Is Sora AI Open Source | Will OpenAI Allow You To Participate?

Sora AI; Is Sora AI Open Source

Sora AI is the latest OpenAI innovation that has brought the whole world to its toes. The quality of videos generated by Sora AI is extraordinarily impressive. From gaming graphics to real-life videos, OpenAI’s Sora article shows off its skills in all these areas. This encourages other designers and developers to ponder “is Sora AI open source?”. These experts can’t wait to find out what makes Sora AI so accurate.

If Sora AI is released with open-source permission, then anyone will be able to inspect, modify, and enhance the AI tool. If you look at the past, older language models like ChatGPT and ChatGPT 3.5 never allowed open-source access to anyone. Only Red Teamers are allowed to beta test on Sora AI, also, they are the ones who are able to access Sora AI open source yet. 

For the general user base, on the other hand, read this article to find out is Sora AI Open Source and when you will be able to access it. 

Is Sora AI Open Source?

Sora AI; Is Sora AI Open Source

According to the information available about Sora AI yet, most probably Sora AI will not be open source. The Sora AI has only been announced, but the popularity and demand for this AI tool are exemplary. There are no references by OpenAI regarding the release date of Sora AI, so nobody can predict exactly when Sora AI will be released. Though there is nothing mentioned about Sora AI’s release date in Open AI’s article, you will find the reason it has not yet been released there. OpenAI’s article states that Sora AI is under testing for security improvement.

This helps us assume that OpenAI is very concerned about Sora AI’s security features for its users. They have specifically mentioned that they do not want their AI tool to be used for shams and wrongdoings. They pointed to the recent Taylor Swift’s recent scandal and expressed their concern about Sora AI being used for activities like these. It is a priority of the Red Team working on the Sora beta test to ensure the safety of users, and also, art by Sora should be easy to track.

Sora AI; Is Sora AI Open Source

If you look at the art and videos generated by Sora AI, you also deserve to be a little worried. Worried about the capabilities of Sora AI and the art it can generate. Such lifelike graphics can really mess up someone’s reality. To avoid these mishappenings, it is understandable that Sora AI is taking its time to protect us from the dark side of Sora AI. So, it is a little tough for me to imagine OpenAI letting Sora be an open source AI tool.

Sora AI; Is Sora AI Open Source

On the other hand, there is a good chance that OpenAI will let you use the Sora AI API. Like other models by OpenAI, including ChatGPTs, have not allowed open source access, but they all allow you to use APIs. That is why it is safe to assume that you will be able to access Sora AI after it is released. You can use Sora AI API to use Sora AI in other applications.

You will not need to be an engineer to use an API, but you will need to have a little technical know-how. You can learn how to use Sora AI API from anywhere on Google or YouTube, and then you are free to use Sora at your convenience. For this, you will not need Sora AI to be open source.

Wrapping Up

Is Sora AI open source or not is a question for much later. First, you will have to wait for Sora AI to be released. Even after being released, there is a good chance that Sora AI will stay in the development phase. It will probably be launched with full potential only after OpenAI has collected enough user responses and experience reviews.

Until then, OpenAI is expected to keep a tight watch on how well Sora AI performs in the tech world. In my opinion, though, I can not wait for Sora to be released. I am way too excited to go ahead and try Sora AI to design some cool videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Sora Open Source?

There is neither any news nor hints of Sora being an open source tool. But if you look at older language models like ChatGPT and ChatGPT 3.5, they also never allowed open-source access to anyone.

Q2. Is Sora AI Released?

No, Sora AI has not been released yet (22 February 2024).

Q3. What Is Red Team In Open AI?

Red Teamers is a group of domain experts from diverse backgrounds who have been selected to beta-test Sora until OpenAI is ready to release it.

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