Who Is Marvel Puzzle Quest Quandary & How To Beat Him?

Marvel Puzzle Quest Quandary

Marvel Puzzle Quest is a video game released in 2013 that features many Marvel superheroes and villains all along the gameplay. One new addition to those characters is Quandary. In this article, I will reveal who is Marvel Puzzle Quest Quandary and how you can beat him. Follow me!

In Marvel Puzzle Quest, a player can pick their best Marvel heroes and villains and embark upon multiple puzzles, games, and challenges we have on our table. Out of all these challenges, Lucid Wanderings is the most thrilling one we have.

The arrival of Quandary is brewing excitement among many players, allowing them to drool over who she is and what new challenges she is going to bring to our page. Dive in through this page and see what this new character is all about.

Who is Marvel Puzzle Quest Quandary | New Villain Spotted

Marvel Puzzle Quest Quandary

Quandary is a new, unusual villain in Marvel Puzzle Quest who is filled with mysteries and can transform things in unexpected ways. She was created especially for the 10th anniversary of the game. She is not a character from the Marvel comic book but is just a random formation.

She has some unique, mysterious powers that can create a whole new reality, allowing players to solve challenges thrown by her.

Further, we will guide you through the steps to defeat Quandary. Go on!

How to Beat Quandary in Marvel Puzzle Quest?

Marvel Puzzle Quest Quandary

Looking forward to beating Quandary in Marvel Puzzle Quest? Let’s go! Quandary is a character who will throw many challenges and mysteries all along the gameplay. Match the correct color and beat Quandary in your game. Let’s go and see how you can do so.

Steps to Beat Quanday in Marvel Puzzle Quest:

  1. Quandary’s color highly exhibits her powers at that moment. However, you must look closely at her color and try to hurt her only when you match the correct color to her current one.
  2. For instance, if she’s Yellow, you can match Blue tiles whenever she turns Yellow to hurt her.
  3. If you match the wrong colors, it can result in damage to your team only. Hence, avoid matching Blue when her color changes.
  4. Summon all the strong characters having high endurance to win the battle successfully.
  5. Quandary will introduce you to multiple challenges with different rules. Follow these rules and win these challenges.
  6. If you lose any challenge, you can still try again and learn from your mistakes. Do keep a check on color patterns and challenge rules.
  7. Create a team of characters who match each other’s abilities and complement each other. With this, you can overcome challenges in Quandary and take more damage.
  8. You can also play these challenges again and again and regain extra rewards.

Follow the steps mentioned above and conquer this new enemy easily. Buckle up and spread your wings!

Wrapping Up

This was all about the Marvel Puzzle Quest Quandary. Read through this page and follow the steps mentioned above to defeat Quandary. Complete the challenges dropped by Quandary and claim multiple rewards.

Path of EX is an open space. Come along if you have doubts, and I will get back to you ASAP.

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