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Minecraft Dungeons patch codes

Double Eleven recently revealed the latest Minecraft Dungeons Patch Notes update 1.26. Officially speaking, this new one is patch and the occasion for this update is the 2nd anniversary of Minecraft. Other than the latest in-game celebrations, the update 1.26 tends to come with loads of advancements and bug fixes. 

You can now participate in the Seasonal Trials if you wish to collect exclusive gear and an exceptional anniversary cape which would assist you in commemorating the occurrence. In case you happen to be extremely daring and brave, you can topple the Tower and even earn the friendship of the Baby Moobloom pet- the most brave bovine on that side of the entire camp. The party is officially on, and you are undoubtedly invited!

Minecraft Dungeons is officially celebrating its second year, and there are loads of presents for pretty much everyone! This Minecraft Dungeons Patch Notes Update 1.26 even fixed a lot of bugs in Minecraft. So, without any further ado, let’s move ahead with the Patch Notes updates of Minecraft. 

Minecraft Dungeons Patch Notes 1.26: Changes and Updates

We have mentioned all the recent changes and fixes that the recent update of Minecraft Dungeons Patch Notes 1.26 has brought for everyone in relation to the performance, stability, gameplay, achievements, the tower, missions, etc. 

Minecraft Dungeons Patch Notes: Performance and Stability

1. Better stability on the Nintendo Switch, specifically when the player has 4-player co-op. 

2. The developers fixed a crash on the Adventure Hub which could happen when changing between the various pages while utilizing gamepad triggers. 

3. A better performance while the interaction with another merchant goes on for the very first time as soon as you enter the camp. 

Minecraft Dungeons patch notes

4. No more possible crashes that might occur while you use a gamepad when purchasing armor from a Luxury or village Merchant.

5. Fixation of another possible crash that might occur while you are disconnected from Minecraft services and try to resume a suspended Tower.

6. Fixed yet another possible crash that could occur when you are playing in the online co-op as a client  and picking up TNT which you created by Looting or Tome of Duplication.

7. Fixed another crash that could occur on the 3rd Tower floor reward screen when you use a gamepad with mouse and keyboard.

8. Fixed a crash that might occur if you fail a Tower run.

9. Enhanced various areas on Desert Temple Tower tiles to improve frame rate.

Minecraft Dungeons Patch Notes: Gameplay

1. Wildfire Changes: 

  • Removal of Wildfire passive regeneration.
  • The initial shield is set on regeneration on 6 seconds without experiencing damage.
  • Other shields are set to regenerate after 5 seconds.
  • 30% reduction in regeneration from fire.
  • Addition of a sound effect on regeneration of Wildfire’s shield.

2. The ranged mobs which are affected by the Love Medallion even happen to receive the boosted damage effect.

3. If you close the game on the Tower reward screen, the Camp won’t go dark or cause a partial loss in the gamepad input anymore.

4. If you press the Teleport button while attacking, the player would no longer keep attacking repeatedly.

5. Low-level enchantments like Poison Cloud have been fixed to display poison damage properly.

6. Tower guide visuals are improved so it is clearer that the shields have Deflect enchantments. 

Minecraft Dungeons Patch Notes: Achievements

Minecraft Dungeons patch notes

1. Various achievements that were not unlocking correctly on Steam have been fixed:

  • Back From Whence You Came!
  • Same To You, Buddy!
  • Mine Is Cuter Than Yours!
  • Hot-Footed Hero
  • Daily Destroyer

2. Unlocking of the End Run achievement when you are using The Starless Night melee weapon. 

3. Fixed the ‘Fashionable Climber’ achievement not unlocking upon meeting its requirements.

4. Fixed guest players in local co-op incorrectly affecting progress towards a number of achievements:

  • Back From Whence You Came
  • Piglin’s Best Friend
  • Goal Driven
  • Bad Omen, Good Loot

5. The Daily Destroyer achievement has been fixed and can be unlocked after completion of just two of the three Daily Trials. 

