How to Join OpenAI Red Teaming Network? Apply Now!!

OpenAI; How to Join OpenAI Red Teaming Network

AI has not taken over the world, but it has taken over the world’s interest very quickly. Especially since OpenAI’s Sora has been announced, every tech enthusiast and filmmaker is waiting to use Sora. But Sora is still in its development phase and is not available for use yet. The only people who get to use Sora AI are the developers at OpenAI and the Red Teamers. This is why everyone is interested in knowing how to join OpenAI Red Teaming network.

OpenAI Red Teaming network or Red Teamers are visual artists, designers, and filmmakers who are allowed to use Sora AI before it is even released. This group of people is the only one, except for OpenAI, that has access to Sora. The OpenAI calls it the beta testing phase for Sora, where Red Teamers will use and test the AI to ensure its efficiency and security. Sora’s current hype is due to the quality and ease of use it is supposed to offer. Sora is expected to create high-quality videos which can go as long as sixty seconds.

Every person who has read about Sora yet wants to use it, but there is no way they can do that without OpenAI’s permission. You will have to be a part of the Read Teaming network to be able to access Sora right away. Read this article to learn how to join OpenAI Red Teaming network to get access to Sora AI in its beta testing phase.

How To Join Red Team OpenAI Network?

Red Teaming Network; How to Join OpenAI Red Teaming Network

You have to be invited by OpenAI to be able to join the Red Teaming network. To submit yourself to be considered by OpenAI for the Red Teaming network, you have to submit OpenAI Red Teaming network application. You will find the link to the application form situated on the Open AI website.

You can submit the form to apply for the Red Teaming network, but as stated on the OpenAI website, applications to apply for Red Teaming for this phase already closed on 1 December 2023. If you missed the last phase, you will have to track OpenAI and apply in the next round of selections.

Once you have been selected, you can schedule your work at a time that suits your comfort zone. OpenAI accepts a wide range of applicants from different backgrounds, including Biology, Cognitive science, and Law. Another plus point to joining the Red Teaming network is that you will be fairly compensated for your time and efforts.

The only condition from the side of OpenAI is that you respect the non-disclosure agreement they have. Even so, the agreement does not rip you off the right to publish your own research and pursue other work opportunities on the side.

Even though the applications for OpenAI Red Teaming Network are closed for now, you can submit the application form and wait for OpenAI to email you any response in return. Also, subscribe to the OpenAI newsletter to keep track of the next phase when OpenAI will start accepting applications.

OpenAI is always looking for AI enthusiasts from different parts of the world to contribute. These candidates are supposed to be passionate about contributing to the advancement of AI and might also get a chance to work on AGI.

Criteria To Apply For OpenAI Red Teaming Network

Red Team Application; How to Join OpenAI Red Teaming Network

You will have to be eligible for the Red Teaming Network both skillfully and experience-wise. Given below is the list of some eligibility criteria you will need to know before applying for the Red Teaming network:

  1. Well-known expertise and experience in the domain relevant to Red Teaming.
  2. Passionate about the OpenAI’s primary goal, i.e., safety.
  3. No conflict of interest.
  4. Diverse work and geographical backgrounds.
  5. Fluency in more than one language.

Other then all these conditions, you will need just good knowledge of technology. Even detailed technical expertise is not the primary focus of OpenAI Red Teaming. So, you could be anyone from anywhere who has experience and expertise in the domain you are planning to enroll in.

How To Join OpenAI Sora Red Team?

Sora AI; How to Join OpenAI Red Teaming Network

In the news article published by Slashgear, they clearly mentioned that Red Teamers are selected on an invite-only basis. Further stated in OpenAI’s article on Sora, the tool is only available to be used by a group of people made up of domain experts from different fields and many more. This group of people are named as Red Teamers.

The goal of the group is to use Sora and test the quality and security of the tool before it is released in the market. OpenAI also stated that Sora’s capabilities also make it a strong tool for anyone and to avoid its misuse.

OpenAI; How to Join OpenAI Red Teaming Network

Red Teamers will be responsible for testing the Sora AI model in areas like misinformation, hateful content, and bias. This will also play a helpful part in enabling OpenAI to track misleading content made by Sora or any other tool claiming to be Sora. Until Sora goes through all these tests and experiments, only the Red Teamers will be allowed to use it.

There is no waitlist or early registration form this time that will help you access the tool in its development phase. This is why everyone wants to know how to join OpenAI Red Teaming network.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know that OpenAI is not accepting applications for the Red Teaming network currently, you have sufficient time to prepare and apply. Thanks to this article, you have learned how to join OpenAI Red Teaming network and what things they look for in a candidate. It should be easier for you to be accepted to be a Red Teamer.

Regardless of OpenAI’s hiring phase, the registration form you submit will help OpenAI know that you are interested.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To Join OpenAI Red Teaming Network?

You can apply to be a Red Teamer from the OpenAI website.

Q2. Is OpenAI Looking For Red Teaming Candidates?

OpenAI always appreciated good candidates for the Red Teaming network, but the last hiring phase ended on 1 December 2023.

Q3. When Is The Next Hiring Phase For Red Teaming Network?

There is no information on the next hiring phase of Red Teamers, but you can subscribe to the OpenAI newsletter to keep up with the updates.

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