Tower Of Fantasy Launch 2022 | Release Date, Cost & Rewards

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Are you also eagerly waiting for the Tower of Fantasy launch like me? Well, who wouldn’t? Tower of Fantasy is a package of extreme thrill and adventure all along the journey, and the 2022 launch is surely going to be an epic one, indeed. Walk through this article to know everything about Tower of Fantasy launch in 2022 and see when it is going to be globally released and at what cost.

Just when the Tower of Fantasy made an announcement of its release, the crowd of fans is growing rapidly. As per the ToF data, there have been over 4,000,000+ pre-registrations till now, and the number is expected to grow more.

Head on further and grab all the intricacies of the Tower of Fantasy launch. We’ve dropped everything about its release date, timings, cost, and rewards. Go on further.

When Is The Tower Of Fantasy Global Release Date & Time?

The Tower of Fantasy Global release date and time are as follows. Check it out and see when you can binge over the server all over again.

The Tower Of Fantasy Global Release Date & Time:

  • UK Release Time: 1 am BST On August 11
  • North American Release Time: 5 pm PDT on August 10
  • European Release Time: 12 am UTC On August 11

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Where Can You Play Tower Of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy can be preloaded across all the platforms from the official Tower of Fantasy website.

However, one must note that the Tower of Fantasy cannot be downloaded from the Steam or Epic Games Store until the game is officially released on the platforms.

Tower Of Fantasy Is Available On Which Platforms?

Tower Of Fantasy Launch 2022 | Global Release Date, Cost, & Rewards

Tower of Fantasy is currently available on PC and Mobile platforms. And unfortunately, it is not available on consoles yet.

This means that the users of PS4, Xbox, One, or Nintendo Switch ought to switch to the PC or Mobile to play the same.

What Will Be The Cost Of Tower Of Fantasy?

Surprisingly, fortunately, the Tower of Fantasy will not cost you anything to play on. You can download it on various platforms like Android, iOS, Epic Games, or Steam freely.

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What Are The Rewards Of Playing Tower Of Fantasy?

As the registrations of Tower of Fantasy are shooting the sky, the gaming developers have confirmed many rewards in the gameplay.

The ones who pre-registered have a different set of rewards to claim, and the other additional rewards include two limited-time rewards for Hotta Studio to pay their gratitude to everyone who supported them.

Tower Of Fantasy Vs Genshin Impact

Tower Of Fantasy Launch 2022 | Release Date, Cost & Rewards

To draw a fair comparison between Tower of Fantasy and Genshin Impact, one may say that the popular action RPG- Genshin Impact is a fair rival of Tower of Fantasy.

However, the only limitation that holds Tower of Fantasy back is that it is unavailable on the consoles, unlike Genshin Impact.

Tower of Fantasy is showing up on your PC and Mobile screens later this week, and all we can do is hold on to our excitement and wait. It is totally free of cost and comes up with a new bundle of rewards, so just stick to it because it is indeed wholesome fun.

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Watch Tower Of Fantasy Launch

Wrapping Up

This was all about the Tower of Fantasy launch in 2022. Stick to your screens as per the release date and pre-register to get new rewards. You deserver every bit of it so think before giving it a second thought.

Anyways, Path of EX is an open space. Come along if you have doubts and we will come back to you asap.



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