All iOS 17 CarPlay Updates Revealed at WWDC 2023

iOS 17 CarPlay Updates

WWDC is an annual event wherein the tech giants and engineers of Apple can be seen taking center stage and announcing new Apple products, both hardware, and software. This year the event that took place on June 5, 2023, was also a much-awaited and looked-for event. A number of new products were thrown open to the public. iOS 17 Carplay Updates was one of the features keenly looked at by the users. CarPlay was one of the sought-after and looked-at features. What are iOS 17 CarPlay updates? Let us dive in to find out. 

CarPlay is just an Apple standard that allows a Car Radio or its head unit to act as a display or a controller for an iOS device. All the iPhone 5 and later models that support iOS 7.1 or the newer version do support this feature. According to the Apple handout, there are over 800 car models that support Carplay via a USB connection. It, therefore, is one of the preferred features loved by Apple users. 

What new and additional feature is being added to Carplay in iOS 17 is worth a watch. In such a case, it is important to know iOS 17 CarPlay updates. Let us find out in this article. 

What Are iOS 17 CarPlay Updates?

All iOS 17 CarPlay Updates Revealed at WWDC 2023

The new version of Apple CarPlay released last year took the entire control of the Car’s infotainment display and the instrument panel. The news of an all-new version of Apple CarPlay took the users by surprise. This was one of the most loved features.

This year the hopes were pinned high that there would be some pathbreaking changes and upgrades in CarPlay with the launch of iOS 17. But to the surprise of one and all, only a  small change was made to CarPlay. And it is: 

  • You can create a Collaborative playlist.
  • Passengers can add the track to the queue. 
  • The track and the playlist can be controlled by the passenger. 
  • All this can be done by the passenger from his own device by using the Share Play feature. 

This feature is akin to the feature of Spotify, which allows you to share the code, thereby enabling you to collaborate on a playlist.  

  • The introduction of Offline Maps for Apple Maps will allow you to download a particular portion of a map and get the turn-by-turn direction despite being offline. 

Wrapping Up

With the launch of some of the unique CarPlay features last year, the car was turned into an iPhone or iPad device. It allowed you to have a widget at a glance. Therefore, it was expected that more transformative and distinctive features would be introduced by Apple in its WWDC 2023. But nothing such thing happened. The wait has to linger till September when another major keynote event will take place, and see if any major addition and upgrade pertaining to CarPlay will take place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: What model does CarPlay Support? 

Ans:  iPhone 5 and later models that support iOS 7.1 or the newer version support the CarPlay feature. If your iPhone is iPhone 5 or Ltaer model, you can try this feature. 

Q 2: What is the WWDC event?

Ans: It is an annual event hosted by Apple wherein all the tech giants and engineers announce new hardware and software products for Apple users. 

Q 3:  Can I use Offlne Map without the Internet?

Ans: Once you download the portion of the map. You are allowed to watch and get the direction to turn by turn without connecting to the internet. 

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