TikTok Tako Chatbot: AI-Powered Chatbot to be Launched on the Platform!

TikTok Tako Chatbot

Artificial intelligence-powered chatbots have taken over the social media scenario. It all started with the immense success of ChatGPT, and later, platforms like Snapchat released My AI chatbot for the platform. Other competitors like Facebook and Instagram have also incorporated AI chatbots on their platforms with Meta’s assisted AI technology. Now, to join the bandwagon, TikTok is all set to release its chatbot called Tako on the platform. To learn What is TikTok Tako Chatbot and everything related to it, go through this blog thoroughly. 

With the emergence of the Tako chatbot on the TikTok interface, there are tons of users who are left confused about it. The AI chatbots have taken up a huge space in the current digital media scenario, and the bots are trained to answer queries in a human way and adhere to the policies of the platform. While Tako is currently a new chatbot in the market, only time can if it is a hit or a miss. 

So, without further ado, let’s dig in to learn about what is TikTok Tako Chatbot and when will it be released.

What is TikTok Tako Chatbot?

Much to the delight of the users, TikTok is all set to enter the AI chatbot revolution with a contestant of their own, Tako, which is being tested in select markets. TikTok users were confused when they received a DM from an account named TikTok Tako that could not be opened.

TikTok Tako chatbot is currently being tested in selected markets. The news of Tako was first released in May 2023 and was received with much delight and excitement. With tech giants like Google and Microsoft releasing Google Bard and Bing Chat, TikTok will join the bandwagon with the Tako chatbot.

According to a statement by TikTok, “Being at the forefront of innovation is core to building the TikTok experience, and we’re always exploring new technologies that add value to our community.” The statement further added, “In select markets, we’re testing new ways to power search and discovery on TikTok, and we look forward to learning from our community as we continue to create a safe place that entertains, inspires creativity, and drives culture.”

Where to Find TikTok Tako on the Platform?

tiktok tako chatbot

X (formerly Twitter) is flooded with queries regarding Tako; the users have been tagging the official TikTok account and demanding answers. Users have found an unknown account named TikTok Tako sliding into their DMs. The profile picture of the account featured a Pac-man ghost-looking object with rectangular eyes, and the message simply said: “Just now.”

Upon clicking on it, there was no response, and many users believed that it was a temporary glitch or server lapse. It is to be noted that many users said that the message disappeared a few moments after it appeared.  

TikTok has so far not commented on so many of the current complaints. But, in May, TikTok took responsibility and said that they were working on an AI chatbot named Tako. They had even submitted a trademark for ‘Tiktok Tako’ in April with the US patent and trademark office.

Features of TikTok Tako Chatbot

tiktok tako chatbot

TikTok Tako chatbot will appear in your messages, and you can easily chat with it and get answers to your queries in the most humanly possible way. Now that we have understood what the TikTok Tako chatbot is, it is time to dig in and learn about the standout features of the chatbot. In the below-mentioned guide, I have listed the features of the TikTok Tako chatbot. 

  1. Answering queries. 
  2. Providing personalized recommendations. 
  3. Seamless navigation. 
  4. TikTok Tako chatbot will “power search and discovery on TikTok.”

Wrapping Up

TikTok is known for its ever-changing trends and challenges. Artificial intelligence-powered chatbots have taken over the social media scenario, and now TikTok is releasing its own chatbot on the platform. To learn about What is TikTok Tako Chatbot and everything related to it, read the entire article and share it with your friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is TikTok Tako currently available?

TikTok Tako is currently appearing for users in the U.S. Earlier, the feature was being tested in other global markets, including an early limited test in the Philippines.

2. Does TikTok have a chatbot?

Yes, TikTok is experimenting and soon releasing a new AI-powered chatbot called Tako; the experimental chatbot was ultimately designed to communicate with users and help them discover new content.

3. What is Tako on TikTok?

Tako is an AI-powered tool to help with search and discovery on TikTok. A third-party chat assistant powers Tako, and the purpose of the chatbot is to help users discover entertaining content on the platform.

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