Is Grok AI Free? How to Access & Use Grok in 2023?

Elon Musk; Is Grok AI Free

After ChatGPT took over social media, it also paved the way for other AI tools to show off their abilities to the world. But since 4 November 2023, Grok AI has shadowed ChatGPT without any extra effort. Elon Musk’s Grok AI is a very trendy topic currently. Even though it is not fully released yet. Still, it is the buzz all around. Is Grok AI free like ChatGPT, or What does Grok AI have to offer that other AI cannot?

Besides its new features, Grok AI is also praised because it is a product of the worldly genius Elon Musk. Most of all, Elon Musk’s promises to the people are the main reasons for Grok AI to be such a buzz even before its release. While Grok AI and ChatGPT are constantly compared, there is not much difference among the services they offer yet. 

Elon Musk guarantees that Grok is already at par with the best AIs out there. Data Analysis, Natural Language Processing, Image Recognition, and Sentiment Analysis are just some of the features stated by the team that Grok excels at. But in my opinion, even other AI apps have almost similar features. This article will dive deeper into topics like Is Grok AI Free or How to Access Grok AI for free.

Is Grok AI Free?

Grok AI ChatGPT; Is Grok AI Free? How to Access & Use Grok in 2023?

Grok AI is not free to access. It is yet in beta mode, so presently, Grok AI is only available to a selected group of users. Grok AI comes as a part of XPremium+, which is the premium version of the X app, formerly known as Twitter. 

Even though Grok AI will be introduced as one of the features of XPremium+, it is still unavailable to many XPremium subscribers. Elon Musk says it will be made available to all Xpremium+ users once the app is out of beta testing phase.

Existing XPremium users who have signed up through the web will get to use the tool at a price ₹1300 per month, which is almost equivalent to $16, its current cost in the US. On the other hand, users purchasing the app version of the tool will have to spend ₹ 2150 per month.

How to Access Grok AI For Free?

Grok; Is Grok AI Free

As per the latest announcement by Musk regarding Grok AI, XPremium+ Subscribers will get to experience the tool’s full potential once it is past its beta testing phase. But if you are too eager to try the tool and do not want to spend before you know all of Grok AI’s functions, there is an alternative way.

You have to register an email on XAI’s official website to enroll for Grok AI’s early access list. In this, users will be enrolled for a free experience of the Grok AI if the location of the user is valid for early access. To know if your location has access to Grok AI’s early access program, you must Sign in with your X account, and the website will let you know if you can enroll. 

Even if Grok AI’s early access program is unavailable in your location, you will still receive a notification whenever the AI is available in your country. In that email, you will also receive the Early access codes that will allow you to use Grok AI for free for a limited time.

How is Grok AI Different Than its Competitors?

Elon Musk; Is Grok AI Free

There are not many differences between other AI chatbots and Elon Musk’s Grok AI yet. Except its source of knowledge and the way it generates the answers. According to the reports on Grok AI functions, it offers very interesting features, which are:

  • Real-Time Data Access – Grok AI holds the upper hand in its reserves of information as it is equipped with real-time access to data from Elon Musk’s widely known platform “X,” formerly known as Twitter. So, the AI is much more up-to-date on its information based on real people’s experiences.

In my opinion, it is as much a disadvantage as it is an advantage. Its access to more information can turn into a problem faster as there is a lot of untrue information on the X app, which AI might find hard to filter and tell apart.

  • Personality – The personality of this AI is one of the most awaited features that people are waiting to experience. The Grok AI team has hyped up the crowd with news of its witty humor and sarcasm.
  • Rapid Development – One impressive thing about this AI that holds hopes for Grok AI to be the best is its pace of learning and development. Even in the Beta phase, Grok AI is no less than its competitors, which have been in the industry for much longer. 

Is Grok AI the Best AI?

XAI; Is Grok AI Free

In my opinion, the Grok AI does have the potential to be the best, but that can not be said about it currently. With features that it is equipped with, It seemed to me more fancy than efficient. But again, there is a lot that this AI has not even introduced yet. Also, the sense of humor everybody is so hyped up about did not seem very strong to me. In fact, it felt exactly like talking to a bot.

So, I think there is still much time before Grok AI can be called the best, but it definitely has the potential to be the best.

Wrapping Up

I hope this article “Is Grok AI Free? How to Access & Use Grok in 2023?” was able to answer your queries about Grok AI. It is always fun to try something new that drops in the market, but before spending your hard-earned money on anything, you should know the actual worth of the product you plan to buy. Even though Grok AI has a lot of chances to be the best, still it is not something that everybody needs. So it is suggested that you know what and how much you want before making the investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Grok AI Free?

Grok is not free to access as it can be used by subscribers of XPremium, that too only selected users until it is in Beta Phase.

Q2. Who Owns GrokAI?

GrokAI is being developed by “XAI,” which is an AI start-up by Elon Musk.

Q3. Who can use GrokAI currently? When will it be available to the public?

GrokAI is only available to a few handpicked users and testers around the world. There is no information given regarding the release date by the XAI team.

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