How Valorant Ranking System Works: Regional Leaderboards | Relation Between MMR & RR

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Are you finding trouble understanding Valorant Ranking System? Well, I’ve got you covered! Valorant Ranking System is a highly known ranking system that ranks you at a different level depending on what your character deserves. Read along further to encounter the ultimate guide on Valorant Ranking System and how the MMR and RR drive the Valorant Ranking System vigorously. 

If you dare to take such challenges, the Valorant Ranking system will work wonders for you. There are many players who always turn on their competitive mode without actually upscaling their skills to win such competitions. Well, one must make sure that where every win shoots up your ranks, every loss makes you lose your ranks extensively.  

We all are well-introduced to the popularity of Apex Legends ranks and now this is your sign to update your gameplay to something better and different. Continue to move further and learn about the Valorant ranking system thoroughly. Below is the guide to Valorant Ranking System, ranks and tiers, ranking decay, MMR, and RR. 

What Is Valorant Rank System?

Valorant is one of the popular free-to-play games today, known for its high skills, high intensity, and competitive gameplay. It has an extensive ranking system, known as Valorant Ranking System, that starts off when you complete 10 unrated matches. When players complete these 10 unrated matches, the competitive gaming mode unlocks, allowing players to enter into the higher scale. These 10 unrated matches are the ones that require a lot of dedication and commitment in order to complete them. 

Valorant Ranking System: Regional Leaderboards| Relation Between MMR & RR

Once the 10 required unrated matches get completed, players ought to complete five placement matches that define where they need to start in the Valorant ranking system. These Placement matches are performance-based matches that have nothing to do with your win or loss. Valorant Ranking System considers the performance of these placement matches and the previous 10 unrated wins while determining the rank. 

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Ranks & Tiers In Valorant Rank System

Valorant Ranking System: Regional Leaderboards| Relation Between MMR & RR

There is a total of eight ranks or divisions in the Valorant ranking system:

  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Immortal
  • Radiant 

The first six ranks starting from Iron to Diamond have three tiers each and the last two ranks- Immortal and Radiant only have one tier each. Rank 3 is said to be the highest and rank 1 is said to be the lowest. There are 20 ranks in Valorant excluding Unranked. 

Most of the players start at the iron rank, though there is a greater responsibility that players can be placed at the highest-ranking or tier based on their performance. There are also high chances of skipping ranks or tiers for players once they start hitting the large win streaks, acquiring MVPs, or advancing through the ranks faster. It all depends upon your MMR or matchmaking rating performance and frags in a match. 

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The main elements that define the actual growth of players to the top of leaderboards are a lot of determination, focus, and patience. The top two ranks in the Valorant ranking system are booked for the best where only 500 players per region achieve a Radiant rank and the Immortal one is reserved for the top 1%. 

Ranking Decay of Valorant Ranking System

Ranking Decay is a system of encouraging players to log in timely using the ‘ranking decay’ mechanic, however, Valorant doesn’t have a ranking decay mechanic yet. This means that you, as a player, can take breaks from the game. However, make sure that the time length of such a break is not too long as once you keep yourself logged off from the Valorant for too long, the Valorant ranking system will make you play a placement game again to revamp your rank. 

The absence of the Ranking Decay mechanic in the Valorant ranking system speaks for its concern of allowing only skillful players to be placed in certain matches.  

Regional Leaderboards

Regional Leaderboards is one of the most important elements in the Valorant ranking system, introduced in Valorant’s episode 2, that allows you to know your rank against other players. The Regional Leaderboards shows your rank and rank rating, plus the personal information like Riot ID on the board. Nevertheless, you can always keep your information anonymous by changing the same to Secret Agent.  

The major concern is that unfortunately, you won’t be able to see your place on the regional leaderboards just after you begin the competitive mode. You have to play at least 50 competitive games first and play one competitive game once a week to stick with the place on the board. 

Warning: Plan your break accordingly as just as I mentioned before that your rank won’t deteriorate, but won’t even appear on the regional leaderboard if you ghost for a couple of weeks straight. 

