Is Zappos Legit & Everything You Need to Know!

is zappos legit

Zappos is an online retail market that sells clothing, accessories, and shoes. The platform is based in the US and sells a wide range of brands from Nike to Adidas… Uggs, Sperry, and much more. Zappos was founded in 1999. While the platform is quite a hit, there are still questions regarding the legitimacy of the app. To learn is Zappos legit and authentic place to shop, go through this blog thoroughly.

Zappos was acquired by Amazon in 2009, but Amazon let Zappos do its thing, and it didn’t get fully absorbed into Amazon. Zappos operates as a separate entity and has its own staff and culture. Earlier, Zappos was known for its shoe collection, but with its evolution, Zappos has emerged as one true destination for clothing, handbags, accessories, and much more.

So, without further ado, let’s dig in to learn about is Zappos legit and reliable online marketplace in 2023.

What is Zappos?

is zappos legit

It all started over 20 years ago when Zappos was launched as an online shopping site that strictly sold shoes. The platform has moved from shoes, and today, you can practically find everything on the site, including clothing, accessories, handbags, and more.

The most famous brands that you can come across on the site include Abercrombie & Fitch, Free People, Steve Madden, Adidas, and so much more. The website keeps up with the latest trends and styles and is considered a top shopping platform.

Is Zappos Legit?

is zappos legit

Yes, Zappos is a legit and safe site. You can easily shop from the website whenever you wish to. The Zappos platform is not in any way a scam or a website that is trying to cheat its customers.

The platform is owned by the mighty Amazon, and you can not associate anything scam-related to the platform. You can easily shop from Zappos by signing in to your Amazon account and then proceed to buy things in the same way as you would on Amazon. Zappos has a long-standing reputation for excellent customer service, and they look after their customers. So, all in all, in no way is Zappos trying to cheat its customers.

Zappos Shipping & Returns

Much to the delight of the customers, Zappos standard shipping is free on all orders (there are no minimums or exclusions). The delivery and standard shipping takes between 4-5 days. For most of the orders, Zappos takes around 5 days. In case you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can use your Prime account to get free shipping on your orders. Some deliveries arrive within 24 hours. It’s crazy.

The exchange policy of Zappos is a little more complicated than the shipping policy. In order to return a product or exchange an item, you will have to chat with a customer service representative who will initiate your refund or address your issues directly.

The customer service of Zappos is one of the main attraction points for the website. The customer service is phenomenal, and the service will make sure that the customer is satisfied with their shopping experience on Zappos.

Customer Reviews of Zappos

Customers across the world have different experiences with Zappos. In the below-mentioned list, I have explained some of the reviews of the customers.

“Zappos is no longer the Zappos I remember. I placed an order today. Realized my new email address hadn’t been updated on my account. They would not permit me to change it. I haven’t done business with Zappos in several years. So I tried to call, I was hung up on two times. I tried their chat. No one ever came to it. I deleted my card information because I have no intention of letting fools like this have access to my credit cards, Same ones who now offer a joke of the day and/or a Zapponian will be with you. Sorry not my cup of tea and not the standard I want to do business with.”

“I think Zappos products are great and I have loved every pair of shoes I have bought from this site. I had a customer service question and it was answered super fast. The prices are really fair and the shoes are quality. I definitely think their customer service is top notch and the agents are knowledgeable about how to navigate their systems and answer questions.”

Zappos’s policy has changed drastically for the worse. I got an obnoxious email threatening my return privileges despite the fact that I did keep several of the shoes I had ordered. I had a toe infection (and lost my big toenail) for over a year, which made it hard for me to find a comfortable shoe, so the returns were due to that.
Zappos used to be known for their 365 day free return policy, but no more. Just an ordinary and pretty unfeeling company now, like most others. Beware!”

Is Zappos Legit: Final Verdict

Zappos is a legit and reliable website. You can shop anything from branded shoes to clothing to accessories on the platform. Since Zappos is associated with Amazon, you can not affiliate any kind of scam or malpractice with the platform.

If you are a shopping addict (like me) and want to get some of the best-branded products on your doorstep within 5-6 days, then Zappos is your answer. Happy Shopping!

Wrapping Up

Zappos is an online retail market that sells clothing, accessories, and shoes. The platform is based in the US. To know is Zappos legit and reliable online marketplace, read the entire article and share it with your friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Zappos owned by Amazon?

Yes, Zappos is owned by Amazon after it acquired it in 2009.

2. How long does Zappos take to ship?

For standard shipping, a customer should receive your order within 4-5 business days. 

3. Is Zappos legit?

Yes, Zappos is a legit and reliable platform.

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