Spotify Pet Playlist Maker – Your Pawrenting Guide

Spotify; Spotify Pet Playlist Maker - Your Pawrenting Guide

Breaking mews, Spotify is out with a pawfect streaming feature for its cutest fans. Even though they do not have direct access to it, still this feature is particularly made for your friends fur-ever. So it is your duty to use this op-purr-tunity to bond with your purr-tner. Even though I admit most pet parents out there already love to pampurr their babies with music, there are many who totally deny it. I fully su-purrt the idea of Spotify Pet Playlist Maker, though.

When it comes to music, even science is left behind sometimes. For example, both music and nature have existed since the beginning of civilization, yet it was only a few years ago that science came to the conclusion that plants actually feel music, much like any other living organism. So, there is no doubt that animal brains, just like ours, also respond to music and its sounds in their own way.

Spotify Pet Playlist Maker is a fun new approach to spending some quality time with your most under-rated best friend, so I suggest you furry-up and set up your Spotify Pet account before your best friend has had enough of your boredom. Read this article to the end to learn everything you need to know before using Spotify pet playlist maker.

How To Set Up Spotify Pet Playlist Maker?

Pets; Spotify Pet Playlist Maker - Your Pawrenting Guide

Follow the steps listed below to learn how to set up Spotify Pet Playlist Maker for you and your pet:

1. Get Spotify

The first step obviously will be making sure that you have an active Spotify account with or without a working Spotify Premium membership. So, if you have never signed in with Spotify before, you can use your Facebook or Gmail account to sign in with Spotify.

2. Click The Link 

Once you have a Spotify account, you will have to head to the browser on your device and search for Pets by Spotify or Follow this Spotify Pet Playlist Maker link to land directly on the destination page.

3. Choose Pet Type

Dog, Cat, Iguana, Hamster, and Bird are the only pets added to the Spotify Pet Playlist Maker yet, but these are the most common pets in the selected countries, so I bet these are sufficient for now.

4. Pet Personality

Next, you will be shown a series of prompted questions to determine the personality of your pet, and your duty is to make sure you answer them correctly to help the Spotify Pet Playlist Maker determine the accurate pet personality traits.

5. Profile Picture

Uploading a picture of your pet buddy will be the next step in helping Spotify Pet Playlist Maker design your pet profile.

6. Listen and Share

The Spotify Pet Playlist Maker system will automatically go through the provided data and your listening history to design a playlist for your pet consisting of 30 songs. Then, you will be given an option by Spotify to flex your bond with #SpotifyPets.

That is all that you need to do to give your pet the paw-some time he/she deserves. There is one very annoying drawback to Spotify Pet Playlist Maker, though. The Spotify Pet Playlist Maker is yet only available in selected countries around the world, which seems a little unfair to me, but I am sure that Spotify will soon make this feature available everywhere.

5 Spotify Pet Playlist Maker Countries

Dog; Spotify Pet Playlist Maker - Your Pawrenting Guide

Given below is the list of Countries where you can use Spotify Pet Playlist Maker for free:

  1. The United States
  2. The U.K.
  3. Australia
  4. Spain 
  5. Italy

8 out of 10 pet owners in the world agree that their pets enjoy listening to music, and it plays a role in influencing the pet’s mood.

Wrapping Up

If pets had their own Twitter, I bet it would be going mutts right now. For the fact that there is finally something useful and awesome that is dedicated particularly to pets. Seems like Spotify stood up and became Santa Claws for our most loyal buddies this year bringing them the gift for their goodness. Whether Spotify Pet Playlist Maker turns out to be a profit or loss for the Spotify company, they have already won the hearts of furry Mewsic lovers out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is Spotify Pet Playlist Maker?

Spotify Pet Playlist Maker is a new feature with an algorithm that analyzes personality of your pet and then creates a personalized music playlist for them.

Q2. How Do I Make Spotify Pet Playlist?

Firstly, Sign up into Spotify > Search for PetsbySpotify> Choose pet type and personality type> Add a profile picture> Stream and share.

Q3. Where Is Spotify Pet Playlist Maker Available?

Spotify Pet Playlist Maker is only available in 5 countries yet: The U.S., U.K, Australia, Spain, and Italy.

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