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Checking Match History

Tracking and analyzing the past match history is extremely important to look through your mistakes and fault. Follow the further steps to access your match history and step further to climb the ranks:

1. Head to the game’s main dashboard.

2. Tap Career from the top of the screen.

3. Look through the history of the last 10 matches.

This information will allow you to sneak in with the stats like wins and losses and analyze your doings thoroughly. Adding more, you can also look through the performance of other players in the same match which is a win-win surely.

What Is Match Making Rating (MMR) In Valorant

Match Making Rating (MMR) is one of the most crucial numbers of the Valorant Ranking System, that is present in the competitive modes to match you with other players in the competitive mode. This means that if you picture a giant ladder, your MMR represents your rung on the ladder. 

Make sure that two players can never share the same rung or spot on the ladder. Every match reflects whether you advance the MMR ladder or are pushed or pulled back by others. MMR is separate from RR or Rank rating in the Valorant Ranking System. 

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What Is Rank Rating (RR) In Valorant

After every competitive match you play, you earn some RR points as per Valorant Ranking System, based on the win and the whole performance in the match, especially in lower tiers. In order to climb up to the next subsequent tier, you have to gather 100 RR points and the allocation of the points differs from game to game. However, normally, the allocation looks in the Valorant Ranking System like the following:

  • Wins: 10 – 50 RR, 5+ RR for Diamond ranks and above
  • Losses: Minus 0 – 30 RR, 50 RR max drop for Diamond ranks and above
  • Draws: 20 RR (based on performance) for ranks Iron – Diamond

Nevertheless, one must make sure that he/she can be demoted to the previous tier if no RR points are earned in the game. However, the Volarent ranking system provides a concept of demotion protection where no player can go below 80 RR for the new demoted rank. Although, the good news is that players newly demoted will only require 20 RR to turn back to the previous rank

Relationship Between MMR VS. RR in Valorant Ranking System

Valorant Ranking System: Regional Leaderboards| Relation Between MMR & RR

Two different scoring systems that are the heart and soul of the Valorant ranking system are MMR and RR. Firstly, riot games begin to form ideal matches that align well with your skills, however, they are only based on a rough idea of how you will perform in a certain match. That ‘idea’ is the MMR (Match Making Rating). Players are usually kept at the lower rank estimate of their MMR and RR and the matches are formed on the idea to analyse you. 

If you pass the test continuously then this gives the idea to the whole gameplay that you belong to a higher step on the ladder. The more wins you encounter, the more you earn some extra RR points and every loss pulls your ranks to somewhat less. 

Basically, RR flashes your performance level and the MMR gives you leverage to show off your skill and that you are worthy of such rank. 

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Valorant ranking System comes into the operation when players complete 10 unrated matches and 5 placement matches. These matches are the performance-based matches that determine the rank of the player and as the player gets into the competitive matches, he earns or loses RR points and matches itself to the determined MMR.  

Watch How Valorant Ranking System Works

Wrapping Up

Summing up the Valorant Ranking system, it is a concept of winning and climbing up to new ranks and putting up all the skills so that the RR either matches or exceeds the MMR. This Valorant Ranking System gets activated after a player completes the 10 unrated matches and competitive matches. 

I hope all of your questions regarding the Valorant Ranking System are answered well. Path of EX welcomes any kind of opinions or suggestions with pen arms, Do write one to us underneath. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the Ranking System work in Valorant?

Valorant’s ranking system works in a competitive mode. Once the ranked mode is unlocked by reaching account level 20, you’ll need to play five placement matches to determine your starting rank and your skill level. Valorant uses a matchmaking rating system, known as MMR, to rate players in ranked.

2. What is a good Rank in Valorant?

Gold1 is the lowest rank in the Gold division. However, 80% of all Valorant players are in ranks below Gold! On average you are better than every four out of five Valorant players on the planet.

3. Can Silver 3 play with Plat 1 Valorant?

Silver and Gold Players can play together and Gold and Platinum players can play together. And with Platinum or above, it is the same 1 tier difference

4. Is Gold 3 good in Valorant?

In Valorant’s Competitive mode, Gold 3 is the highest Gold rank. This means that there are almost four divisions of players you should be better than.


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