What To Do With Pufferfish In Minecraft | How To Catch It?

Pufferfish In Minecraft

Pufferfish were first incorporated into the Minecraft Java version. They are used as a dangerous food ingredient while creating water potions. It can only be caught in Bedrock Edition when fishing outside of jungle biomes and their subtypes. Now through this article, let’s learn more about what to do with Pufferfish in Minecraft.

Fishing is a way of catching pufferfish. In Minecraft, fish mobs have puffer fish collected with them. It’s important to know that large bodies of water make it simple to catch puffer fish with a fishing rod. It can also be obtained in Creative mode by killing its mob counterpart and from guardians and elderly guardians.

So you got an idea about catching Pufferfish in Minecraft. Now keep on reading this article till the end to find out all the exciting ways you can use and what to do with Pufferfish in Minecraft.

How To Get A Pufferfish In Minecraft | Catch A Pufferfish

You can get a Pufferfish in Minecraft by two different methods. But both of the methods need to be followed very carefully and calmly to catch the fish. Now scroll down and check out both the methods through which you can obtain a Pufferfish in Minecraft.

Two different methods to get a Pufferfish in Minecraft are

Method 1: Breeding Of Pufferfish

Pufferfish will breed in groups of 1-4 in ocean biomes that are warm, lukewarm, or severe lukewarm. Players can produce Pufferfish by hunting a living Pufferfish and placing it in a bucket.

Method 2: Fishing With The Rod 

A pufferfish can be caught by simply fishing. A fishing rod can be thrown into the water while you wait. Reel it in once you have a bite. Throw it back into the water if it’s not a pufferfish, and keep trying until you do.

Wooh! As now you have learned how to get Pufferfish in Minecraft, it’s time to do something with it. So scroll down and check out what you can do with Pufferfish in Minecraft.

What To Do With Pufferfish In Minecraft | Uses Of Pufferfish 

Here’s a list of things you can do with Pufferfish in Minecraft. Some of these can be an advantage, and some are just a fun way to spice up your game. Keep reading to find out which one is your favorite.

Things to do with Pufferfish in Minecraft 

  • In trade for an emerald, the local fishermen will purchase a pufferfish. 
  • The Water Breathing Potion allows a player to breathe underwater for a brief peri and can be made with pufferfish.
  • The only thing in the gameplay that a player may use to acquire survival mode to trigger the dizziness effect is a pufferfish.
  • The pufferfish restores one Hunger point when consumed. However, it will grant a player Nausea for 15 seconds, Hunger III for a whole minute, as well as Poison IV. 

NOTE: the player can consume milk shortly after eating a Pufferfish to diminish the poisonous effect.

  • Pufferfish shortens the period it takes for kittens to develop into adult cats. In Minecraft, it is the only fish that cats cannot eat.
  • Pufferfish can be used to tame or win over an ocelot.

Wrapping Up

This is everything about what to do with Pufferfish in Minecraft. In this article, I have mentioned everything you need to know about Pufferfish and their uses in Minecraft and how to obtain them. I hope you find this article helpful. Let us know in the comment box what you do when you find a Pufferfish in Minecraft. Check out Path of EX for more gaming news and to be up to date with every new release.

Happy Gaming!

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