Instagram Update For October: Everything About the Latest Features!

Instagram Update for October

Instagram as a platform has excellent and exciting features. Every few weeks, the platform incorporates new features for its users to get a complete and user-friendly experience on the app. Meta has been making some major changes on all its platforms, including Facebook and WhatsApp. The new Instagram update will also have exciting new features. To know about the Instagram Update for October, go through this blog thoroughly.

Instagram released its text-based microblogging app called Threads and has shifted its focus to the app. The Threads app saw immense success in the recent past, but slowly, within weeks, it faded away. Instagram is now trying to revive it by launching exciting features for the Threads app. In the September update of Instagram, the platform announced that it is finally launching the Threads website. What’s new on Instagram and Threads? You will know here!

So, without further ado, let’s dig in to learn about the Instagram update for October and what new features can be expected from Instagram in the near future.

What is the Instagram Update for October?

As we head to the spooky season, your favorite platform that is Instagram, is also introducing some new features on the platform. While there are no major changes on the platform, Instagram is enhancing its already present features on the app and is experimenting with AI on the platform. While there were some major changes in the month of September, as of now, Instagram is focusing on the Threads app.

So, let’s get started and learn about the latest Instagram update for the month of October 2023. In the below-mentioned list, I have explained the major updates from Instagram.

Instagram is Launching the Search on Threads

Instagram September Update

Instagram has announced that it is all set to launch one of the most requested features on Threads called search. The announcement was made by the Instagram head, Adam Mosseri, on his official Instagram account. It is to be noted a user could already search for other users or accounts on the app, but now the platform is sub-testing a search that will allow a user to search for posts on the app.

As of now, the feature has been launched in New Zealand and Australia. According to Mosseri, the platform plans to expand the feature of search on Threads to other English-speaking countries in the near future, in case all goes well in New Zealand and Australia.

Instagram is Launching Customizable AI Stickers

Much to the dismay of independent artists on the platform, Instagram is introducing customizable AI stickers for DMs and Stories. The feature is currently available to select English language users. As the head of Instagram announced the feature, he faced quite a backlash for supporting AI, which in turn harms creators and other artists on the platform.

Apart from AI stickers on the app, Instagram also announced that it will soon roll out AI image editing tools to the US audience within a few weeks.

Instagram is Launching Meta AI Assistant

Instagram also announced that the Meta AI assistant is in the beta phase and will be soon introduced for users to interact with DMs on Instagram and WhatsApp. Meta AI assistant is the main AI-powered bot that a user can interact with and ask as many questions as they want.

There are 28 AIs with unique personalities that are all set to be launched by Meta for DMs on Instagram and WhatsApp.

Wrapping Up

Instagram is known for its latest updates and user-friendly features. Every other day, there is a new update from Instagram. If you are here to know about the new Instagram update for October and Instagram October Update, read the entire article and share it with your friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is the Instagram update for October 2023?

1. Instagram is Launching the Search on Threads Feature.
2. Instagram is Launching Customizable AI Stickers.

2. Is there a website for Threads?

Yes, in the latest development, Adam Mosseri has announced that the platform is finally launching the Threads website.

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