Minecraft Dungeons Patch Notes: The Tower

1. You cannot bypass the floor reward screen without claiming a reward anymore.

2. Several Tower floors have been fixed to prevent skipping areas.

3. Fixed several ambush events that could be avoided to skip Tower floors.

4. Fixed an exploit that could cause Tower floors to be skipped after dying during a boss fight.

5. Fixed various issues with input that allowed players to get numerous rewards on every Tower floor.

6. The invisible obstacles on the stairs which led to the exit door have been removed.

7. Balcony walls that did not have arrow collisions on various floors have been fixed.

8. An invisible wall placed near some wind stuff is now removed.

9. You cannot throw TNT on the reward selection screen anymore.

10. Fixed an issue that caused players to gain additional enchantment points and skip the floor counter.

11. The Tower completed screen button text has been changed from “COLLECT” to “CLAIM”.

12. The explosion effect has been reduced while you suspend a Tower run.

13. Missing item description for Tower rewards has been fixed.

14. Fixed a Tower floor which used to launch players on an invisible ceiling once they have fallen into a freezing lake.

15. Door positions on towers have been fixed.

Minecraft Dungeons Patch Notes: Missions

Minecraft Dungeons patch notes

1. Ancient Hunt: Fixed missing terrain in Spider Cave that halted progression through the mission.

2. Ancient Hunt: Fixed several gaps that allowed players to reach unplayable areas.

3. Creeper Woods: Fixed various gaps so that players don’t end up in the unplayable area

4. Creepy Crypt: The gate animation while you walk in and out of the render distance has been fixed.

5. Soggy Swamp: Fixed an area where players might end up getting stuck if they fall in.

6. Pumpkin Pastures: Fixed an area that caused players to spawn inside the door after falling off a ledge.

7. Redstone Mines: Fixed several missing textures.

8. Fiery Forge: Fixed missing arrow collisions.

9. Cacti Canyon: Fixed a gap that allowed players to reach unplayable areas.

10. Gauntlet of Gales: An area that obstructed the player’s view has been fixed.

11. Nether Fortress: Fixed several areas that players could get stuck in after falling in Nether 12. Fortress: Fixed several gaps that allowed players to reach unplayable areas

13. Soul Sand Valley: Fixed several gaps that allowed players to reach unplayable areas

14. Coral Rise: Fixed several missing textures and clipping issues

15. Coral Rise: Fixed part of the arena gate still being visible after it’s lowered

16. Radiant Ravine: Fixed the mini map not showing an accurate representation of the mission in several places

17. Radiant Ravine: Fixed several areas affecting arrow collisions

18. Radiant Ravine: Fixed an area that caused the player to appear as a silhouette even when not obscured by terrain.

19. Radiant Ravine: Fixed several areas that players could see out of bounds.

20. Abyssal Monument: Fixed several clipping issues and floating blocks.

21. Abyssal Monument: Fixed an area that players could see out of bounds.

22. End Wilds: Fixed several clipping issues.

Minecraft Dungeons Patch Notes: Localization

1. Fixed incorrect translations of Tempo Theft’s tier descriptions in German language.

2. Fixed incorrect translation of Electrified enchantment’s description in German language.

3. Fixed incorrect translation of Shock Web enchantment description in Italian language.

4. Fixed incorrect translation of the Tower’s respawn message in Italian.

5. Fixed incorrect translations of “The End” and “Lightning Rod” in Japanese.

6. Placeholder elements are no longer visible in the ‘Add Friend’ text input box for the Korean language.

7. Fixed the Season Rank text alignment on the Adventure Hub in Portugal (Portuguese) language.

Minecraft Dungeons Patch Notes: User Interface

Minecraft Dungeons patch notes

1. Fixed the Mystery Banner prompt so it’s clearer that players must hold a button to pick up

2. The “new” marker will now appear on the Cosmetics tab of the Inventory for new cosmetic items that haven’t been looked at.

3. The game no longer locks up on the Tower Failed screen after opening the map on the reward selection screen.

4. The cursor can now move horizontally between the Storage Chest and Inventory if any of the rows on either side are empty.

5. Quickly transferring items between the Storage Chest and Inventory no longer causes the screen to jump a bit.

6. “Weekly challenge complete’ toast notifications are now localized for all supported languages.

7. The ‘Complete Seasonal Trials’ counter no longer overlaps the frame of the designated area.

8. The Adventure Hub now shows the correct button prompts when playing with a single Joy-Con on Nintendo Switch.

9. Keyboard button prompts are now shown on the Adventure Hub for changing between Seasonal Adventures.

10. Rewards can now be always navigated using arrow keys when viewing the Adventure Hub.

11. The mission select screen and inventory screen can no longer be opened while viewing the Adventure Hub or Settings.

12. Fixed the left and right thumbstick being referred to incorrectly on the Controller Mapping screen.

13. The game now shows a more informative error message when accepting a multiplayer invite and multiplayer privileges are blocked.

14. Fixed the screen reader not reading Trial modifiers when selected on the mission selection screen.

15. Fixed an inconsistent button prompt when transferring items between the Storage Chest and Inventory.

16. The game now displays an error message if disconnected from Xbox services

17. The screen reader now properly reads out available inputs on the Adventure Hub.

18. The screen reader now properly reads out which season the player is viewing and which can be navigated to on the Adventure Hub.

19. Icons for enchantment points, enchantments, weapon, and power levels now have consistent sizes on the Tower floor reward screen.

Minecraft Dungeons Patch Notes: Known Issues

The following is an issue that the development team is aware of and will be working to resolve in an upcoming update:

  • In the Tower, Slimes spawned by Corrupted Cauldron remain alive when the player loses one life and respawns.

Wrapping Up

There, you have it all. We really hope this article provides you with all the information you need on Minecraft Dungeons patch notes. The recent changes, if used wisely, can act as a deal breaker for all the players and help you excel in Minecraft Dungeons. Moreover, if you manage to understand all the latest updates, you can quite easily leave all your enemies behind and be the king of the Minecraft World.

Now, if Minecraft is your cup of tea, you should definitely check out our article on sandbox games like Minecraft. In case you face any issue regarding Minecraft Dungeons patch notes, feel free to leave a comment and we would be glad to help you out.


1. What is the Latest Version of Minecraft Dungeons?

The Latest Version of Minecraft Dungeons is

2. Will there be a Minecraft Dungeons Season 2?

Yes, there will be a Minecraft Dungeons Season 2, titled as Luminous Night.

3. Who is the developer of Minecraft?

Minecraft is developed by Mojang Studios.

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