Monopoly Go Gingerbread Galore Milestones: Prizes, Rewards, Milestones & More!

Monopoly Go Gingerbread Galore

As you already know Winter Wonderland event has ended, and now it is time for the Gingerbread Galore event. This event will pour you with amazing rewards, prizes, and milestones. So, let’s get started and learn about the Monopoly Go Gingerbread Galore Milestones right here in the game guide!

Once you go through the reward list, you will come to know about the type of milestone level, the points you will get, and the rewards you will be given. Also, you must know that the Monopoly GO event will end on Dec. 20 at 10AM ET. So, grab the rewards right away!

Keep scrolling and learn more about Monopoly Go Gingerbread Galore Milestones. Don’t miss deals!

Monopoly Go Gingerbread Galore Milestones

Monopoly Go Gingerbread Galore Milestones

Below, I have given the list of milestones that you can grab in the event. Check them out!

Milestone LevelPoints RequiredReward
1580 Puzzle Piece tokens
310Sticker Pack
475125 Dice Rolls
515100 Puzzle Piece tokens
615Sticker Pack
720150 Puzzle Piece tokens
82510-minute Rent Frenzy
9150230 Dice Rolls
1025180 Puzzle Piece tokens
1130Sticker Pack
1335220 Puzzle Piece tokens
14420600 Dice Rolls
1545Sticker Pack
165010-minute Cash Grab
1745250 Puzzle Piece tokens
198001,000 Dice Rolls
2050Sticker Pack
2155280 Puzzle Piece tokens
238510-minute High Roller
241,2001,200 Dice Rolls
2575Sticker Pack
2790320 Puzzle Piece tokens
2810090 Dice Rolls
30120120 Dice Rolls
31130350 Puzzle Piece tokens
33175Sticker Pack
341,8001,600 Dice Rolls
35250400 Puzzle Piece tokens
363005-minute Cash Boost
37450Sticker Pack
38600500 Puzzle Piece tokens
394,0003,300 Dice Rolls
4070020-minute High Roller
41750500 Dice Rolls
42800600 Puzzle Piece tokens
44900700 Dice Rolls
461,100Sticker Pack
471,200800 Puzzle Piece tokens
486,5006,500 Dice Rolls, Sticker Pack

How to Play the Gingerbread Galore Event in Monopoly Go?

If you want to play the Gingerbread Galore event in Monopoly Go, follow the steps below-

  1. Go to the Gingerbread Galore event in Monopoly Go.
  2. Now, land on the random tokens strewn and earn the tokens.
  3. If you land on any of these tokens, you will get two, and it will keep increasing by dice multiplier.

Note:- If you want to get the tokens easily, simply keep on increasing the dice multiplier once you see the cluster tokens within 5-9 squares.

Wrapping Up

So, this was all about Monopoly Go Gingerbread Galore Milestones. Check out the list above, and you will get amazing rewards at the event. Do share your thoughts in the comment section if you find the article useful. Have a great day!

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