What is Always-On-Display? A Smart Feature of iPhone 14

Click Here to Know More About What is Always-on-Display. iPhone 14 Pro Feature Always-on-Display

Take a look at everything you need to know about Always-on-Display. All the people who have been waiting for iPhone 14 series will be able to enjoy this amazing display feature. Apple has launched iPhone 14 Pro Max in their September annual event. In the future, this amazing feature will be available on all iPhone models. Those who are crazy for iPhone displays and their active screen will enjoy this for sure.

You will be amazed by knowing that Android users have been using this feature since last many years. In fact, Apple also has discovered this feature in the past but sadly, it was for Apple Watch users, not for iPhone users. A person who is having Apple Watch Series 5 can enjoy this feature. You must be thinking about how can I use this feature and what I have to pay for it right? Let us find out all the answers.

If we talk about any iPhone, are screen pops up when the notifications come but iPhone 14 gives something different. When we think about Always-on-Display we feel are phone battery will drain so fast. So, let me show you what is Always-On-Display and how you can use it.

What is Always-on-Display | How Does it Work?

Click Here to Know More About What is Always-on-Display. iPhone 14 Pro Feature Always-on-Display

A feature called Always-on-Display lets you select pixels on your phone easily. This pixel will light up the phone screen when notifications, time, or calls pop up. iPhone 14 users can enjoy this feature always-on-display.

Thankfully, your phone battery will not drain. Because of intelligent dimming, which will automatically make your brightness down. And, if we talk about the refresh rate nothing to worry about. It lower downs the refresh rate to just 1HZ. One thing I would like to tell you is iPhone 14 Plus users can not enjoy this feature because it is only available on iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Your screen remains off automatically. When Always-On-Display has enabled on your phone. The only portion of your iPhone screen that will lighten up and have notifications.

Other portions will remain completely off, and your battery will go all day long. You must be excited to know more about this feature, right? Then let me show you what is Always-On-Display and how it actually works.

How Much Power Does Always-on-Display Consume?

Thankfully, iPhone has come with this feature a little late than Androids, but it serves a different experience. This feature only demands your attention when it is necessary. Otherwise, it keeps those pixels off. And, guess what as soon as you dismiss the notification, the screen back off. There are two major parts of your iPhone display OLED panels and LTPO panels. If we talk about the difference between these panels, LTPO is smarter, we can say.

LTPO allows the device to reduce refresh rates so that you will save your battery more. Because you will need a very small amount of refresh rate to see the time and notifications on your phone. So, whenever you buy your new iPhone, check out which panel your device has. So, it is always a good idea to know what always-on-Display is before buying a new iPhone.

What are the Advantages of Always-Display-on?

I will show you what are the main advantages of Always-on-Display. It happens we buy a new iPhone, but sometimes we do not utilize all its features of it. So, all those who are buying iPhone 14 Pro Max should know the benefits of this feature, What is Always-On-Display.

1. Information on the screen

The main thing which attracts users to this feature is it helps you to see the details and notifications without turning your screen. You can also check out the battery percentage and time without touching your phone.

2. Self-Deactivation of the Screen

The always-On-Display feature turns off automatically in some situations. If suppose your phone is in your pocket or your phone is facing up, the system will turn off directly.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have learned what is Always-On-Display. I have covered all the fascinating parts of this feature and how you can use it properly. Share your experience with this feature in the comment section below. Follow Path of EX for more tech articles and step-by-step guides. Have a great day!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does battery AOD consume?

The battery consumption is only 0.2% per hour when AOD is off.

Does increasing touch sensitivity drain the battery?

As we know, it is not an app it does not drain the battery at all.

Why does my Always-on-Display turn off?

Your phone Always-on-Display turns off automatically when your phone is in your pocket or facing down on the surface.

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