Is Google Bard Safe | All You Need to Know About Its Safety

Is Google Bard Safe | All You Need to Know About Its Safety

The world of Artificial Intelligence seemed to have taken the Chatbot world for a ride with the launch of ChatGPT by Open AI in November 2002 and Google Bard AI by Google in May 2023. It is believed that chatbots have added to the ease and comfort of people. All the positives aside, the question that matters and concerns the most is, Is Google Bard safe? What is the answer? Let us try to find out the answer to this question in this article. So stick around to answer to know the answer. 

Bard AI is a step forward to deliver the mission that Google upholds, “To organize world information and make it universally accessible and useful” Bard AI is the brainchild of Google. Unlike ChatGPT, Google Bard AI is free to all and available too. There are many features that distinguish Bard AI from former chatbots like ChatGPT. Google Bard AI can be updated when an update is available and required. So it can prove a landmark innovation in the world of Artificial Intelligence. 

Since we are yet to get a direct answer to this question, let us dive in to know the answer in this article, whether Google Bard is safe or whether there are security concerns that it undermines. Come along to know. 

Is Google Bard Safe?

Is Google Bard Safe | All You Need to Know About Its Safety

Nothing can be said with certainty about whether is Google Bard safe or not. There are more chances for Google Bard AI being safe. Given the reputation that Google holds, you must be optimistic about it. So keeping in view the track record of Google, it can be inferred that Google Bard is safe, provided we get some substantial proof about it being unsafe. 

Whereas, when it comes to analyzing the prompts and generating the answers, Bard itself confesses that there can be discrepancies in the answer, thereby devoid of the claim that it is infallible and error-proof. Since Google itself has clarified that Chatbot is a storyteller, not a Search Engine, therefore the accuracy of the answer can’t be guaranteed, as has been noticed by some of the users. 

There are certain factors that will come into play when we talk about whether Google Bard is safe or not. And the range of such factors of varied degrees. Some of the factors are:

1. Privacy Concern: Bard AI can use personal information and private conversations to train AI. Therefore there are clouds over the privacy and security of a user. So when you use it, there are chances that your information might be used by Google Bard AI, which can lead to security and privacy breach. 

Is Google Bard Safe | All You Need to Know About Its Safety

2. Misuse of Data: Google is a preferred Search Engine. Therefore many users use it, which can, at times, lead to the misuse of the data. Since it can use you your personal data for its own use and to train the AI, which is prone to be misused by Google Bard.

3. Biased AI: Since Bard AI is conversational in nature, not a Search Engine. Therefore the answer can vary from person to person, so at times, it can give biased AI. The Bard can converse from a different angle and can opine contrary to yours and, therefore, can be biased. 

4. Ethical Concerns:  At times, cybercriminals can take advantage to pen down a customized email for their personal use, therefore, tossing up ethical questions. So it can be said that Bard AI can’t be used for the good only. It can be used otherwise as well, which raises ethical concerns. 

Now let us ask Google Bard what it thinks about its own safety. Let us question Bard Is Google Bard Safe? And the answer is: 

Wrapping UP

Since Google Bard AI is new to the world of Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence, therefore, it is challenging to say with authority and certainty about it. So is Google Bard safe or not is premature to say. But there are certain concerns that can not be ignored either. 

Hope I have covered everything. In case something is missed. You can let us know in the comments. You can visit our website for content like this and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: Is Google Bard AI safe to use? 

Ans: Owing to the reputation Google has. It can be assumed that Bard AI is safe. 

Q 2: Which is better, Google Bard or ChatGPT? 

Ans: ChatGPT is an established platform and has proven its metal. Whereas Google Bard AI is yet to establish itself. 

Q 3: Is Google Bard available to all, or there is a waitlist?

Ans: At the last moment, Google decided to do away with the waitlist and make Google Bard AI accessible to all. 

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