How To Make Trees Grow Faster In Minecraft | 2 Simple Ways

Trees Grow Faster In Minecraft

In Minecraft, Trees are one of the most important & helpful elements. You can make a variety of different with them. So let’s learn how to make trees grow faster in Minecraft so that you can enjoy making different items out of it.

Trees in Minecraft offer wood, which is required to make a variety of tools and objects. The game introduces players to trees for the first time. Players can also use trees to derive apples, sticks, and saplings. Once they have several seedlings, players can plant them to start new trees.

The game has a diverse range of trees, including oak, spruce, and birch trees, each with a distinctive appearance. In this article, I am going to help you with different ways to make trees grow faster in Minecraft. So keep reading to learn more about growing trees in Minecraft.

How To Make Trees Grow Faster In Minecraft | 2 Different Ways

The trees in Minecraft might need players to wait until they are completely grown. There are a couple of things that gamers can take to hasten their growth. Listed below are two different ways you can follow to fasten the growth of your trees in Minecraft.

Two Different Methods To Make Trees Grow Faster In Minecraft.

Method1: Feeding Bone Meals

The best and quickest method for accelerating the trees grow faster in Minecraft is to feed them bone meals. Any vegetation can develop more quickly with the use of the bone meal. To grow a tree, gamers might have to use 5–6 bone meal pieces. By killing multiple skeletons, taking their bones, and turning them into bone dinners, you can get them. 

Method 2: Using Composter Block

By employing a composter block, bone meals can also be produced to make trees grow in Minecraft. The seedling ought to be planted on a block with nothing blocking its view of the sky. This is so that a sapling may grow properly, which requires sunlight.

Whether there is enough room for a tree to grow will be determined by the growth mechanism. As a result, saplings ought to be planted in an open region apart from all the other trees or buildings.

Uses Of Tree In Minecraft 

Since the first version of Minecraft, trees have been a part of it. All biomes, except for a few uncommon ones, contain them. One of the first things that players will notice in a Minecraft environment is trees. In Minecraft, there are seven different kinds of trees: azalea, a new tree added in the Caves and Cliffs update, as well as oak, dark oak, spruce, birch, acacia, and jungle. In addition to these, players can also find chorus trees, fungi, and mushrooms which they can grow faster in Minecraft. Let’s take a look at some of the uses of Trees in Minecraft.

Uses of trees in Minecraft 

1. Piece of Decoration

To give their bases and buildings a more natural appearance and feel, players can decorate them with trees. Minecraft is ideal for nature-themed constructions like forests and zoos because trees add greenery. 

2. Provide Leaves 

Leaves are building and decorating blocks that can be used by players. They are readily available and simple to farm. Players can easily gather leaves by using a shear.

3. Provide Various Building Blocks

Crimson and warped trees have nether and warped wart blocks instead of leaves which can be used as building blocks. With a hoe, players can swiftly farm these wart blocks. Additionally, shroomlight, a unique light block, is found in nether trees. 

4. Produce Apples

Apples can be obtained by players from dark oak and oak trees. The leaves begin to crack once all of the tree’s logs have been removed. These leaves occasionally drop apples. 

5. Produce Wood And Planks

In Minecraft, trees are among the finest places to find logs. Players can make crafting tables, planks, sticks, slabs, and more out of logs. Players have to create sticks to acquire access to tools and weapons.

And that’s it! These are all the ways you can use to make trees grow faster in Minecraft. Hope this little guide helped you and made it easy for you to plant many more trees faster and easier.

Wrapping Up

This is everything about how to grow trees faster in Minecraft. In this article, I have mentioned all the ways you can use to make trees grow faster in Minecraft. Hope this article helped you to spice up your gameplay, even in the smallest way. Check out Path of EX for more Minecraft-related topics and to learn about other gaming platforms. If there’s any query regarding this topic, comment down below, and I will be happy to help.

Happy Gaming!

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