Princess Peach Showtime Release Date Revealed: Nintendo 2024 

princess peach showtime release date

Princess Peach: Showtime has stirred great excitement in all Mario fans. Moreover, the Princess Peach Showtime release date has been confirmed, and fans can now put themselves in Princess Peach’s shoes to explore the new world. If you don’t know the Princess Peach Showtime release date yet, this guide is for you.

Nintendo’s Princess Peach is a Super Mario spin-off video game. The single-player game explores the new Mario set and has its own unique powers and transformation abilities. Princess Peach Showtime is the latest addition to the Mario games series with its own intriguing plot and villains. Now, let’s read the Princess Peach Showtime release date details.

Since Princess Peach: Showtime is a Nintendo game production, you cannot find it on other platforms. Peach Princess game pre-orders have already started. So, you can now play it very soon. Find out the Princess Peach Showtime release date in the following sections.

What Is the Princess Peach Showtime Release Date?

Princess Peach Showtime on Nintendo Switch will officially be released on 22 March 2024.

Princess Peach Showtime is an upcoming action-adventure video game. Though you can pre-order the game from various vendors now, you must wait a few more months to play it. 

Nintendo had officially announced Princess Peach, a Mario spin-off, in September 2023. It is solely based on the adventures of Princess Peach. She is accompanied by her sidekicks to defeat the evil witch in a new set-up. You can now play Princess Peach: Showtime in March 2024.

Wrapping Up

The article on the Princess Peach Showtime release date ends here. You can pre-order the game, but will have to wait until March to play it. Till then, you can explore other Mario games like Mario RPG or Super Mario Adventures on Nintendo. If you have any queries related to the Princess Peach Showtime release date, drop a comment below.

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