What Is Reddit Circle of Trust: Everything About the Social Experiment!

What Is Reddit Circle of Trust

Reddit as a platform has seen immense success with users using the social media platform for discussions about anything under the sun. Reddit is known for its social experiments as well. One such experiment is the Reddit circle of trust. But recently, many users had questions regarding what it is. If you are among such users, then you are at the right place. In this article, I will tell you, What Is Reddit Circle of Trust and how it operates.

Reddit Circle of Trust is basically an event that was launched by Reddit for April Fool’s Day. Like every event, Reddit Circle of Trust lasts for a few days. If you are an active Redditor, you know that you can increase your karma points by participating in these events.

So without further ado, let’s dig in to learn about what is Reddit Circle of Trust and everything regarding its history.

What Is Reddit Circle of Trust?

What Is Reddit Circle of Trust

Reddit has millions of active monthly users, and users visit the site to indulge in discussions, participate in challenges, and have open-ended discourses. The subsections where all the discussions happen are called subreddits. The subreddits hold all the information available on Reddit.

Apart from being the primary source of information for discussions, Reddit also hosts tons of social experiments each April Fool’s Day, and one such experiment is Reddit Circle of Trust or r/CircleOfTrust.

Like the name suggests, r/CircleOfTrust is based on trust and game theory concepts. Once you participate in the challenge, you will have to gain trust and grow your circle with different tricks.

History of Reddit Circle of Trust

What Is Reddit Circle of Trust

Reddit Circle of Trust was launched in 2018, as the year’s April Fool’s Day event. According to the challenge, each Redditor had to create their own circle, and their circle should have a title and a secret key.

A user could grow their private circle either by dropping hints of the private key or by inviting other users by directly providing them the key. Once the other Redditors joined the group, it depended on them to either keep the secret and join the group or share the private key. 

In case other users join the circle, the circle will grow, but if someone decides to betray the circle, it means the circle is closed now, and the user is marked with a red mark.

How Does Reddit Circle of Trust Work?

It all starts when a Redditor decides to create a circle and a secret key. In order to start a Circle of trust, a user needs to press the Claim button. After tapping the claim button, a user needs to choose a username and a unique key. The unique key is a way to give access to other users in your circle.

Once the circle is created, a Redditor can provide the link to the circle to another user or can directly provide them with the secret key. The invited user can either join it or share the unique key with other users. 

In case a user decides to join the group, they will become a member of the group. As a member, your duty is to grow the circle by inviting more users to join your circle. With each new member joining the circle, the circle would grow.

In case a user decides to betray the circle by sharing the key, they won’t be able to invite more Redditors to join it. In that case, Reddit would disable the key and would mark the circle as gray. When the circle is gray, no one will be able to access it.

The Betrayed users are marked as red by Reddit to identify them as Betrayers. Like every game, Reddit Circle of Trust has a certain color identification which means different things. The colors are red, gray, and blue flair.

The gray flair means a user has not joined or betrayed any circle; the blue color indicates that a user was a member of a circle. The red color means that a user has double-crossed a circle.

In case a user decides to delete the circle, they can easily do it whenever they wish to. But it is to be noted that to delete the circle; you will need to delete the post on the circle. Once the post and the circle are deleted, you won’t be able to create a new one.

Purpose of Reddit Circle of Trust

As a part of its social experiment, Reddit launched the Reddit Circle of Trust experiment in order to make the platform a healthy one in which users could trust each other and build trust with strangers.

Generating a big circle in the challenge is quite difficult, but with the challenge, users decided to trust strangers, communicate, and work with them. So, all in all, the general purpose was to create bonds between strangers so that they could trust, cooperate, and communicate together.

The Outcome of Circle of Trust

Reddit, after this experiment, claimed that they learned a lot about the behavior of their users. To play in accordance with the game rules, Redditors build a rapport with the members of the circle so that they won’t betray them and, in turn, create a large circle.

Reddit also claimed that the experiment gave Redditors a chance to build and belong to a community. And any one in order to grow a large circle can betray other users and leave the circle.

Wrapping Up

Reddit is an information-gathering, sharing, discussion, and community-building website. Reddit updates its timely challenges in order to make the platform interesting and trending; one such challenge is the Reddit circle of trust. To know, What Is Reddit Circle of Trust, read the entire article and share it with your friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Reddit’s Circle of Trust?

Reddit Circle of Trust is a social experiment based on trust and game theory concepts.

2. When was Reddit Circle of Trust launched?

Reddit Circle of Trust was launched in 2018, as the year’s April Fool’s Day event.

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