her songs and her jokes. She also does beauty and fashion.

07. Zach King: He is a master of magic. He makes videos that trick your eyes with editing and effects. He has 80.5 million fans who are puzzled by him. He’s my favorite!

08. TikTok: The app itself is on the list! It has got all 7s (i.e. 77.7 million fans) who follow its official account. It shows the latest trends, new creators, and behind-the-scenes of the app.

09. Burak Özdemir: CZN Burak is my favorite chef and a big personality. He makes delicious food and huge portions. He has 74.6 million fans who are hungry for his videos.

10. Will Smith: The famous actor is on TikTok too! He has 74.2 million fans who laugh at his skits, dance challenges, and family life. He shows that even celebrities can have fun on TikTok.

So these are the top 9 TikTokers, after Khaby Lame. They are all different and amazing. They make TikTok a fun and exciting place. Who knows what they will do next? One thing is sure: it will be awesome.

Wrapping Up

And that’s all about the person who has the most followers on TikTok! Remember, whether you’re a dancefloor dynamo, a comedic kingpin, or a master of mesmerizing magic tricks, there’s a place for you in the TikTok kingdom. So explore your creativity, and who knows, you might just find yourself crowned ahead of Khaby Lame!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Has the Most Followers on TikTok?

As of today, the crown belongs to Khaby Lame, he is the one who has the most followers on TikTok. He got the spot with a staggering 161.6 million followers and counting!

2. Is Charli D’Amelio Still Queen?

Charli still reigns high, but Khaby has snatched the top spot. She currently sits at a respectable second place with over 151.7 million followers.

3. Who Are the Other Big Names on TikTok?

Bella Poarch, MrBeast, Addison Rae, Kimberly Loaiza, Zach King, TikTok itself (yes, really!), Burak Özdemir, and even Will Smith are all part of the top 10 most-followed after Khaby and Charli!

4. How Do They Get So Many Followers?

It’s a mix of things! Creative, engaging content, consistent posting, trends, collaborations, and a sprinkle of viral magic all play a role.

5. Can I become TikTok famous too?

Absolutely! Just be yourself, embrace your creativity, and keep pumping out awesome content. You never know when your big break might come!

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