Starfield XP Glitch Cheat: XP Farms For Unlimited XP Glitch!

Starfield XP Glitch

There’s so much you can do in Starfield that most players are unaware of. Many cheats and glitches are available in the game just weeks after its release, which is not surprising considering quick players that outsmart the system. Similarly, players are using the Starfield XP Glitch to get unlimited XP!

Whether you want to pilot Unauthorized Ships in Starfield or farm unlimited XP, there’s a workaround for everything. Farming thousands of XP might seem complicated and even impossible, but it’s easy.

So, let’s take a look at the methods to use the Starfield XP Glitch to get loads of free XP in Starfield. Remember to be patient and use the waiting command when resting in the game!

Is There a Starfield XP Glitch Cheat?

Yes, there is a Starfield XP glitch that you can use to get unlimited XP in Starfield!

You can use Starfield’s glitches to your advantage to get unlimited XP and even credits. There are a couple of methods to make use of the game’s overlooked defects if you’re committed to using the Starfield XP Glitch. All you need are some credits, exploration skills, and, of course, patience.

How to Get The Starfield XP Glitch Cheat?

Starfield XP Glitch

There are two ways to use the Starfield XP Glitch to get ridiculous amounts of XP in StarfieldOne way is easy but with slow results, while the other gives you XP quickly. Let’s take a look at the two Starfield XP Glitches:

1. Change Game Difficulty [Easy But Slow]

The first method for using the XP glitch in Starfield is straightforward: using the game’s complicated settings. Here’s how to get the Starfield XP cheat:

  1. Go to Game settings in Starfield
  2. Change the difficulty to Very Hard.
  3. Find a planet with moderate or abundant fauna
  4. Change your difficulty to Very Easy on the planet
  5. Slaughter on the planet to be rewarded with loads of XP

2. Set Outposts [Difficult But Fast]

The more complicated way to get more XP in Starfield is using outposts, but only if you set them up correctly. Here are the steps to get XP in Starfield using outposts:

Starfield XP Glitch

Recommended Planet: Procyon IV or VEGA II-E

  1. Find an outpost spot with large quantities of two resources, like nickel and cobalt.
  2. Go to New Atlantis after you set your outpost.
  3. Buy the metals needed for extractors and storage boxes.
  4. Go outside and wait for 24 hours in Local time.
  5. Go back and repeat the process.
  6. Use the resources you’ve collected to build extractors.
  7. Create a module for habitation and put a workbench and a bed inside it.

Once you set up your outpost in Starfield correctly, you should be able to sleep for 12 hours in local time and wake up to over 2000 XP. You can repeat this method as often as possible and never run out of XP!

Wrapping Up

So, getting XP in Starfield using the glitch is pretty easy as long as you follow the process closely. If you don’t mind the waiting, you can use the game’s difficulty settings. But if you want XP in abundance, outposts are your friends. Comment to let me know if I helped you get loads of Starfield XP today!

Happy Gaming!

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