iPhone 14 Camera Specs in 2022 | Everything You Need to Know

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iPhone 14 is going to be launched soon. And as tradition follows, the rumors about the updates have already begun. iPhone 14 camera specs is the one topic that has gotten everyone wondering. While there are a lot of updates circulating around, very little is known about the camera specifications. Here is all you need to know about iPhone 14 Camera Specs.

iPhone 14 is set to be launched sometime in September 2022. It is said that iPhone 14 series will ditch the mini variant. Apple is trying to push its users to buy more of the high-end phones in each series. While this will be an uphill task, with the right features and pricing, Apple will definitely get it done.

iPhone 14 flip price 2022 | Specs -...
iPhone 14 flip price 2022 | Specs - Camera, Release Date, First Look, Leaks, Features

Now about the features that the iPhone 14 camera will have. There are going to be upgrades to the camera on all the variants of the iPhone 14 that will be launched. Let’s see what is new for iPhone 14 Camera Specs.

iPhone 14 Camera Specs of Front Camera

iPhone 14 camera specs

iPhone 14 will have a six-part lens for its front-facing camera. While Apple is planning on keeping the make of 12 megapixels the same. The iPhone 14 will be having a larger f/1.9 aperture. This will be one of the biggest upgrades to the iPhone’s front camera that has been launched since the iPhone 11. This will make the depth of the photos taken with front-facing cameras much better.

The front camera of the iPhone 14 is also going to be a punch-in-hole camera. There are talks about Apple trying to have a step up of 2 punch-on holes for its front-facing camera

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iPhone 14 Camera Specs of Rear Camera

iPhone 14 camera specs

The primary cameras in iPhone 14 Pro will have significant upgrades. iPhone 14 Pro will have a 48-megapixel camera, according to the reports. This can be a possibility as the iPhone 14 Pro models are significantly bigger than the iPhone 13 Pro models. iPhone 14 Pro will have a 12 MP ultra-wide lens, a 12MP telephoto lens, and a dual-camera configuration of 12MP each.

For an upgrade in the iPhone 14 rear camera, there will be a slight increase in the camera bump of the model. The camera bump will protrude around 4.17mm. This will be followed in all iPhone 14 series phones similarly.

The iPhone 14 Pro does seem to have really sweet camera upgrades. There haven’t been any updates on the megapixel quality of the rear camera of the iPhone 14.

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Wrapping Up

iPhone 14 camera specs are something that everyone is very eager to know. The 14 series will be getting upgrades better than the previous iPhones. We will all have to wait and watch for how better the cameras will be. We will be back with more updates on the latest technology. Keep checking in with Path of EX!


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