Valorant Icebox Changes: All Upcoming Leaked Updates (2024)

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With the upcoming Valorant season, players are going crazy over the new Icebox changes. Though there are no official updates concerning the same, the leaks on Twitter have a different story to tell. Since April 2023, Icebox has been through some reconstruction by Riot Games. Let’s dive right into this article and learn everything concerning all Valorant Icebox Changes. This will give the players a new angle to look out for.

Valorant is a free-to-play first-person shooter game that is undoubtedly filled with endless adventures and intriguing gaming experiences overall. Here, players encounter many challenges and freebies all along the gameplay. The exclusive Valorant Ranking System has a total of nine divisions, with each division having three tiers.  

According to the new leaks, most of the changes are expected in the mid and around the B Site. This includes Attacker Spawn and Middle and Defender Tunnel. Step further through this article and learn about the Valorant Icebox Changes. This will indeed be worth it, so go on and get ready for epic gameplay. 

All Valorant Icebox Changes: Upcoming Leaked Updates

valorant icebox changes

Icebox changes in Valorant are the most awaited updates since the Icebox went into reconstruction by Riot Games. Starting from Attacker Spawn to Defender Tunnel, every bit has been transformed into its better version. Continue to read further and learn about the Valorant Icebox Changes expected as per the leaks. Have a look!

1. Attacker Spawn

The very first Icebox change being featured in Valorant includes a new storage container from attacker spawn, added above the existing one. This angle was earlier used to control pushes from enemies pushing the middle of the map.  

2. B Site

The second update is around the lane towards the B site from the attached site. The container players use to crouch under has been moved upwards from the ground, opening the vision line between defenders and attackers. 

3. Middle Tunnel

On the side of the tunnel, a window has been added to allow the view of the middle of the map. This is one of the most-awaited Valorant Icebox Changes because otherwise enemies would only be able to hold the push up the tunnel but now can have the vision for nearby attackers. 

valorant icebox changes

4. Defender Tunnel

On the top of the tunnel, on the defender side, you will get a new window and set of boxes. The window above the snow pile has updated protection from extra storage containers on the right side. 

According to the leaks, these listed changes sum up all the updates that are expected in Icebox with this new Valorant season. Otherwise, no changes are coming up to the entire left side of the map, including the A site. 

Wrapping Up

This was all about the Valorant Icebox Changes. If the leaks turned out to be true, it’s all we have been waiting for. Path of EX is an open web portal that is popular for the new trendy stuff in the areas of Gaming, Social Media, and Tech. Let me know if you have any further questions in the comment section below, and I will try to come up with a reliable solution ASAP. 

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