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What are you looking for? Deconstruction Device PDC2 Password in Tower of Fantasy? Well, I’ve got you. Tower of Fantasy has been a blockbuster since its launch, and indeed, its mission is all that we love the most in its gameplay. Go on further to grab the Deconstruction Device PDC1 Password in Tower of Fantasy and see what rewards it brings to you.

Deconstruction Device PDC1 Password and PDC2 Password in ToF’s Miner’s Camp are one of the main side-quests in the gameplay. It allows you to be as particular as you can about finding the Deconstruction Device, and when you do so, entering the correct PDC1 password completes your mission instantly.

Head on further for the Tower Of Fantasy: Deconstruction Device PDC1 Password, and see how you can complete the mission in merely minutes. All you need to do is enter into the right location, pick up the device, and enter the password. Go on to know more!

The Deconstruction Device PDC1 Password In Tower Of Fantasy | DD Password

The Deconstruction Device PDC1 Password in Tower of Fantasy is:

Enter the password and complete the mission instantly.

Where Is Deconstruction Device PDC1 Located?

Deconstruction Device PDC1 is located inside the Miner’s Camp. As you will go to the top of the tower, you will find the diamond-shaped decide in orange and red. That would be your Deconstruction Device PDC1.

Miner’s Camp is located north of the Transport Hub.

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The Rewards Of Completing the Deconstruction Device Mission?

Tower Of Fantasy: Deconstruction Device PDC1 Password | Grab The Password

The rewards of completing the Deconstruction Device Mission are:

  • Gold Nucleus Reward

Deconstruction Device PDC1 Password in Tower of Fantasy is ‘4753’. Head into the Miner’s Camp and pick up the device from there to complete the mission, and ultimately win the aligned rewards.

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Watch Deconstruction Device PDC1 Password

Wrapping Up

This was all about Deconstruction Device PDC1 Password in Tower of Fantasy. I hope you’ve got your mission successfully. Enjoy the rewards, and do drop your experiences in the box below.

Anyways, Path of EX is an open space. Come along, and if you have any doubts, do write them to us, and we will get back to you asap.



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