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The Tower Of Fantasy Exploration Points

The brand-new open-world MMORPG Tower of Fantasy was created by Hotta Studio and released by Level Infinite. And we know this has made everyone curious about the Tower of Fantasy exploration points. So, to put an end to your curiosity, just scroll down and collect everything for your exploration.

Genshin Impact by HoYoverse has similarities to the game, but it can be incorporated into players’ libraries immediately after launch. Just like other MMO games, Tower of Fantasy features a large map with information and tasks throughout. With our Tower of Fantasy exploration points guide, we’ll cover every exploration technique to solve riddles and earn the most rewards.

Here’s all the know-how on what to do at Exploration Points in Tower of Fantasy! So scroll down and start your adventure exploration in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower Of Fantasy Exploration Points | Guide

What To Do At The Tower Of Fantasy Exploration Points

When you arrive in Banges, Navia, Crown, and Warren, the things you do there will change since the Exploration Points in each region of Tower of Fantasy will be different.

Each Exploration Point has five unique things.

  • Chowchow – big blue flower
  • Dandelions
  • Tar Pit
  • Kerosenia – red bowl covered by plants
  • Glowshroom – big blue mushrooms

1. Chowchows  Exploration Points In Tower Of Fantasy

Tower Of Fantasy Exploration Points

Finishing the Exploration Point at Chowchows (the enormous blue flower) in the Tower of Fantasy Exploration Points is relatively simple. Each of these blue blossoms will have a moving Water Elemental Core next to it, and you occasionally need to find one nearby. The Elemental Core only has to be raised and thrown into the Chowchow; the flower will consume it and spit something out in return. Typically, the nucleus is either black or gold in the tower of fanatsy exploration points.

2. Dandelions  Exploration Points In Tower Of Fantasy

Dandelions can be hit to release three seeds, and the other two remain in the air as on fall to the ground. This happens so that you can shoot the Dandelions floating with the Bow since this particular Dandelion is an Exploration Point. If you look closely, one of them has a Black Nucleus inside. To collect it, shoot it down or strike it in the air.

3. Tar Pits  Exploration Points In Tower Of Fantasy

Tower Of Fantasy Exploration Points

If you don’t have a fire weapon when encountering a tar pit, there is nothing you can do about it. Fortunately, you quickly get the Fire Bow in the game, and simply firing at the tar is all required. You can then access whatever is inside, typically a Black or Gold Nucleus, as it starts to melt.

4. Kerosenia Exploration Points In Tower Of Fantasy

The weird red pulsating bowls that are found at Exploration Points are known as kerosenia. Setting it on fire will do the trick for retrieving the object from the oil. When it’s down, wait a moment before interacting with the thing!

5. Glowshrooms In Tower of Fantasy | The Most Challenging Exploration

Tower Of Fantasy Exploration Points

The most challenging Exploration Point to understand is glow-in-the-dark mushrooms. These giant blue mushrooms only emit little purple particles when you come across them, and you must bounce on top of them in a particular order. For instance, in the image above, we went from smallest to largest and ended up with a Black Nucleus.

Wrapping Up!

Finally you got the idea of what you have to do at Tower of Fantasy Exploration Points and now you are ready to move to the adventure puzzle and resolve all your riddles. Move ahead and rock the game and claim your rewards.

Enjoy playing and Enjoy Exploring.

1. Is Tower Of Fantasy Gacha Game.

Yes, Tower Of Fantasy is a Gacha Game.

2. Can We Play Tower Of Fantasy For Free?

The answer is Yes. Tower Of Fantasy can be downloaded for free and can be enjoyed by anyone.

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