Sea Of Thieves Discord: Official & Unofficial Server Links

Sea of thieves discord server

Discord is a platform that needs no introduction, whether you’re a gamer or streamer. And if you’re a gamer and a streamer, there’s no better place to be than Discord. That’s why many Game developers also make a Discord server for the fans. One such game is Sea of Thieves. If you’re also looking for the Sea Of Thieves Discord server, read this article until the end.

Sea of Thieves won the 2021 BAFTA Games Award for Multiplayer Action- Adventure of the Year. In it, you can explore the pirate world while sailing on a ship and completing multiple quests. What more could you ask for from an action-adventure game?

In this article, you’ll get to know the Sea of Thieves Discord Servers in this article. You heard it right, servers. Even though there’s only one official server of Sea of Thieves, there are many fan-made servers in which you can express yourself with freedom, unlike the official one, where you might be thrown out if you start walking in the dark in the dark alley. Anyhow, let’s dig in.

Official Sea Of Thieves Discord Server Link

The official Discord server boasts a huge number of members and also a relatively large active audience. While joining the official server, you must keep in mind the community guidelines of the server. Since it is an official server of the game, it will be regulated with a greater focus on community guidelines.

sea of thieves discord
  • Members: 357,739
  • Status: Official 

Click the button below to join the official Sea Of Thieves Discord Server.

Sea Of Thieves Discord Fanmade Server Link

If you’re someone who does not abide by a lot of rules, then this is the place for you. You and your buddies can join the unofficial discord server of the game. The unofficial server has less number of people and the active users are less in number too. It includes a lot of gamers with whom you can fool around without the risk of getting banned on the server.

sea of thieves discord
  • Members: 75,715
  • Status: Fanmade 

Click the button below to join the unofficial Sea Of Thieves Discord server.

How to Join Sea Of Thieves Discord Servers

Follow the steps given below to join any of the above-mentioned Sea of Thieves Discord Servers :

  • If you don’t have a Discord account, then make one.
  • Click on the invite links mentioned above in the article.
  • Discord often tells you the link is invalid; try opening it in incognito mode to fix this.
  • If the link works, then click the Accept Invite button.
  • You will be directly redirected to the Sea of Thieves discord server.

Wrapping Up 

That was the end of the article Sea Of Thieves Discord: Official & Unofficial Server Links, you can also check similar articles on Path of EX. In the meantime, don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section. Good morning, good afternoon, and good night.

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