Phasmophobia Christmas Update 2023: Dates, Locations & Guide

Phasmophobia Christmas Update

Recently, the Phasmophobia Halloween Update wrapped up. Now as we are nearing Christmas, Phasmophobia has announced the Holiday 2023 Event. Wondering what’s inside? So, let’s find out all about the New Phasmophobia Christmas Update of 2023 and enjoy gaming this Santa season.

The game’s creator, Kinetic Games, is eager to keep Phasmophobia updated with bug fixes and new content, and the holiday update is here to keep us glued to the psychological horror game. So scroll down and learn about the Phasmophobia Christmas Updates Of 2023.

Without a doubt, Phasmophobia has been one of the most popular team-based horror games in recent memory, especially among streamers. Let’s get to know some of the new Christmas updates of 2023 in Phasmophobia.

Phasmophobia Christmas Update 2023 Release Date | When is Phasmophobia Christmas Event Coming?

Yesterday, December 11th, 2023, the developers of Phasmophobia rolled out the Phasmophobia Christmas Update, titled Holiday 2023 Event, along with some new changes to the official game. It is worth noting that in 2022, the Phasmophobia Christmas Update was released on December 13th. This year, it was released 48 hours earlier! That is fun, ain’t that?

New Phasmophobia Christmas Event 2023

Phasmophobia Christmas Update

Phasmophobia Christmas Update 2023 was already supposed to come up with an amazing update that would make your Christmas spooky and haunted. Although there aren’t many specifics to discuss, some potential additions to the game’s content include some dancing snowmen guarding the three Mysterious Components that you need to collect in Sunny Meadows.

If additional questions are to be added in a subsequent patch, this may indicate that Kinetic wants players to interact extensively with the board and planchette. Some players buzz that there will be additional materials added to the list withing this week to make the Phasmophobia Christmas Update more engaging.

So this was all about the Phasmophobia Christmas Updates. Now, let’s check how to locate Mysterious Components in Sunny Meadows.

Phasmophobia Christmas Event Locations: Sunny Meadows’ Mysterious Components Guide

The Phasmophobia Christmas Update 2023 has arrived, bringing with it a new challenge: finding three Mysterious Components in Sunny Meadows using the original game’s equipment. Here is how!

1. First Mysterious Component: The Courtyard Snowman

  • Entering Sunny Meadows: Once you’ve entered the asylum and passed the visiting room, turn right in the hallway leading to the spooky chapel.
  • Heading to the Courtyard: Head through the door, make a left turn and enter the courtyard.
  • Finding the Part: Look for a bench with a snowman on it. The first mysterious element is waiting for you!

2. Second Mysterious Component: The West Wing Snowman

  • Descending to the West Wing: After grabbing the canister from the courtyard, enter the hallway and turn right through the door.
  • Locating the Room: The room, marked by blood on the floor, contains a snowman holding the second mysterious part.
  • Heading to the Basement: Afterward, head to the nearby stairs to proceed to the basement.

3. Third Mysterious Component: The Basement Snowman

  • Following the Trail: Run through doors in the asylum’s basement until you come across a snowman in the hallway pointing to a nearby room.
  • Finding the Final Component: Inside, you’ll find the yellow mysterious part in a tub.
  • Returning to the Van: Once collected, head back to the van through the east wing on the main floor.

Double-check the map in the van to ensure all three components have been collected. Congratulations! You’ve completed the Phasmophobia Christmas Update Mysterious Component locations. Now, go forth and enjoy your festive ghost-hunting experience!

Wrapping Up 

So, this was everything the Phasmophobia Christmas Update of 2023 has got for you. I know you can’t wait to start using and enjoy this with your friends and family this Christmas. Also, check out other games and their Christmas updates features and more on Path of EX and have amazing experiences while playing. Do share your views and suggestions in the comment section.

Happy Gaming!

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