Pink Nintendo Switch: Release Date, Pre-Order & Price [2024]

Pink Nintendo Switch: Release Date, Pre-Order & Price

I have news for all video game enthusiasts, especially those fond of Nintendo Switch. Well, a brand-new Pink Nintendo Switch is about to hit the market very soon, and gamers cannot keep calm. If you’re bored of your old Nintendo Switch, it’s about time you got a new one. In this article, I’ll tell you everything that you need to know about the new Pink Nintendo Switch.

2024 will undoubtedly be a fantastic year for all gamers. It seems like Nintendo is in a mood to please its customers and has plans to give tough competition to other big console manufacturers like Sony and Microsoft. Not to mention, the Japanese multinational video game company also has plans to release the Nintendo Switch 2 this year. So, it’s going to be an exciting year for both Nintendo and its customers. If you haven’t checked out the upcoming Pink Nintendo Switch yet, then you better check it out soon because it looks magnificent.

Nintendo Switch usually came in a variety of colors, including Turquoise, White, Red, Neo Blue, and a few others, but there was never a Pink Nintendo Switch. However, there will be now. In this article, I’ll discuss the release date of the Nintendo Switch in pastel pink and talk about other details. So, without any further ado, let’s learn more about the upcoming Pink Nintendo Switch.

Pink Nintendo Switch Release Date

Pink Nintendo Switch: Release Date, Pre-Order & Price

Let’s jump into the important part first. Everyone wants to find out when the Pink Nintendo Switch will be released. Well, the brand-new Pink gaming console is scheduled to be released on 22nd March 2024. You better set a reminder on your smartphone just so that you don’t forget about it. And the best part is that you can pre-order it. For that you can check out the website of Best Buy.

In 2023, Nintendo released a pastel pink Joycon and a Switch Lite Coral, which was also a hit. But I must say Nintendo knocked it out of the park with the Pink Switch. I bet most Nintendo users never saw that coming. Interestingly, Nintendo is also set to release a new video game, Princess Peach: Showtime!, on the same day. The game is exclusively meant for the Pink Nintendo Switch. 

Pink Nintendo Switch Price | How Much is the Pastel Pink Nintendo Switch

Remember, Nintendo products sell out like hotcakes, so you better pre-order it as soon as possible. Sometimes, pre-order stocks dry up due to high demand. If you really want to get your hands on the Pink Nintendo Switch Joycons, then you better make your move at the right time. People are curious to find out how much it will cost them. Well, as I mentioned earlier about Best Buy if you purchase from there, then it’ll cost you around $80. But let me tell you, it’s a safe place to buy from, and you’ll also get a warranty.

Wrapping Up

Now, I guess you have a better idea about the new Pink Nintendo Switch, which is set to release in March 2024. As I discussed before, you can pre-order it as well. So, hurry up and order yours. If you enjoyed reading the article, then do let me know in the comments below. And follow Path Of EX for more.

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