Is Royale High Getting Deleted On Roblox In 2024? Debunk The Truth!

Is Royale High Getting Deleted On Roblox In 2024? Debunk The Truth!

Is Royale High getting deleted on Roblox in 2024? Is Royale High shutting down? Some of these queries have stormed the Internet in the past few days. If you are also wondering what the truth is, this article on “Is Royale High getting deleted on Roblox in 2024” will guide you.

Royale High is a popular role-playing video game on Roblox. It was released in 2017, and ever since it has been a famous fantasy-adventure game. However, a recent tweet claiming that Royale High will be deleted on Roblox in 2024 has divided the Internet community. Is Royale High getting deleted on Roblox in 2024 for real? Let’s find out.

The game is also facing backlash due to various reasons. Gamers have been boycotting Roblox Royale High for some time. So, there might be some truth about the deletion of the game in the future. You will read all the details on “Is Royale High getting deleted on Roblox in 2024” here.

Is Royale High Getting Deleted On Roblox In 2024? 

The tweet claiming about the deletion of Royale High on Roblox got thousands of views in just a few hours. Moreover, the retweets further spread the word. There is no official announcement of the removal of Royale High from Roblox. Though the game is facing boycotts, it is still flourishing among gamers.

Royale High Shifted To Instagram | Royale High Is Not On X/Twitter

Royale High recently shifted its social media handle from X (formerly Twitter) to Instagram. It posted a tweet stating,

Hello everyone. Before we share the following message, we want to take a moment to apologize to everyone for any hurt or upset that any of our recent actions may have caused.  Our team has fallen short in many ways, and it’s clear we need to start over.” 


It does not mean that Royale High is shutting down or getting removed from Roblox. It has simply restarted its social media presence. According to the latest Royale High tweet, you can search its official page by searching “RHValkyries” on Instagram. The tweet reads,

Hi! We have moved to Threads/Instagram!  Drop us a follow over there by searching “RHValkyries” or follow us through Instagram (it will automatically follow us on Threads, too!)  This Twitter account is no longer in use. See you on Threads!


Reasons For Royale High Getting Deleted On Roblox

Currently, the game is not getting deleted. However, the boycott can have implications in the long run. If the Royale High gets deleted on Roblox, there could be the following possible reasons.

#1 Technical Issues And Glitches

Roblox Royale High has been experiencing bugs, technical issues, sudden crashes, glitches, etc. Gamers have complained about losing their saved data, items, and diamonds. There are reports that the game’s performance is not good enough. It keeps lagging and takes lots of time to load.

#2 Expensive Items

The game is offering exclusive items at a high price. Thus, it is draining gamer’s wallets and playing with their emotions. Some necessary items are too expensive, which can affect your gameplay.

#3 Social Harassment 

Gamers have also complained about online harassment while playing the game. The complaints include bullying, harassment, scamming, and hacking. Moreover, there is no proper and satisfactory response from the officials related to the game’s moderation, reporting, and feedback systems.

How To Save Royale High From Deletion?

If you don’t want to lose Royale High forever, you can contribute your effort to saving the game. You can do the following things to save it from getting banned or deleted in the future-

#1 Report Technical Glitches, Errors, Or Bugs 

  1. Whenever you face technical issues, report them to the game developers.
  2. Reinstall the game to fix temporary issues.
  3. Do not follow any hack or step that can worsen the problem—for example- using a third-party app or tool.
  4. Use a different gaming device.
  5. Use a different gaming account.

#2 Support The Game Through Positive Feedback And Ratings

  1. Invite your friends to join the game.
  2. Give good ratings.
  3. Give good feedback.
  4. Purchase items online to support the developers financially.
  5. Follow Royale High social media accounts.

#3 Encourage Others To Join Royale High 

  1. Share your Royale High gaming experiences online.
  2. Share your gameplay with others on gaming websites or forums.
  3. Join Royale High fan club, parties, or events.
  4. Create a Royale High fan club, parties, or events and invite others to join.

#4 Do Not Harass Online Players 

  1. Be a responsible gamer and don’t bully other players online.
  2. Be polite and don’t use abusive language.
  3. Report against those who are violating the game’s rules or Roblox’s terms of service

Wrapping Up

The article on is Royale High getting deleted on Roblox in 2024 ends here. Don’t worry, the game is not getting deleted. Moreover, Royale High is planning to add new themes and characters in the future. So, stop worrying about the fake rumor and focus on your gameplay. If you have any questions related to is Royale High getting deleted on Roblox in 2024, drop a comment below.

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