Mining Simulator Discord Server Guide | Verification, Channels & Rules

Mining Simulator Discord Server Guide | Verification, Channels, & Rules

With the new updates, epic environment, and amazing environment; Mining Simulator Discord Server has been winning hearts since the day it was launched. Whether it is about part 1 or part 2, both of them work on exploring the depths of mines, discovering raw materials, and much more. Go along with this article to grab the ultimate guide on Mining Simulator Discord Server and see how you can find your ways to verification, channels, and rules and regulations.

There have been many amazing discord servers like Project Slayers Discord Server or Pokemon: Into the Wild Discord Server, but the Mining Simulator Discord Server has always been the favorite among the users due to its all the new updates and inventions. 

Head on further to get into the Mining Simulator Discord Server guide and see how its new ore and 11 new pets can be the best treasure for you in the 2022 Mining Simulator Discord Server update. 

Mining Simulator Discord Server

Mining Simulator Discord Server Guide | Verification, Channels, & Rules

Mining Simulator Discord Server is a massively-owned discord server, developed and published by Rumble Studios, and has been one of the best inventions by Rumble Studios till now. It has almost 355K members till now, and with multiple channels like trading, codes, offers, and more, it is surely one of the best servers available to you. 

Mining Simulator Discord Server is the extremely-active discord server available to its users, that includes various ranges of channels, excitement, and thrill all along. 

How To Get Verified On Mining Simulator Discord Server?

To get verified on the Mining Simulator Discord Server:

Agree to the terms and conditions available, and get verified using the RoVer. 

What Is The Link To the Mining Simulator Discord Server?

The Discord Link of Mining Simulator Discord Server is:

Join the link, create an account, and have the best of your time with Mining Simulator Discord Server.

 What Is The Game Link Of Mining Simulator Discord Server?

The game link for Mining Simulator is

However, you must know that it is mandatory to have a Roblox account to play Mining Simulator. If you don’t have a Roblox account, click here to create one. 

The Most Popular Channels In Mining Simulator Discord Server

The most popular channels in Mining Simulator Discord Server are:

  • #announcement 
  • #ms-discussion 

The #announcement channel is used to drop any updates or notices coming soon in the session, however, #ms-discussion is a chatty-chat discussion channel for everyone to come over and chat. 

Rules & Regulations Of Mining Simulator Discord Server 

Further is the list of rules and regulations you must need to follow to binge over the Mining Simulator Discord Server, check it out: 

  • Swearing is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not attempt to test or bypass the filter.
  • Advertising of any kind is not allowed unless explicitly stated. This includes sending Discord Invites via DMs
  • NSFW is strictly prohibited (if you wouldn’t show it to your mother, don’t post it here).
  • Begging for Robux, or attempting to trade Robux for in game items is forbidden.
  • Alternative accounts are not allowed.
  • English is the only language spoken and written here.
  • Disruptive behaviour and controversial topics are not allowed (religion/politics). In addition: the obvious intent to provoke another member or start arguments is prohibited.
  • Use common sense.
  • Harassing a user, lewd jokes, advertising, etc. all apply to DMs. If you feel you are being targeted by someone in the server in DMs please take a screenshot and send it to a moderator.
  • Pinging developers (particularly Isaac) will result in a 30 minute mute.
  • Excessive use of the spoiler tag is not allowed.
  • Impersonation of our staff or anyone else will result in a ban.
  • Don’t farm XP from the level bot.
  • Spoilers for new movies/shows now have a 7 day grace period meaning you’re not allowed to post spoilers at least 7 days after said movie/show.
  • The discord staff has the final say in all moderation actions. Attempting to argue will result in harsher moderation action.

The Mining Simulator Discord Server is a wholesome action and adventure that takes you along with its new updates every now and then. It provides an easy way to get you verified, gives you a huge platform to chit-chat along, and hooks you up with a detailed rule book. 

Watch Mining Simulator Discord Server

Mining Simulator Discord BOT

Wrapping Up

This was all about Mining Simulator Discord Server. Verify yourself using the RoVer and chat all day long on its famous #ms-discussion channel. To get to its discord server, you must click the link dropped above. 

Anyways, I hope everything is answered well. Path of EX is an open platform, come along if you have any doubts and we will get back to you asap. 


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