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What Emojis Are Apple Removing

Instead of typing words, Emojis can be used to express your feelings and say your words. A brand new collection of Emojis is being launched by Apple for iOS users.  The question is, Is this done at the cost of removing the old emojis? If that is the case, what emojis are Apple removing? Is it removing any or not? This is the question that might be ringing in your head. Let us find out what emojis are Apple removing in this article. 

Although Apple released an attractive and quite scintillating collection of Emojis in 2023, so you have found more options to express your feeling and make the conversation more exciting and interesting. There is something new to you, and you can find new ways to express your mood no matter what, be it whimsical or romantic. There are unique characters to capture every mood. 

Alongside the addition, is there any subtraction on the part of Apple when it comes to Emojis? If that is the case, What Emojis are Apple removing? Let us dive in to know more about it. 

What Emojis Are Apple Removing?

What Emojis Are Apple Removing? Is There Any | Know

With the launch of iOS 17, it was highly expected that there would be the removal of certain emojis on the part of Apple. But the fact is there has been nothing of this sort. So it can be said that Apple is not removing any emojis for now. It has been a long time since any of the Emojis have been removed by Apple. 

As and when Apple decides to remove the Emojis from its list, we shall be back with the updates to appraise you from the latest, current, and updated happenings. 

What Emojis Are Apple Adding?

What Emojis Are Apple Removing? Is There Any | Know

There has been an addition of 21 new Unicode emojis to the list of Emojis. Every year Apple announces the addition and inclusion of a certain number and certain types of emojis to make the conversation more exciting and more interesting. 

The Emojis introduced this time by the Apple of different types with different meanings, which thereby means to make the conversation and chat with your family, friend, and relatives all the more engaging, exciting, and interesting. Some of the Emojis included are.

1. Shaking Face Emoji
2.  Pink Herat
3. Light Blue Heart
4. Grey Heart
5. Donkey 
6. Moose
7. Goose
8. Wings
9. JellyFish
10. Hyacinth 
11. Pea Pod
12. Ginger
13. Folding Hand Fan
14. Hair pick
15. Flute
16. Maracas
17. Khanda
18. Wireless
19. Rightwards Pushing Hands
20. Left ward pushing Hand 
21. Blackbird

This is what was included in the all-new iPhone emojis till April. You can find out, use the emojis and feel the difference. This will, in a way, help you to bid goodbye to the old emojis and get acquainted with new exciting emojis.

Wrapping Up

So it has come to the fore that there are none and no emojis that Apple is removing for now. Therefore the answer to the question What emojis are Apple removing is none. The list of emojis will stay as it is, however, there is an addition of 21 new Unicode emojis. For now, you will find a new and updated list of emojis that will for sure provide you with more options to express your feelings.

Hope this article will be of some help to you. In case something is missing out, You can let us know by writing in the comments section. We also look forward to your valuable feedback. You can visit our website for content like this and much more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: Are there any emojis Apple is removing?

Ans: No, for now, Apple is not removing any emojis from the existing list of Emojis. 

Q 2: Are there new emojis added by Apple?

Ans: Yes, of late, there has been an addition of 21 new Unicode Emojis to the existing list by Apple.

Q 3: When does Apple release emojis?

Ans: Usually, Emojis are released by Apple in the month of September or October each year. 

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