What is Q Star AI in OpenAI? Is it a Real Threat to Humanity?

OpenAI; What is Q Star AI in OpenAI?

Amidst such innovative times, AI worldwide is making extraordinary progress. So many versions and variants are being developed daily to aid various operations from the individual to the organizational level. But with a hope for tremendous innovation, there is also the fear of sufficient risks. Q Star by OpenAI is being framed as that risk in the present times all over the internet. What is Q Star in OpenAI though?

The story trending more than anything else in the AI industry right now is the Open AI and Sam Altman drama. This led to OpenAI almost losing its 700+ employees and, in the end, reinstating Sam Altman as the company’s chief executive officer. All the news revolving around dangerous AGI coming to light soon is directly descended from this corporate drama, including the latest story about Q star by OpenAI threatening humans.

“Machines operating as efficiently as humans” does that scare you also? If it does, you are in the right place. In the Article “What is Q Star AI in OpenAI,” you will go through the whole ongoing conspiracy, and then you can connect the links on your own. But I can assure you for now that being nervous is okay, but fear is not.

What is Q Star AI in OpenAI and How did it End Up a Threat – The Whole Story

Q Star AI or Q* is an unreleased project by OpenAI focusing on mathematical and logical reasoning. Though the vast cloud of rumors involving Q star by OpenAI actually started before the current events of OpenAI and Sam Altman’s plot. This story starts with an X’s post by Jimmy Apples, where he predicts that OpenAI has achieved AGI internally. Soon later, this X account was deleted. Jimmy Apple was an account that was used to predict the company’s upcoming events, and naturally, as per probability, some came true; others did not.

Screenshot; What is Q Star AI in OpenAI?

The next fire started on Reddit, where a post surfaced with a screenshot of Jimmy Apple’s blocked X account with the comment “R.I.P Jimmy Apple.” To which there was a reply by Sam Altman’s Reddit stating, “AGI has been achieved internally (EDIT obviously this is just memeing, y’all have no chill! When AGI is achieved it will not be announced with a Reddit comment…)

Now, returning to the present times after OpenAI fired Sam Altman, stating the lack of transparency as a cause, which actually was a very weak reason to fire such a revolutionary. There was no credible reason from the OpenAI board, and this was an opening for such rumors surfacing. But among all the rumors, Jimmy Apple’s conspiracy was chosen because it had the strongest back story.

How Did Q Star by OpenAI Become the Name of the Threat?

So, during this notorious OpenAI drama, 700+ employees of OpenAI sent in their resignation letters in protest to support their ex-chief, Sam Altman. The rumor that has been flying around says that information about a powerful and dangerous AI surfaced in those letters.

Furthermore, this information does not even have any solid presence. The famous news platform “Reuters” came up with a news article titled “OpenAI researchers warned the board of AI breakthrough ahead of CEO ouster, sources say.” 

In this article, they claim to have been informed by two sources that Q star in OpenAI might be the first AGI performing more than expected. So, in the Reuters article, Q Star was labeled as a “dangerous breakthrough by OpenAI.” This points to the fact that Q Star was chosen for such a fluff because of its ability to solve mathematical problems with different methods of its preference.

AI Threat; What is Q Star AI in OpenAI?

Wrapping Up

With its impressive math-solving way, Q Star still does not count as an artificial general intelligence (AGI) because AGI is an intelligence that can learn and adapt constantly, making it efficient enough to carry out operations on a human level. Also, most of the articles you see revolve around Q star by OpenAI and its dangers or threats have the same source of information: Reuters.

So even though I do not totally deny the fact that AGI is not too far from coming into existence, I totally disbelieve these stories framing Q star as a huge threat. In the article “What is Q Star AI in OpenAI? Is it a real threat to humanity?” I have provided all the information and stories regarding this conspiracy. So you must decide if you believe that Q star in OpenAI will be the end of a lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the Role of Q Star AI in OpenAI’s Latest Drama?

Q Star AI or Q* is an unreleased project by OpenAI focusing on mathematical and logical reasoning.

Q2. Is Q Star AI a Threat to Humans?

There is no evidence of any such incidents with Q Star AI that would turn out to be a threat to humanity.

Q3. Was Sam Altman Fired Because of Q Star?

No, the Q star AI had nothing to do with Sam Altman’s let-off.

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