Spotify Audiobook Premium: An Exclusive Offer For Premium Members!

Spotify Audiobook Premium

Hey there, Spotify lovers! Guess what? There is brand new information coming your way: Spotify Audiobook Premium. Yes, you heard it right: Spotify is planning a bright future for its audiobook service. An event of Spotify held in New York revealed the details of the upcoming features of the audiobook service of Spotify. To know about the event and everything regarding the audiobook premium service, go through this article!

Audiobooks on Spotify is one of the main attractive features of the platform. You can purchase audiobooks on Spotify through the web version. Once you have purchased the audiobook, you can listen in the app as you have unlocked a title. In the latest development, Spotify will now allow premium users to access a total of 150,000 titles without any additional charge.

So, without further ado, let’s dig in to learn about Spotify audiobook premium, its availability, and what will it offer to its users.

Spotify Audiobook Premium to Offer 150,000 Titles Without Charge

Spotify Audiobook Premium

Much to the delight of book lovers and audiobook listeners, Spotify will now allow premium users to access a total of 150,000 titles without an additional charge. Earlier, even premium users had to pay in order to access audiobooks on the platform. The news was revealed at an event hosted in the New York offices of Spotify.

Speaking at the event, Spotify founder and CEO Daniel Ek said, “Audiobooks today have one big dominating player. And just like in music and podcasting, we believe that many more consumers want to consume audiobooks and want to listen to audiobooks.” Daniel further added,  “And just like in music and podcasting, we’re really excited to be able to bring all the amazing tools that we built for creators and consumers alike to enable more discovery of these amazing audiobooks to the entire world.” 

At the event, the company also suggested that the audiobook market today has a distribution and discovery problem, which it aims to solve in the same way as it has done for music and podcasts. “Tens of millions of Premium subscribers are already interested in listening to audiobooks,” said Spotify co-president and chief business officer Alex Norström. “They just need the opportunity.”

It is to be noted that Spotify’s broader audiobook catalog launched with 300,000 titles, and only half of those are available through the Premium subscription. The Spotify Audiobook premium will be time-limited to 15 hours per month, but a subscriber can read as many books as they want. In case a user wants more time, they will be able to buy more time by purchasing an additional 10 hours as a “top-off.”

Spotify Audiobook Premium: Availability

Spotify Audiobook Premium

As of now, the Spotify audiobook premium service will be initially launched in the U.K. and Australia. After that, the company plans to move it further and launch it in the US markets by the end of the year.

After the completion of release in the U.K., Australia, and the U.S., the company will extend the service to other countries, starting from probably European Countries.

Spotify Audiobook Premium: Features

Spotify Audiobook Premium

Apart from 15 hours of free listening to over 150,000 titles, Spotify will also provide editorial recommendations of books to users as well as personalized suggestions based on users’ tastes.

According to Spotify VP, Head of Audiobooks Business, David Kaefer, “We’re going to feature editorial recommendations curated by a diverse team of experts. And these will appear in the audiobooks hub.” The hub will include feature shelves that highlight popular genres as well.

“We’re also going to make recommendations guided by a streamlined taste onboarding, and this is something that every listener is going to get as soon as they access their application. And it’s going to prompt users to choose some of their favorite titles and some of their favorite genres. That’s how we’re going to begin to learn how we’re going to begin to suggest the right titles to each listener,” Kaefer added.

Not only listeners but there are some exciting features for authors that will be rolled out in the near future. Authors will gain access to new tools, like promo cards they can customize with visuals, that they can use to capture users’ attention. The company also plans to work on more advanced tools that will allow authors to understand how their titles are performing.

Wrapping Up

Spotify is known for its personalization features. Every few weeks, Spotify reveals new features to keep the platform interesting for its users. In the latest development, Spotify will now allow premium users to access a total of 150,000 titles without any charge. To know everything about Spotify Audiobook Premium, read the entire article and do share it with your friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are audiobooks free with Spotify Premium?

Yes, Spotify is now offering premium users to access a total of 150,000 titles without an additional charge for 15 hours.

2. Do Spotify Premium members get audiobooks?

Earlier, audiobooks were not available for free with a Spotify membership, but now, a premium member can access audiobooks on Spotify.

3. How many audio books are there on Spotify?

According to the latest data, Spotify allows users to access over 300,000 audiobook titles on its platform.

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