Top 4 Starfield Dupe Glitch: Glitches For PC, Xbox and PS!

Starfield Dupe Glitch

Starfield is finally here, and we are loving it. But who doesn’t need good cheats and hacks to outsmart the system? So, to scratch the itch, I bring you some fantastic Starfield XP glitch cheats and Starfield dupe glitches.

Dupe glitches or duplication glitches in Starfield let players duplicate items in the game without having to work for them. You can call it a Starfield bug or a glitch, but it works at the moment.

So, while other errors or bugs like the Starfield Sarah Morgan Bug might cause problems, the Dupe Glitch world is for us. So, let’s take a closer look at the five working Starfield Dupe glitches with the complete process and screenshots. These glitches will work for PC, PS, and Xbox players!

Top 5 Starfield Dupe Glitches: Duplicate Money & Weapons!

Starfield dupe glitches let you create working dupes of items of your choice in the game. You can duplicate credits, weapons, and more using the five ways to get duplicates or extra items in your inventory.

There are five working Starfield dupe glitches that you can use to create dupes of your favorite items in the game.

1. Starfield Dupe Glitch #1

  1. Choose the item that you want to create a dupe of.
  2. Drop the equipped item on the ground.
  3. Save your game.
  4. Go to the main menu while the game is saving.
  5. Finally, you can now load the last saved progress or resume the game.

Once you follow this simple 5-step process, you will have two of the items you duplicated in your inventory.

2. Starfield Dupe Glitch #2: Volii Alpha System

  • 2. Starfield Dupe Glitch #2: Volii Alpha System
  • 2. Starfield Dupe Glitch #2: Volii Alpha System
  • 2. Starfield Dupe Glitch #2: Volii Alpha System
  • 2. Starfield Dupe Glitch #2: Volii Alpha System
  1. Go to the Volii Alpha system.
  2. Progress toward the elevator to reach the top.
  3. Pass the red dragon on the sign.
  4. Spot the yellow sign.
  5. Climb to the very top of the sign.
  6. Follow the path shown in the images above.
  7. Explore below the map for chests.

3. Starfield Dupe Glitch #3: Planet Jemison

  1. Go to Planet Jemison.
  2. Locate the new Atlantis West end.
  3. Progress North.
  4. Reach Infinity LTD and keep going till you see the Outland sign.
  • starfield dupe glitch
  • starfield dupe glitch

5. Keep moving till you find this spot and use your jetpack to climb the tree

starfield dupe glitch

6. Climb the building with roots on the roof.
7. Walk through the entrance marked in the image below.

starfield dupe glitch

8. Explore the area for tons of chests, as shown below!

  • starfield dupe glitch

4. Starfield Dupe Glitch #4: Pirate fleet

  1. Go to any faction-controlled planet.
  2. Join the Pirate fleet in Starfield.
  3. Upgrade your piloting to max (you can steal C-type ships).
  4. Find a ship with auto-turrets that’s strong enough.
  5. Go through space, farming free stars or UC ships around their patrolled planets.
  6. Destroy at least 20–30 ships when the fight (lasts 5–10 minutes.)
  7. Earn 100,000 credits for every ship you destroy.

Also, you gain a huge amount of resources per run!

5. Starfield Dupe Glitch #5: Mass Duplication

  • Transfer your Starfield save to your PC.
  • Use ` and type “player.additem f 999999999”

Wrapping Up

You can easily use the Starfield dupe glitches in your favor before the next update or patch because the bug might be fixed by then. Comment to let me know which method you tried and what you duplicated!

Happy Gaming!

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